Her Story

This story was inspired by a true event that happened on 19th July 2012. Written in the point-of-view of my baby girl.

It was an accident that I forgot to wear my bra today. I saw it on the table, and thought I had already put it on, so I kept it without thinking. I was having a class in school that had to be attended in formal wear. Blazer, blouse, skirt and heels were minimum. On top of the uncomfortable new shoes, I had a bagful of notes and a laptop to carry. It was really a disaster when I realised I was braless in the cab, which I jumped into cause I was late. Luckily I had my blazer on, and that became my only form of protection.

Much of the day went by feeling insecure about the lack of support and extra cloth over my breasts, and within half an hour, ┬áthe air conditioning got too cold for comfort. It wasn’t my hands or legs that expressed the cold temperature. Instead, it was my nipples. I don’t know why had they gotten extra sensitive, perhaps the movements of arms were causing the thin white blouse under my blazer to brush against the peaks. Since the material was soft and a little translucent (thin), the blazer was like a finger gently brushing over the top.

I found myself getting wet in no time. In fact, I could feel the moisture gathering in my panties. I liked wearing those spandex type sold at NTUC. My boy picked the pink one (which I wore to school) and a blue one, it was cute to see how excited he was to be able to pick underwear for me. The juices soon got thicker and I could feel it gathering at my slit and flowing downwards, having a texture of watery hair gel. If I didn’t do anything about it then, it would have stained my black skirt to a shimmer and people would be able to tell.

Thankfully, the lecturer took a break between the two lessons and I quickly went to the toilet with my extra tampon I carried for emergency. I went to a cubicle with the seat and took off my panties under my skirt. All I could tell from my panties was that the whole area in contact with my vagina was wet and had darken the normal shade of pink. I used the toilet paper and wiped myself as dry as I could, knowing this could get ugly if I remained turned on. I opened the tampon pack and went on to put it inside me. As I pushed it in, I realised I got wet again and knew I had to wipe myself. The pulling out of the tampon was making my face red as I could totally make out the moment he slid my favourite purple toy in and out of me without rest.

I knew what I was doing. Yes, I was masturbating with the tampon, imagining that it was him playing with me. Boy oh boy, if only he was here, I would pull him into the toilet and have that quickie he wanted to try so much. Though the tampon’s applicator was smaller than the toy he used on me, it was better than nothing. As I felt myself losing my mind, I paused my fantasy and pushed the tampon inside. The tampon would keep my panties from getting any wetter for the day, since it would be ending in a few more hours. Still seated, I relieved myself and wiped, but I was still wet.

For the first time without guidance, I opened the mystery slit with both my hands and exposed the inner part to the cold air, which felt refreshing after a long time. I then used my middle finger to locate that clit, which my boy had showed me once, but I couldn’t see it clearly no matter how I tried. Clueless, I probed around lightly and a tremble echoed through my spine – I found it. My finger gently massaged it in circles and the feeling got more intense as the minutes go by. The satisfying feel about masturbation was that I could relax and enjoy, yet I know that if I keep it up, I’ll be on my way to something bigger.

Having seven minutes of break time left, I was going to spend it wisely. Two of my fingers went to work on the clit and I was high – really high. My head was on the toilet cover at the back, while my heels had already gone up to the edge of the bowl. My knees were wide and the tampon was slowly slipping out. In a haste, I just pulled it out and let off a yelp as it almost felt like him exiting me. Those thick whitish juices had coated a bit of my fingers instead of slowing down, they went faster. With time, I felt my eyelids close, sending me into a gentle trance, like a mummy rocking her baby to sleep.

To be honest, this was the first time I touched myself without my boy, and in public. I didn’t moan, nor did I make any noise. It was a peaceful solo ride. I knew I was nearing climax as my muscles in my (masturbating) arm and inner thighs were going into spasm. My legs were propped up without effort and the big one came. Like the volcano erupting after some pent up years, a small stream of juice flowed from my vagina and over my fingers into the bowl which continued for five seconds or more. I could not open my eyes at all. The waves of pleasure kept travelling up my head and I was so sure my breath was steaming hot. My body convulsed and I could not control them until the orgasm subsided.

Wiping myself for the last time (hopefully), I pulled my panties up and adjusted my crumpled skirt. I was drained. And I bet that was how my boy, or in fact, any guys, would feel after cumming – high and exhausted. How I wish his warm load was spewing all over my hands right now. Anyway! That was really a big orgasm that I got, all thanks to the braless incident. In the end, the tampon was thrown away, wore only for a few minutes, and the leaking of trapped vaginal fluid thoroughly soaked through my panties.

With no projects or meetings for the day, I went home quickly to end the uneasiness of not having a bra and to give my boy a call to update him about what happened today!

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