When I finally came to, I was shocked beyond words, to see Bernice riding my cock in reverse-cowgirl while moaning, and making out with Jaslyn, my daughter. Using all my might, I groaned for their attention and when Bernice saw that I had awakened, stood up, and actually put Jaslyn between my legs.

‘C’mon! You said that you’ll do it when he is awake right? He is now.’

After some futile, merry haggling, Jaslyn stuck to her word, and slipped a hand under her ass to grab my fully-erected cock. Moving slowly in caution, I was in extreme perplexity when I watched her youthful, undeveloped pussy spread its lips around my dick head and inched its way down, fidgeting to some movements that Bernice was causing, possibly on her clit.

Half-sighing and gasping for air, the whole ‘process’ took about a minute, for her vagina to completely engulf my throbbing, delusional member that was never meant for her. Just when I thought that ‘we’ wouldn’t go any further, Jaslyn began sliding her hips vertically up and down, officially ‘fucking’ my cock without so much a word of ‘encouragement’. Within seconds, she was lost in her own world as she rocked her hips back-and-forth, twerking them up and down, in an effort to get ‘more’ out of me.

As the minutes of absurdity passed, my strength was gradually returning, though more slowly than I wished. By the time I was able to move my hands, she had already stopped moving most of her body, and was furiously rubbing her clit until she achieved an orgasm – for the second time. When I could finally push her off me, I was ‘struck’ by Bernice, who shoved a small, brown bottle under my nose just in time for me to take a partial breath of it.

The scent went straight into my head like some kind of stimulant, that raised my alertness, and amplified my emotions that I had no intent to act on. ‘Rage’, suddenly felt more controllable, in a stop-them-before-they-make-me kind of way. Before I knew it, I had both hands wrapped around the necks of the two girls, and was holding them down on the couch they just fucked me on.

Squirming my way into Bernice’s legs, I maintained a firm grip on them as I slid my cock into the recently-seventeenth, pummelling her into oblivion as I let my body relinquish all those rage and guilt and disappointment through her pussy, into her body. I was barely reacting to the fear shown on Jaslyn’s face as she watched her best friend get fucked to unconsciousness, before being jolted back to reality with sheer pleasure.

Although it took Bernice a while, there was no denying of that strong, powerful orgasm that literally threw her into a convulsing fit, that scared Jasyln even more. I was consciously resisting the allure/ temptation of ‘punishing’ my own daughter but when Bernice slapped a hand onto her groin, and shoved two fingers inside her to trigger a moan, I lost it immediately.

Turning her over onto her fours like a bitch, I was even quicker to get my cock into this crazy woman, and hammered her like the slut she was – earlier. Dragging her body over Bernice’s, I held onto her waist tightly as I worked my hips, slamming them into her ass to get the entirety of my seven-inches into her. In a few, hard, deep thrusts, Jaslyn’s body had already begun trembling like an earthquake, going on and on until I made those forcefully-abrupt strokes into her pussy.

As soon as she received her first orgasm, the rest of it followed closely with each thrust, in an increasingly-violent manner to her exasperated cries for ‘more’. I kept going, at her and Bernice, for as long as I could, which was really a long time under the influence of whatever I just whiffed up my nose.

After ten or so minutes of intense, breathtaking, mindless sex, I was ready to blow my load. When I gave those girls the warning, they just scurried onto the couch and sat weirdly-upright. Once they got their hands on my cock, it was just a lighthearted, cherry session of rub-and-tug until I came all over their gapping mouths.

The girls then split, and swallowed their spoils before bringing me along for a quick shower. Once we were cleaned, we tucked each other into bed, and let me ‘report’ the successful birthday party that Bernice had just thrown for my little girl. For the rest of the night, I was given more of that ‘aromatic’ drug, and took wild turns with those lovely ladies.

By daybreak, I was mostly humping and emptying my balls into one particular girl, whom I later discovered was really just Jaslyn, using that drug excessively to get the ‘most’ out of me. When we returned home more exhausted than before the party, we made a pact, to be ‘as accessible as possible’ for the times when mummy wasn’t around. As for Bernice, she would be my little ‘afternoon snack’ whenever I sent her home, before picking Jaslyn up from her CCA.

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