Remote Play

Marcus and Hui Xian had been married for a few years, and although they had two kids, their sex lives were active. With Hui Xian trained well by her husband, nightly blowjobs were her routine and her husband would be the one to keep her turned on for most of the day. The couple got married at their early twenties, and Marcus would often bring her out to meet clients since her sexy dress code would help in closing business deals. It was only right her perfect figure maintained by expensive slimming spa packages had to help in one way or another.

Having bought a new wireless toy as a surprise for her, he had instructed her to put it on before coming to meet him at a quiet restaurant. It was another usual day where he made an appointment with one of his well acquainted client. Soon, she arrived and the client, Gabriel, was in awe with her clothes. An off-shoulder (also known as Toga) white dress, thin enough to make out her slutty choice of black laced white bra. She smiled at the two of them as she took her seat in front of Gab, a move to distract him while her husband chat about business.

The conversations went on as usual, his eyes would be on her obvious half-cup bra though the dress. Like any business dealings, causal chatting was the tactic to relate to the proposal’s importance and Gabriel can’t help but notice the two car remotes on Marcus’ bunch of keys.

Gabriel: ‘Wah, someone doing well huh? New car to garage. You like the colour pink?’

He was referring to the remote in pink, which was synced to the wireless toy in Hui Xian. It was Marcus’ intention to reward this huge client of his, with a little help from his wife.

Marcus: ‘No lah! Haha. Not mine, wife’s. She likes pink.’

Taking the bunch of keys into his hand, he casually checked them out and saw that the pink remote had two buttons in ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows instead of the usual ‘Key’ and ‘Bell’ icons.

Gabriel: ‘Her car is not in the vicinity right?’

Marcus: ‘Nope.’

Gabriel then clicked on the ‘Up’ arrow and Hui Xian’s hand immediately landed on her husband’s thigh under the table. It was buzzing inside her, making her even wetter. Well, for a start, her body had accustomed to getting turned on while dressing sexy, so it was an extra boost to her raging hormones, just in the wrong situation. Picking up his phone, he tapped away and a message reached her phone.

Lao Gong (SMS): ‘Give Gabriel a massage with your feet.’

It was the first time she had done such a thing, and with little time left in the meeting, she slipped her feet off her heels and positioned it on Gabriel’s groin. Her toes then clamped his manhood and stroked. Gabriel adjusted himself to get a harder pressure while trying in vain to listen to Marcus’ presentation. Thankfully they were in the corner of the restaurant and the plate of finger food they had order arrived, so there was no business of the staff to approach them.

With the distraction beneath the table, it was within minutes that Gabriel signed the deal and resumed enjoying her uncomfortable footjob. With the meeting coming to an end, Marcus had part two in his mind.

Marcus: ‘Gab, you want a lift to your office?’

Although he drove to the place, he knew Marcus would be the one driving. It was up to fate that Marcus understood how the huge deal he signed should end. The three of them hopped into the car and Marcus made Hui Xian sit at the back with Gabriel. Once the car started moving, her hands started too, unzipping his pants and started with a handjob, which was safely away from her husband’s eyes since Gabriel was seated directly behind him. Her soft, strong hand pleased the client well and to ask for more would be a little too much.

The well trained wifey had a routine, and a quick release with just her hands would totally be undermining of the females’ skill. Hui Xian took her phone from her bag with one hand and dropped it behind the driver’s seat with a thud. She bent over Gabriel’s legs and took his dick in her mouth. Her pace magically increased as her husband clicked on the remote control to give her a speed boost. As Gabriel laid back and enjoy the ride, Marcus knew exactly what was happening and smiled gleefully. He knew he succeeded in bringing their intimacy to the next level.

With the car driving around aimlessly in less crowded streets, the time for Gabriel to unleash had arrived. Clicking on the red button at the back of the remote, the ‘nitro-equivalent’ feature activated and the bullet rapidly extended and retracted, giving her a fuck job from within. Her head then bounced along Gabriel’s shaft deep and fast, in fact, much deeper than she had gone with her husband’s dick, as her throat contracted around Gabriel’s dick, his sperms rushed out in a mess and filled up her mouth before another thrust of his hip pushed the excess down her throat.

Choking on the huge amount of nutrients, she swallowed everything quickly and cleaned him up with a tightly sealed vacuum in her after-oral-service. Monitoring the rear mirror, Hui Xian was touching up on her lips and face, still with a messy hair.

Marcus: ‘Gab, I think we’re here.’

The car slowed to a stop, along with the vibrator, behind the same restaurant they dined earlier and Gabriel wobbled out of the car as though he just woke up. Hui Xian sat next to her beloved husband looking very guilty, until she saw her husband’s hardened dick sticking out of his work pants.

For the next fifteen minutes, the car remained motionless as her mouth once again began work on cum extraction, in the ambience of classical music on the radio – and the buzzing and throbbing in her pussy. Hui Xian knew that night would be another wild one, since their reward system was established pleasure for pleasure.

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