It was a short trip to make to the mama shop two blocks away, replenishing the eggs supply in her fridge for the daily half-boiled eggs in the mornings. Pulling an oversized old t-shirt, she didn’t bother to slip anything over her boyshorts, since the shirt reached her mid-thighs. Carrying only S$10, Joey left her house and walked the usual shelter to the shop. Footsteps were heard behind her after a stretch of path but she paid no attention to it as someone else could be on their way too.

After getting the carton of eggs and an ice cream to eat on her way back, the same footsteps echoed in front of her and disappeared around a corner. Licking happily on the melting cream, the weather was cool under her braless top and thin bottoms. Walking straight, a pair of hands appeared from the corner and grappled her neck, while holding down her head to prevent her from opening her mouth. The hmm-hmms did not help as she was pulled viciously up a flight of stairs to the second level, which none of the 3 units were occupied.

With little strength in comparison to the Chinese guy, her energy was soon drained as he held her neck, choking her to near-blackout. Lying motionless on the ground, he pulled up her shirt to reveal her bare chest and he gave them a strong pinch before whispering ‘slut’ into her ears. He attacked the nipples on her C cups, mounted on a slim body of 168cm. Her waist was small, and the result of not getting enough sunlight made her complexion much fairer than most girls. As her consciousness slowly drifted away, her body kept that bit of awareness from the pleasure he gave her with his sucking and licking. The rough tugging of her shorts shook her awake and that man forced his mouth on her pussy, which was a little wet from the nipple play.

As per course of nature, her body began to leak more juice and heavy breathing follow suit. He then pulled her by her hands up and pinned her against the railings. Spreading her legs on a lower step, her pussy opened that ever slightly, enough for the man to flick his dick up and down. Her pussy was going against her mind, dripping onto the concrete floor. Sensing that this sweet young thing was ready, he forced his dick into her and groaned at her wetness, which forced more juices out, coating all over his balls.

Joey’s attempts to scream would result in getting a hard slap at the back of her head, hitting her against the railings a few times. Joey wasn’t a virgin, and she even had a few dicks in her before, but it had never been this rough, this dominated. The dick going in and out of her was rough, disrespectful, forceful and crazy without control. Somehow, this was how she wished sex was, but with her boyfriend of 4 years and not this monster. Murmuring please couldn’t do anything and the man only kept pounding his meat into her, driving it deeper and harder as he felt his member harden.

Apart from her juices, tears were also dripping onto the floor and reluctantly, her legs shivered and went weak. The man could feel every move of her pussy, contracting around his skin so closely, it was the most comfortable pussy he had violated. So well lubricated, smooth and close. He increased his pace and brought Joey to her knees as their bodies slammed against each other. In approximately ten thrusts later, a warm jet of goo shot into her pussy and she cried harder as those disgusting fluid from an unknown man filled her to the brim, while her pussy shut tightly from the orgasm, not a single drop could be squeezed out.

The man then took her boyshorts and left, leaving her sprawled on the floor with tears in her eyes. Joey wasn’t sure what she felt, the guilt of being turned on, the shame of having orgasms while she was raped, the calling from within to WANT to be part of this. Confusion kicked in, but she was safe from being impregnated. The pills her boyfriend gave was taken dutifully. With a stream of sperms flowing down her legs, she was too hurt and tired to care about it and went to sleep, presumingly hiding the matter from anyone forever.

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