Live Show

Nikki was with Alex at the club celebrating the closing of a contract by his company after many days of discussion and presentations. As the clock hit two, the both of them left the venue and were walking along an alley behind one of the closed shops intenting to sober up a little before flagging a cab. Without realising, they were feeling so horny yet restricted by the lack of privacy. Nikki gave in to her horniness and removed her g-strings from her body hugging red tube dress and pulled out her strapless bra after. Putting the tiny pieces of lingerie into her bag, Alex pulled her close and kissed all over her neck. Nikki couldn’t help flowing non-stop from between her legs. Her lusty wild boyfriend couldn’t resist for long too, whipping his cock out in darkness, presenting it to Nikki for a good dick-wash with her mouth.

A car that was watching them from afar drove up beside them and because the headlights were not turned on, Alex and XX did not notice until they were beside. Stunned by the exposure halfway through their indecent act, they stood still and stared.

Guy: ‘You two looking for a place?’

The girl at the passenger seat in front appeared to be drunk too, and around Nikki’s age. Without suspicion, they hopped into the car and made out passionately at the back while the girl in front gave the driver a blowjob as he drove to a warehouse. The four of them exited and went into a door on a large shutter. There were beds, a couch and TV. Simple for an office of a warehouse. The unnamed guy went to the fridge and opened up four bottle of beer, giving each of them one and drank as he fucked his girl on one of the beds.

After Nikki and Alex drank a few mouthful, a dizzy spell hit them and they fainted lifelessly. It seemed that the couple that brought them here had other plans.

About what seems a long time later, they came about and found themselves tied separately to the corners of their beds. The constraints were simple but strong, and Alex couldn’t do much to free himself either. There was just no way out of this. Nikki’s legs were held wide opened by her knees while Alex was just tied normally.

Both Nikki and he was naked, and the couple that captured them appeared after hearing them talk.

Guy: ‘Well, first of all. I want to apologise for this. This is my wife, and we just couldn’t get pregnant. So, I thought we should get help.’

The girl who was barely Nikki’s age of 22 went over to Alex and climbed over him. Her fingers began rubbing her clit and her other hand massaged her breasts. She was literally performing for him. Alex struggled but none of his actions were actually close enough to rejecting her. The inevitable hard on was coming and there was nothing he could do. Her pussy was especially pink and smaller than Nikki’s, almost hidden deep under.

The man, on the other hand, went over to Nikki’s side and stroked himself as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. She was helpless when it comes to stimulation as she would be turned on by the smallest touch. Her pussy was basically drooling and begging to be filled. Her eyes was filled with fear as his size grew to be larger than Alex’s. After a few minutes of teasing, it was time to get serious.

The girl sat over Alex’s shaft while dripping juices over his body, lubricating her journey down his pleasure rod. Alex accidentally moaned as her opening was too tight to handle, forcing his dick to pry his way through her love hole. The pushing through her vaginal walls were even more ecstatic as it closed onto him skin tight. It was slippery, warm to a perfect temperature and mind-blowing tight. She was moaning uncontrollably as she rode her new ride. It was having an invisible effect on her boyfriend.

His strong veins were showing though his length and it was twitching with excitement as the two strangers were moaning wildly on the other bed. Nikki was watching at her boyfriend in desperation. She felt his head pushing into her pussy and it opened that ever gently. He was already going in and out despite she was dripping wet, and her position was purely vulnerable. Nikki’s pussy slowly loosened and accommodated his large size until it was satisfying her at all the right places.

Being a natural moaner, she was losing herself with this monster dick and the love birds kept their eyes on each other for as long as they could while being violated by a pair of sex birds. However, the pleasure thrown at them was so unbearable that they often drifted in and out of unconsciousness. Alex’s body would usually take a long time to cum but this time it was different.

Alex: ‘Shit! I’m going to cum. Pull it out! Pull it out!’

The girl relaxed her muscles and Alex received the ‘delay’ power-up immediately. He was enjoying the forced sex. She had everything better than Nikki, figure, boobs, pussy, looks. But she was on the wrong side of the coin. The milking of his sperms wasn’t postpone for long as the climax inched nearer. Feeling the load building up, his pumping shaft gave his cue away and she lay flat on his chest, while sliding up and down his body, forcing him deeper into her as the waves of cum spilled into her pussy, pumping her like the wheels of a coal-powered train. The two of them rested as the last of his cum poured into her tired slit.

Knowing his girl cummed, he picked up his pace too, ramming deep and hard into Nikki. His dick felt bigger than Alex’s, which meant he had the perfect match with his small girlfriend. If only it belonged to Alex.. Snapping out of her trance, her body was struggling not to faint from the overdose of orgasms. She had been hit constantly once every few minutes as his cock pushed all her buttons and continued non-stop while shortening the countdown to climax. With ten minutes passed on the clock, she covered her mouth in surprise as she felt the precise moving of the veins on his shaft, pumping a fierce load of cum upwards.

Suddenly, he stumped and froze, moving his hips once every long instance. Nikki was savouring the moment the warm load of cum filled her womb to the brim, topping her labia with the last tiny squirt of cum as a finishing touch. Her body was still shivering from the orgasms, but was totally exhausted too. As her eyes closed, Alex had blacked out from the sniff of the chloroform too.

The next day, Nikki and Alex found themselves in a cheap hotel with everything paid for, dumbfounded by their ordeal. It was the first time they saw each other had sex, with someone else. There was no jealousy, nor hatred. Just questions unanswered. They had another wild love-making session in the hotel, with Nikki agreeing to go raw and Alex requesting to shoot inside her, forcing the unknown man’s sperm out of her with his precious set of army.

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