Drunk Night

The first time I stepped into a club was with Niki. She was very close to me with all the night to night calls and occasional teasing on the phone. Today, we met for the first time and it was a promise to bring me to a club and get me drunk. As I was a noob in this, she brought me inside and introduced me some of her friends who was standing just near the entrance too.

Niki: ‘Girls, meet Jasper.’

Me: ‘Hi.. Umm.. Yeah.’

It was quite awkward luh, but the girls there were really scantily dressed. You could easily imagine/ see what they are wearing under their clothes.

Niki: ‘Ehh Jasper! Looking at other girls huh?’

Me: ‘No lah. Only have eyes for you.’

Niki: ‘Nonsense. C’mon, let’s go get a drink. And get you drunk!’

It was loud inside the club, and a totally brand new experience for me. Niki led me by my hand to the bar and ordered a drink. I didn’t quite hear the name of the drink nor how much was it.

Niki: ‘Nah! You have to drink 3 glasses of this. It’s fruity the way you like it.’

Me: ‘Really? Okay. I don’t have to finish it fast right?’

Niki: ‘NO! It’s expensive. Drink slowly.’

She slipped her arm under mine and walked me around, pointing her friends out and telling me a little about them. We went around for about ten minutes before going back to the bar.

Niki: ‘Here’s your second glass. Three more to go k?’

Me: ‘Haha. If you say so.’

I kept drink till the fourth, where I started to feel a little tipsy. I was told I could stop when I felt drunk, but she wasn’t just going to let me off like that.

Niki: ‘Haha. Finish the last one k? Then we’ll go and rest.’

I finished the last glass and held onto her while I wobbled out of the club, all the while I was trying to hold my puke in until I reached the door. Once out, I ran to a drain and emptied my dinner into it. Niki was giggling as I tried to pull myself together.

Me: ‘Niki, I’m drunk now. Can I kiss you?’

Niki stepped up to me and wiped my mouth with a tissue. She passed me a bottle of water and I finished it all, leaving no single drop. The water was all I need to sober up and smack my lips on hers. For a long time I never felt anything so passionate, filled with love. Her kiss was real, I could feel her wanting to be mine.

Without wasting more time kissing in public, we hailed a cab and directed it to a hotel nearby. Niki was wearing sexy strapless dress that extends all the way just below her hips. I was already turned on when we met for the first time. In the cab was where the action happens, my naughty hand went between her legs and under her dress, into her spandex panties and onto her shaved pussy.

Niki whispered: ‘Keep going. It feels good. Take off my panties for me?’

I tugged her undies off her legs and sank my finger into her wet hole. Fingering her dutifully, her hand went around my pants and massaged the uncomfortable bulge. We kept teasing each other till we reached the hotel, paid and got out. It was quite a blur as I remembered checking in and going up to the room with Niki’s help.

Once inside the room, we stripped to nothing and she pushed my into the showers, watering me with warm water to wake me up a little for the action later on. The shower was a kinky one, we soaped each others’ body and washed each other up nicely, cleaning from top, to bottom to intimate areas, making each other high with pleasure.

Shower was done pretty fast so as not to waste our bedtime. I fell onto the bed and lay there while she climbed onto it and got on top of me.

Niki: ‘Hmm Jasper, you lie down and rest first k? Later then you work.’

Me: ‘Huh? Okay.’

She lie on the bed with her face facing downwards, in between my legs ready to give me a good sucking. Holding the base of my dick in position with her hand, she raised her head above my dick head and went down deep on the first penetration. She started with deep throat that I couldn’t take it at all, mind-numbing, body-twitching effect. She was damn good, and she didn’t just stop at this. As time goes by and she got tired, she raised her body up by getting on fours and continued licking and sucking.

This position that she was in was one of the best I’ve ever seen. I could see her delicious pussy from here, the position I lay down in for her to blow me. As my strength returned, I think it’s my turn to play.

Me: ‘Niki, my turn now. Lie down.’

Happily, she switched position with me and closed her eyes, waiting for something warm, slimy, and safe to touch her most sensitive place. Gently, I pasted my tongue on her slit. Slowly moving my head upwards, my tongue ran along her slit upwards too. Like a little puppy, my taste-buds licked her up and down, forcing the moans, juice and shivers out of her.

I continued by pushing the tip of my tongue under the flaps and onto the soft pink bulge, her clit. I quicken my tongue and flicked it up and down, and left and right by turn my head from side to side in short movements. Immediately, it proved too much for her to take it and she grabbed my head and pressed it against her pussy, stuffing my nose and mouth up the wet hole.

My tongue didn’t stop, switching to gentle strokes and kept going, my nose was near her clit too, so I toyed with it by moving the tip of my nose on it.

Niki *panting*: ‘Jas, I want you, I want all of you tonight.’

She raised her knees up and held it with her hands, inviting my rock hard ready dick into her soft wet hole. I wasn’t thinking then, the alcohol and hormones were all over me.

I kneeled myself towards her body and bent over her, whispering ‘ready?’ and got a nod as a go. She grabbed my shaft and guided me in and once I am in, all hell broke loose. My hips started moving in a grinding motion, steady, rhythmically. There wasn’t a time where I cock up, there wasn’t a time where I need to re-pace my movements.

Her body was moving in sync with mine too, pushing as I pushed, pulling as I withdraw. Two sweaty bodies, totally engrossed in love making. We didn’t switch position until she came twice. The usual area of her vagina was a little numb from the missionary. She got up tiredly and flipped herself, with her back facing me, her ass rised and readied for pounding.

I knew this will be tough on me, since I was already trying my best to control. We didn’t had a rubber on then, I suppose that explains while she could orgasm easier. I grabbed my dick and probe around for the right entry, I did take quite a while since it was my first time doing it. Finally, she nodded and I thrust my hips hard and pushed my dick all the way into her, in a shock, she threw her head backwards and went back down. Showing no signs of pain or discomfort, I continued the pounding and hammer, with my balls slapping on her pussy, with my hips slapping on her ass.

This time, it was me who couldn’t take it. This position proved to be attacking on my sensitive points of my dick. I tried for the next ten minutes to hold it in and right after the ten minutes, I was ready to explode. Her pussy was sore and red from the slaps, but she did manage to climax another two times before my time balls were ready to go.

Me: ‘Niki! Where do I shoot? Already at customs le.’

Niki: ‘Into me? I promise you there will be no trouble.’

Do I take the risk? Or do I really want to be safe? Ahh! I should trust her, I doubt she wants to be in any trouble herself too.

Plugging my dick back into her hole, I pumped for a few more minutes inside her tight pussy before my engines started running, pouring waves and waves of cum into her, filling the car up to the brim – even overflowing it. This was a nice creampie, thick white cum being pushed out of a smooth, shaved pussy slit not scary to the eyes. A real cream-filled pie. I couldn’t resist but fingered her again, feeling the warm cum mix with her sweet juice.

We didn’t clean up much and fell asleep till the next morning, where we went home after a breakfast. She would be leaving Singapore soon. I’m going to miss her.

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