Steamy Hot

It was another steamy hot afternoon with baby. We always meet on Saturdays after her badminton practice, and cuddle a while on the bed before doing what we always do. Putting my hand around her chest, I would reach for her bra hook and release it. Then pull those straps off her shoulders and finally sneaking under her shirt to remove those bras. Often, I would run into an ‘accident’ of fondling her nipples and boobs. Our lips interlocked and our hands started to get busy, increasing the strength of my massaging through her shirt. The next thing I would be listening out for is her cue to remove our bottoms together.

Baby: ‘Don’t look!’

As wild as she could be, this was one thing she felt shy about, perhaps she was just teasing. Once in a while, baby would feel tired and I would help her remove her FBT shorts along with the panties. She had developed this habit, good or bad, to wear a pad at all times. She told me about the amount of juice that would flow out when she was turned on, it would get so much to a point it might just dribble out of her shorts if she did not have a pad on. The best thing was she might not even feel horny but the flow would just come and make her feel frisky.

Once our shorts were gone, I would begin to attack her nipples with my mouth, grabbing with my hand and pressing hard, her nipples would be the most delicious thing on sight. Flicking it up and down with my tongue, my teeth would occasionally give a little pressure at the tip, making her moan reluctantly. Well, I don’t live alone, so we have to a be quiet. After that, I would go down on her if she allowed, and lick that sweet pussy that had gotten wet. Don’t we all love it shaved and clean? I would suck on her clit and then use my lips to press hard on it. She would go crazy with that move and I know, when she grabbed my hair and pressed my head even harder on her pussy.

A while later, I would go back to kissing her and retrieve her favourite toy from under my pillow. The long purple vibrator. She didn’t quite like the vibration, so I used it as a dildo most of the time, since it’s long enough. Turning her to the side, I pushed it in and started going slowly, making her beg me to go faster. I would make her go into a few positions but her favourite one was to be dildo-ed in doggie position. I love to watch her go crazy and covering her mouth with my pillow while moaning as loudly as she had to. And after a minute or so, her body would just fall to the side and her hand would come and push my hand out of her.

What did you guys think I did? Of course to ignore her and kept up with the toy fucking. Her body would give up struggling and the once again cover her mouth while letting the pleasure overwhelm her, moaning till I stopped. She would look at me and give me a cute ‘humph’ look for torturing her.

What’s next? I would then join her on the pillow and she would lie on top of my chest, before her hand slid down my stomach and onto my small head. She would start masturbating me and the toy which was still in her, would be in my free hand, pushing the toy in and out of her, probably as fast as she jerked me off. Her head would then suddenly head south and gobble my dick, sending it into her warm mouth and naughty tongue.

I would just go crazy with her nibbles at the sensitive spot under ‘mushroom’. Her tongue would go in circles over the head and when the nerves at the area got really high, she would suck my pee hole till it hurt, that my body went into a little spasm. My testicles were my weakness, a touch and I would throw my body around, I just couldn’t take it when she teases that spot. With her head going up and down on me, I was truly enjoying her skills. She would give me a contented look each time I peeked at her, until I was tired and slowing down on my struggles.

Baby would come back into my arms for a little breather and I reached into one of my cupboards for the condom. I would do the opening and she would do the rolling. It just felt sexier with her putting it on for me, kind of showing me how much she wanted it as well. Once prepared, I climbed over her and positioned my body and my dick at her opening. Usually, I would go in slowly, but this moment was a treat for her. I rammed it in and kept up the speed while she bit into my shoulder to relieve the initial pleasure and pain mixture. By putting my elbows on her shoulders, I guaranteed depth and there was just no way for her to move upwards.

Scratching my back, the pain made me more vengeful and I just had to go harder and deeper. Till I was about to cum. Could you imagine how long did I went at that? A good ten minutes or so. I pulled it out of her and rested while she automatically went into doggie, her favourite position. Her cute butt just stick out towards me and she would look at me from the side, awaiting my second entry. Usually the toy would once again go inside her and driving her crazy, at the moment when she was about to cum, I would pull it out of her and stick my manhood in, spreading her pussy wide and thrust into her mindlessly.

I could feel her pussy closing, and dripping, yet the tightness was what I was accustomed to. After she orgasmed, I slowed down and savoured the moment of gentle pure fucking. It was something I cannot resist too, to speed up and climax.

Baby: ‘Is my baby going to shoot?’

Me: ‘Can I shoot already?’

Baby: ‘Yupp.’

It was a sign she was getting tired in doggie too. So I went faster, thrashing her tiny slit as she squeezed tighter. I had the habit of going super fast till I unloaded, so I started on that speed. Grabbing her hips and ramming it against me, I was so afraid the bed would give way. Her hands were clenching onto my sheets so hard, and face dug so deep into the pillow to muffle her moans, within a few minutes later, I could feel the load coming and paused with a final deep push into her.

She would throw her head back at me and tell me she can feel it going into her, warm and plentiful. As the sensitivity went down, I gave her the final few thrusts I could and pulled out of her, admiring the condom filled with my white soldiers. The usual question from me would be, ‘Is it a lot?’ And she would reply, ‘Why so much?!’

We would then spend the rest of the noon cuddling and kissing. Love is supposed to be made isn’t it?

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