Surrounded by Fear

Alone in the alley, Hayley found herself turning into a dead end while two students in their uniform followed her. Both of them were smoking throughout the ten minutes trail and she had to face them after reaching the end.

Guy: ‘C’mon, let’s be friends.’
Hayley: ‘No. I just want to go home.’
Guy2: ‘Don’t run.’

Her Coach bag was caught by one of them as she darted past, only to be flung back by the bag strap. She fell on her bum and they surrounded her, pushing her around with their feet. One of them was still puffing away and the fear that he might burn her made her sat still with her arms around her knees to protect her exposed skin. The other guy had tattoos showing out of his sleeves and seemed like the boss between the two. Being just a secondary two student, she had no way of overpowering them and they did not care if she was still schooling.

Smokie grabbed hold of her blue skirt that was slightly above her knees and tore it away, leaving Tattoo to handle her shorts. After discarding her skirt, Smokie went behind her to lock her arms while Tattoo ripped her shorts away, without a struggle from the frightened girl.

Hayley: ‘Please don’t rape me. I can give you guys money.’

A slap across her face silenced her and they carried her into the corner where no light could reach. She could only sob helplessly while listening to the noises coming from them as they unzipped their pants. Her phone was in her bag and it was too far for her to reach, let alone call for help. It was totally desperation until they appeared with their dicks standing, and she realised fate had left her to suffer alone.

Tattoo was first to go and Smokie laid on the floor, ignoring the dirty ground and held her on top in his arms. His friend went on his knees and easily tore her panties away, taunting him with a trimmed small pussy.

Tattoo: ‘Wah.. So smooth and small. Sorry bro but I’m going first.’

Hayley begged him not to do it and he did, forcing his rod into her a bit at first, and then thrusting deeper until he was fully inserted. Her voice went hoarse as the pain took over her mind, vagina feeling as though it had been ripped apart by a hot metal rod. Smokie who was below her had pried her ass opened for his friend and Tattoo pounded away happily, slapping on her ass as he groaned.

The tears rolling down her cheeks did not stop at all and the little waves of pleasure did nothing to ease her shame. The huge effort she had gone to maintain her figure went to waste attracting the wrong people and this was how she paid the price. Being fucked senseless by Tattoo, her body had given up struggling and she just widened her legs more so it would hurt less.

By the time she stopped fidgeting, Tattoo was bored with the hopeless girl and just continued pounding away to finish his job. Such people were only interested when they met with resistance, and Hayley totally killed the mood when she gave up.

Tattoo: ‘Cumming now.’

With a sudden burst of energy, Hayley tried to roll away but was held down by Tattoo’s hand pushing on her back. Smokie was hugging her as well and she squeezed her butt tighter to get that filthy piece of meat out. But instead of turning him off, he loved what she did and kept whispering that he was going to shoot inside. The poor girl did not realise what she did was turning him on even more and he let his sperms loose into her, filling her contracting pussy while a small orgasm weakened her fight.

Tattoo: ‘Your turn.’
Smokie: ‘I will just lie here. Help her sit on it leh.’
Tattoo: ‘Fuck lah. I don’t want to touch your thing.’
Smokie: ‘Just pull her body down. I will hold my dick up.’

Tattoo locked Hayley’s arms behind her painfully and lifted her up, letting Smokie point his dick upwards before he let go of her body. The smaller sized dick had caused lesser pain when it slid right in, but the sensation of cum being pounded deeper inside disgusted her. Tattoo then pushed her back over Smokie and Smokie took over. He raised his hips up and down to drive his dick like a piston, stirring her sober with the second round of the night. By then, Hayley had lost the fight in her nor hopes of being freed and was starting to feel a little horny from the gentler guy.

He was doing it at a comfortable pace and she had to bite her lips to prevent any moans from escaping. Her small pussy was still too much for the smaller dick but he was handling it well, taking his time to pound that small body. As he continued jerking his hips at her, she was unintentionally moving her body back and forth, riding him at the same time. Smokie felt the little change in attitude and looked at Tattoo, who was standing at the junction far out watching for him.

Smokie: ‘Girl, just make me cum and you can go. Okay?’

She picked her upper body up and rode him, sweeping her fringe backwards as he groaned. She was slowly enjoying the sex and her pussy was working with her, tightening as he entered and relaxing on his way out. In less than a minute, he was getting louder and cried to her that he was shooting. She dare not show that she was about to climax as well.

Hayley decided to just let him cum in her since the first guy had did it, and switched her feet to a squatting angle. Bouncing freely on top, she managed to keep her pussy squeezed for his last dash and she once again reached for her hair, flipping her fringe back to keep her sight clear.

Smokie: ‘Fuck! I’m shooting!’

She drove the fine tip of her hairpin she had armed herself with, when she swiped her hair, into his shaft heartlessly. As he struggled to throw her off his body, she removed the pin and doubled the pain before he could reach for her. Sperms spurted from both exits of his punctured cock and she only had time to see the first wave. She made a dash for her belongings along the road and picked up a broken bottle she spotted on the way in. When Tattoo turned towards them to see the commotion, it was too late for him to react.

The sharp edges sank into his fleshy groin and a twist of her wrist sliced through the delicate meat. Warm blood sprayed like a broken sprinkler over her hand and blouse and she displayed no signs of fear. The nanosecond they had eye contact strike a feeling of death so deep into Tattoo’s heart that he could not scream that instant. Hayley took off into the brightly lit void deck of the next block and disappeared up the stairs to put her clothes – or whatever left of it, back on.

Appearing at a distance from the alley, the two guys were sprawled on the floor when she called the police and inside her pussy was all the evidence she needed against them. An ambulance came much later and they were cuffed and loaded, wailing in a tone that would sent shivers down anyone’s spine if they heard it.

With care from the professionals, a morning-after pill was prescribed and she made it to the next day without getting pregnant. Now that Hayley had gone through the worst, she had became stronger and always carried a pocket knife, ready to defend herself against any assholes.

It was unsure to all of us if the guys had placed a bounty on her head, but no matter what, blood will flow if one stepped into where he should not be. To die, or to live a sexless life? Why not none of the above?

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Mmm loved this story! Rape, creampie plus fighting back with bloody details, i like!

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