Black Bra

The bus was loosely packed as it was only the first stop. However, it was going to be a long journey for Bernard since his destination was among the last few stops. He had chosen to take a bus cause it would give him enough time to complete his game on his iPad, and with the average crowd, he managed to find a spot in the middle of the twin-carriage bus to lean against and poke his screen. The next few stops were very frustrating for him as a huge number of people boarded and exited, until a girl of no more than 20 of age walked towards him and stood in front of him.

Bernard could smell the sweet scent of hers, and look down her shoulder strap. She was wearing a loose singlet with gapping width for her arms and neck. No women would have been so slutty not to notice that, so, a bra with a lacy back and opaque cups protected her modesty. Her top was also long, enough to cover her butt. The clueless thoughts of guessing what she was wearing beneath turned Bernard on nonetheless. The bus was soon filling up with passengers, and he had no choice but to pause his game and only read his ebooks.

Suddenly, the girl leaned onto him and could not move with the working crowd forcing their way into the bus to get home in time. Bernard was so sure she could feel his hard on since he was wearing such a thin piece of shorts. It had an inner lining that allowed him to do away with his underwear since it would cover enough. With the constant ‘grinding’ thanks to the ever increasing number of passengers, his little one upsized in no time and was so close to poking out of his waistband.

Why not let it have a little air?

With her shirt ending around his groin area, he gently pulled his shorts lower and the hulk revealed itself. The girl could feel what was happening as she held her files closer to her chest, head shyly pointing downwards. As coincidental as it could get, his dick got under her shirt, pointing downwards into her pants and hardened upwards, inching under her panties. Bernard enjoyed the precious seconds as he felt the tip of his dick touched her butt.

It seemed that the FBT she wore did not have the protective netting. With a few adjustments to his standing position, his dick went between her butt crack and the girl turned a quarter side to look at him. Bernard’s load almost blew on the spot as her smooth face expressing shyness turned that ever slightly to look at him, before turning away. He had just crossed the line and she could just scream, and still not get any space to get away. Being a girl, standing in front getting felt up by a dick belonging to a stranger behind, what do you think she would feel?

Luckily, the emotion ‘horny’ overran her sane mind and kept her quiet. Pressing his dick tightly between her ass crack, it managed to slip deeper inside after a while with help from the bus jerking and moving. Bernard was in ecstasy, his dick was well taken care of in the wildest way by a stranger on a bus. The girl made small movements up and down, till it pointed 90 degrees at her pussy entrance, just inches away from the most daring public sex. Her wet pussy lubricated his shaft and Bernard began pushing his waist forward and back, between her legs and pussy.

The crowded bus eased at a residential block and the girl bent slightly forward. Her legs were still together, but her angle had changed. With a gentle rock of her feet, his member thrust deep into her begging pussy. The bus began moving to the next stop and the pair of strangers started the top secret infiltration. His load had been long prepared and readied from her ass-crack tease and now to enjoy the last few short minutes of gentle, slow fucking.

As his sperm bullets loaded at the tip, he gave a tiny nudge with his hips against her butt and the soothing warm cum sprayed wildly in her shorts. All the while, the girl had remained quiet but was blushing from what Bernard could see from her turning head at the passengers for noticing her act. A soft strong intake of breath expressed her quick orgasm and the surprise from the amount of cum getting all over her ass.

Quickly pressing her shorts against her butt, she made sure none of the juice found their way down her legs. Bernard took the chance to wipe his dick on her and squatted a little to exit her shorts. Pulling his waistband back up, his exhausted dick rested and the girl took a step forward. The two remained in their positions until the girl’s stop was here.

Making her way to the back exit, she looked at Bernard and stunned for a few seconds. Her hands shivered to tap her card and ran off to her block. He was dumbfounded as well. The girl whom he just had a quickie with was his cousin, Amanda. The two of them had met during Chinese New Year but were not close enough to keep in contact.

Did the tryst end there?

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