It was somewhat a comical, and entertaining sight as Janice dragged me impatiently into a handicap toilet, as though she was ‘urgent’. After setting our bags down, she immediately went for the hems of her dress, and pulled it off at one go. Moving onwards to the sink, she kept her feet slightly parted while she inched the sides of her panties down, pausing only when it was at her mid-thighs.

‘da.. daddy? can you help me?’, she whispered, that word for the very first time. As excited as I was, I had a bigger task to do, that is to help my little girl, take those panties off. Just as I had tucked my fingers into the sides of her underwear, she reminded me to ‘go slow’, while she grabbed hold of the tap and placed her other hand directly under her pussy.

Tugging her undies an inch at a time, I was indulging in the glorious sight of a dripping-wet dildo, exiting her pussy as I continued excavating her. The panties that she had wore that day, had a dildo sewn into the groin-section where her pussy would rest on. So, to put that on, she would gone through a similar experience, though more enjoyable than this.

Once we put away that warm, portable toy, Janice turned her attention to me, or to my cock, in particular. Within seconds, she had undone my belt and fly, diving her hands straight for my cock that was growing to the earlier visuals. She did not waste any more time and smacked her lips onto mine, kissing me wildly as our hands swarmed towards each other’s genitals. Once I was as hard as she was wet(ter), she hopped onto the sink and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me as close as I had to be, to guide my dick ‘home’.

In mere seconds, I was balls-deep inside her and my hips just went crazy at it, thrusting violently to the throbbing sensation I would feel whenever I paused. Resting one hand on her belly, I let my thumb worked her clit while my cock continued plugging her leaky hole, until she came hard into my embrace.

The next position we tried was doggy-style, over the (covered) toilet seat. With my hands gripping her waist firmly, I just let my body did the rest. For the most part, we both went so out of bound that we only had bits and pieces of hazy memories when we were finally done with each other. At the end, we found ourselves sprawled on the floor, with streaks over her pussy, thighs, and my fingers. The ‘aftertaste’, she reviewed, was probably gotten from my fingers that I stuck inside her after I delivered her creampie.

After resting for a bit, I helped her put on that panties again and resumed our shopping. We didn’t get very far when we passed by another quieter toilet, and crawled back in for another round of hot sex. Perhaps it was that afterglow, or pheromones, or some invisible scent from her cum-filled-dildo pussy that got us so enthusiastic.

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