Jolie: ‘Let’s go out in our school uniform!’

Nicole: ‘You crazy ah? My skirt was like a palm width when I graduated. I remembered was the last time OM (Operations Manager) Tan made noise about it.’

Jolie: ‘Aiya, can one lah. It will just look sexier on you. Mine is translucent lo! Let’s just wear it out can? Just for the sake of fun.’

Nicole: ‘K lah. Luckily it’s just town we’re going. See you at 4pm?’

The two girls planned to go for a movie and then dinner. Before going to shop till they drop as they just got their first pay check. They were best friends who graduated just two years ago, but the difficulty of getting a stable job kept them busy the whole time. Jolie was an average girl, tank tops and shorts was her style, a very common outfit for comfort seeking girls. Nicole was slightly different, short dresses and mini skirts was her way to kill. On top of that, she was a good make up artist too.

They met at 313 wearing their school uniform, so worn out to a point that Jolie’s black bra and Nicole’s leopard printed bra were visible without much of a trouble to notice. Their skirt was barely reaching their mid-thighs and everyone whom stared knew they were too old to be still schooling, but glad they put on their old uniform for fun. So many guys were turning their heads at these two wild girls, making many girls walking around feel inferior despite dressing sexier than the ‘school girls’. They headed to Cineleisure and went for the movie with the closest showtime.

Into the show, Jolie took out her jacket and covered up her body. She also noticed the guy beside her, looking at her legs with the hemline of the skirt gliding up her smooth legs. Licking her lips, Jolie had an idea about the situation she’s in, and it would prove a challenge since the guy’s girlfriend was lying on his shoulders. Without making any sudden movement, she covered her legs with the jacket and removed her panties. Of course Nicole knew what was she up to, since she was the more playful between them. Nicole placed her hand on her side of Jolie’s knee, then slowly slid up under her skirt to her bare pussy.

Jolie took a deep breath, then pulled her jacket enough to expose her knee, and tapped her finger on it. The guy got the hint and rested his hand on her leg, which she held and slowly guided it towards between her legs, all happening under the jacket. His rough fingers met Nicole’s and they began massaging the shaved pussy. Being a little impatient, he forced his fingers into her slit and Jolie covered her mouth to prevent any noise from escaping. It just took three minutes or so of teasing before Jolie decided she had enough. She had enough of that fingering and needed something larger to be in her.

Signalling a ‘T’ to the guy, Jolie left and made her way to the toilet. The guy left after a minute too, leaving his girlfriend. She entered the toilet right before him and he quickly followed, pushing his way into the unlocked cubicle. Despite being strangers, Jolie liked one thing about the guy – his fingers. Kissing like an adulterous pair, her uniform was quickly unbuttoned and skirt fell silently onto the floor. Her bra was undone with his nimble fingers and the panties.. was already gone. It didn’t take too long for him to be naked as well, since he was just in a shirt and berms. Lifting her small body like doing normal weights, Jolie was even more turned on by his strength and muscles.

Condom? No condom?

Jolie: ‘Hold on, hold on.’

She opened her wallet to take out a condom for him.

Guy: ‘While I open this, do you know what to do?’

Jolie squatted down and admired his juicy thick cock for a few seconds before putting it into her mouth. It was an addiction she was giving a blowjob to, the sheer size and sensitivity. Her mouth wasn’t to be meddle with, her tongue gently circled around his little head as her long fingers worked up and down his shaft. Lifting her chin, she paused as he placed the rubber over the tip. Once again with her mouth, she rolled the condom over the full length, which she gave him a sneak preview of her deep throat abilities.

Lifting her effortlessly, he placed her pussy over his manhood and let her slide down. Holding firmly to her butt, he began lifting and dropping her, rhythmically. Jolie wasn’t just doing nothing either, her hands went around his neck, legs wrapped around his waist, she was getting pushed in all the right places, ensuring the continuous flow of her jucies down his shaft and balls. With the deep thrusts into her, the guy was enduring the wetness and tightness of this little godess. Soon, tiredness kicked in and he had to rest.

Shoulder-width apart, Jolie knelt over the toilet cover and rested her upper body on the water tank. It was time to be treated like a bitch. He took a moment to aim his dick at her hole, then rammed hard into her unprepared pussy. It was mind-shattering. She did not have time to react, simply overpowered by the blank that hit her mind. Her pussy was abused beautifully as his hard cock filled the emptiness again and again with every thrust. Her muscles were milking him hard as well, contracting in an upward motion towards her womb. The two of them went on for a good five minutes or so and alas, the moment Jolie had been waiting for had arrived.

Jolie: ‘Don’t waste it in the condom.’

He stepped back and helped her onto the bowl cover. Rolling the condom away from his dick, Jolie took it back into her mouth and gave him a continuous deep throat experience without so much a break. After a minute or so, the guy forcefully grabbed her head and pushed his shaft down onto her. Shooting his load of cum waves after waves, giving her the snack she was so hungry for. Tears swelled up in her eyes involuntarily and Jolie being a well-trained bitch, took it without a struggle. Smiling through the watery eyes, they kissed for a while more and made their way back to the theatre, with the guy leaving first.

She returned to her seat after and Nicole’s hand returned to where it belonged. Jolie’s swollen, hot, dripping pussy turned her on that bit and she just had to steal a glance at the guy who managed to satisfy this poor pussy of her best friend. She continued massaging Jolie’s genitals until she felt better. The two school girls then made their way to Nicole’s place which was in the vicinity, and with Jolie’s new strap-on dildo, another pleasurable day came again.

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