Try Outs

Ever since I went into NS, a lot of girls I’ve met on IRC were asking to meet me up and have fun. Of course, many of them tried calling me and even showing themselves to me on the camera. I would say, all of them are hot, one even at a mother’s age.

But there is this girl, Elena, who looked really irresistible. After a short chat, we planned to meet at her house. I knew it was a fuck and go type of relationship, but we’re adults right? We met up and immediately went straight to the action after we closed her doors, she flicked off the strap of her spaghetti top and pulled her skirt off. She was engaged at that point of time, but her fiancée was always at work and flirting around. She needed her share of fun too.

Elena: ‘Are you ready? I want you to feel all over my body. I missed someone holding me, fucking me.’

Me: ‘Cannot wait le right?

She came close to my body and started rubbing her hand on my bulge, through my FBT shorts. She could feel the pre-cum that was oozing out from the teasing. She knew what to do next. Going down on her knees, she pulled my shorts down and sucked me hard and deep.

I could feel the wetness of her throat, and the warmth too. Her lips tightly wrapped around my shaft, making sure I felt the 100% of her suction. It was definitely tiring for her to keep up, but she was ready for it. She went on fast and furious for about 10 minutes.

Elena: ‘Your turn now. You’re my slave from now on.’

She went to sit on her bed with her legs wide open while I sat in front of her, licking her pussy like a thirsty kitty. My tongue running up and down her slit, flicking her clit till she came and squirt. It was quite cute to see her face when she cum, her pussy juice will simply flow down her slit like a tap instead of spraying it like in the videos. I would then plant my lips on her pussy and slurp up as much as I could, to my surprise, it wasn’t that awful tasting, it was kind of sweet. Plus a little secret for you guys, she can cum easily and she squirts a lot. It’s easy to get her to listen to you and even enslaved to you, but she likes the idea of being in control.

Just five minutes later, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and brought my head to hers, kissing me uncontrollably. Of course, how could I stop myself too? I went along kissing her and without knowing, my dick was rubbing along her entrance.

Me: ‘I’m going to put it in now k?’

Elena: ‘Mmmm..’ *and a nod*

I forced my hips down on her and went right as deep as I could into her tunnel. I was like machine gun, going non-stop, pounding fast and loud. The urge to cum was surprisingly bearable, I kept going till she asked me to slow down. No doubt we took breaks in between our rounds, but she kept wanting more as we continued. She is totally two person when you’re with her, on bed, she’s your little slave, and anywhere else, she’s just a sexy girl who had everything. Everytime I looked at her while on top, she would be struggling to control herself, but of course, she will lose control whenever she cums. Her body would shiver and you can find the stain on her bedsheets spreading wider. She will then rest for a while or continue moaning loudly as I humped her.

Me: ‘You sure can take it huh? How many times you cummed?’

Elena: ‘Five? You haven’t cummed even once. You’re better.’

We went on for about fifteen minutes before I felt the tiredness catching up with me. I wanted to cum, and want to know what is Elena doing? She’s lying on the floor, facing down with her ass perked up, for me to continue fucking her pussy. She’s totally worn out, but still wants to continue fucking.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want me to shoot into?’

Elena: ‘Naughty, shoot into huh? Shoot into my.. ass?’

Me: ‘Really? Why don’t you say so earlier? I’m cumming le.’

Elena: ‘Make sure it all goes in k? I want you all inside me.’

Her tight asshole drew all my sperms out without mercy. She was literally sucking me dry with her ass. As I forced the last wave of cum out of my dick, she relaxed her ass and I slipped myself out easily. She kept most of the sperms in her ass while some still managed to leak out. It was kind of kinky and definitely an image to remember for a good long time. She’s a girl to fuck, but not a girl to keep. Definitely a gem for her fiancée.

We had a shower and for a present, she sucked me off till I unloaded another round into her mouth.

Elena: ‘That was nice. Thank you dear. Hmm.. I’d want to see you again.. okay?’

That is the girl that I met that passed the rest of the girls.

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