Wet Shoes

Looking up at the ‘No Food/ Drinks’ sign on the bus, the toddler spilled his mum’s cup of KOI bubble tea onto my shoes and she had to apologise to the bus driver. Thanks to my shoes and jeans, the mess on the floor wasn’t too big a spill as most of it was absorbed into my clothes.

Lady: ‘I’m so sorry about it. I can clean it up for you.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I’m about to reach home.’
Lady: ‘Can you come to my place before going home? I don’t want your parents to see you like that.’
Me: ‘It’s really okay. I can say I stepped into a puddle.’

The bus came to a stop and she picked up the bags of groceries, only to have her kid holding onto the handrail unwilling to let go. Seeing her in such a state, I did not leave her stuck and carried the kid effortlessly, giving him a smile as I hopped off the bus.

Me: ‘I’ll send him back to your place for you.’

I placed him standing on the bus stop’s seat and took over the shopping bags, so she could carry him while we headed for her block, which was just next to mine. As soon as she opened the door, I went in without removing my shoes and placed all the bags on the kitchen counter, flinging my arms to ease the pain.

Lady: ‘I’ve put him in his room. He’s tired after a whole day out with me. Thanks so much for helping me get him home. I won’t know what to do if I was alone.’
Me: ‘Where’s your husband?’
Lady: ‘I am divorced, so it’s just me and him.’

I pressed my lips together and smiled awkwardly, unsure of how to react. Right then, a squishy sound came from my shoes and I skipped to the doorstep, removing my shoes and soiled socks. I had made a messy trail of footprints and she was actually just waiting for me to move so she could clean it up.

Lady: ‘Sit here. Take off your jeans for me to give it a wash.’
Me: ‘But I.. ‘

She squatted down in front of me to fold my jeans up, giving me a good view down her neckline into the loose bra. I hesitantly removed my bottoms and gave it to her, looking at her back view as she gathered my shoes and socks to the kitchen.

Lady (shouting): ‘Just make yourself comfortable. I am going to wash them and then put them in the dryer. It won’t take long.’
Me: ‘Okay. And how do I address you?’
Lady: ‘Just call me Mummy?’

Mummy?! I had never called someone else by that and it was weird when I asked her for a cup of water. After the washing machine got started, she brought the glass and sat at the couch with me, giving my groin a quick peek before serving it to me.

Lady: ‘How old are you?’
Me: ’21?’
Lady: ‘Wow. That’s young.’

I nodded and drank a large mouthful, looking at her blankly while she twisted her long hair for me. She placed one of her feet on the couch, lifting the opening of her shorts for me to notice that rainbow panties. Clad in only my underwear, I was helpless when my mind wandered off to her D cups melons, stirring my rod awake.

Lady: ‘Hard so fast?’

Me: *sigh* ‘I couldn’t control.’

I covered my hard on with a cushion and she took it away, covering herself instead. She got up all of a sudden and went to the toilet, giving a push to a button on the washing machine. After some waiting, she came out in a low cut night dress even though it was only two in the noon. The braless state was challenging my self-control and my dick stood even taller when she raised her foot again, this time, panty-less.

Lady: ‘You know, I haven’t had someone so young before.’
Me: ‘Ma.. Mummy, you kid is just asleep in the next room. I don’t think you should be doing this.’
Lady (whispering): ‘So we will just have to be very quiet.’

She did a sit-and-reach for my briefs and I allowed her to peel my waistband under my balls, watching her head turn to the side of my shaft to give it a lick.

Lady (whispering): ‘You smell and taste good.’
Me: ‘Mummy, what if someone saw me going into your house?’

Her lips went over the tip and swallowed my rod all the way to the farthest she could reach, moving her head like a running horse to blow me. I clenched my fingers into the couch as my mind heightened into the heavens, experiencing the BJ of a mature woman. She had all the skills to make sure I got even bigger and the wetness was just right to keep her going without dirtying the sofa.

As she sucked away, my hands were hovering over her head, contemplating whether to push her down or not. After my groans got softer from her hardworking mouth, she took a pause and surveyed how I felt with her hand still stroking me.

Me: ‘Good?’
Lady: ‘Of course.’

She went to the coffee table and placed her body over it, knees stuck to the floor in doggie style. She fumbled at the tissue box to take something out and before I could dodge, a condom hit me on my chest and fell into my hands.

Lady: ‘Better be safe than sorry. One boy is enough to drive me crazy.’

Even with her pussy fully exposed in front of me, I did not rush to put the condom on and moved to the edge of the sofa. I did a half-squat in that narrow space and penetrated into her pussy, feeling so slippery that I could enter all the way.

I did not comment about her tightness that didn’t felt so ‘close-fit’ and pounded her deeply but slowly. She then began to thrust backwards at me until I fell back onto the couch, with her sitting between my legs in a reverse cowgirl.

Lady: ‘Let me help you k?’

She packed the front of her dress into a knot and got the pesky cloth out of my thighs. Riding me while bent forward, I was sitting there motionless while getting fucked. It did felt as though I was a sex toy, cause I did not need to do anything at all.

Lady (whispering loudly): ‘I am cumming! Oh god!’

She increased her pace and I felt her pussy squeezing, followed by a pause while she reached forward away from me. Instead of letting her go, I grabbed her waist and pulled her back to my lap, standing slightly in a horse stance, and ramming my dick back in her.

A fling of her hands messed the table and broke the glass, but I couldn’t care less about it. Things were not enjoyable so far and I had to take over the control. This time, I stood upright and she climbed onto the wooden table, trying to escape while I pounded her ass with my stick.

The only sounds coming from us were her moans, sounding so slutty yet desperate. I went non-stop for the next five minutes until she bent her legs in a kneeling position, forcing me to bend my knees to keep myself inside.

Me: ‘I’m not done with you!’

I softened my voice towards the end of the sentence as I remember the sleeping kid, and fucked her enclosed cunt mercilessly. A beep went off that that moment and she looked at the washing machine.

Me: ‘Come, turn over. I’ll carry you there.’

She flipped over fast as I pulled out, in an attempt to stop me from carrying her. For a single mum, she was slim but her melons were huge. I had no problem sitting down on the sofa and pulling her by her arms on top of me. Quickly doing a bear hug, I plunged my dick into her and stood up, walking towards the washing machine to her moaning into my ears. I dropped her on the dining table and proceeded to take her in missionary, with her hands wrapped behind my neck so she wouldn’t fall onto the pantry.

Keeping my momentum up, I went on for the last lap and made sure she climaxed, before I relaxed my dick to give it the own-time-own-target cue.

Me: ‘What do you want me to unload?’
Lady: ‘Anywhere will do. Remember you have your condom on?’

I couldn’t think straight by then and yes, there was a condom between us anyway. Our sex was so good I did not feel anything less from the protected intercourse. I lifted her up once again to let her get her footing on the floor.

Me: ‘Sit down. I’m going to shoot in your mouth.’

I perched myself on the table and she unrolled the condom slowly seated at the dining chairs, before I forced her head into my groin. Her opened mouth went right down and holding her head firmly, I used her head to my tempo but kept my strokes shallow so as not to choke her.

Another few minutes past before I felt the intense pressure, and let go off her head. Surprised at the sudden release, she grabbed the base of my shaft and replaced her mouth, sucking me at her own pace until she felt her tongue getting warmed by my load. It was one of the most calming yet powerful jets I have experienced, and her tongue just did not want to let me rest.

For the last squirt, she sank her head down again and pulled away slowly, sucking out any leftovers in the hollow stick. I sat there slouched while she went to the washing machine, taking out my clothes and putting it into the dryer above. After that, she returned to her seat and laid her head on my thigh, toying my small stub in her mouth.

Before I got hard again, I stopped her and went back to the living room, wearing my undies which was strewn under the coffee table. We sat at our original seats after she put on a bra because her son would not be ready for such sexuality exposure yet. Spending the next hour or so quietly, we only used our hands to masturbate each other until her son woke up.

She had came at least thrice with my fingers and I only scored once with her handjob that ended with a cum-in-mouth. The little boy was so active and I stayed for dinner, before she hid me in her bedroom. The horny mummy had decided to go for another round in her room and I happily obliged, fucking silently (but mostly her on top) while her son played alone in the living room.

We knew where each other lived and I would go to her place after she dropped her kid off at the pre-school downstairs, going for countless rounds of sex after grocery shopping. It was a good day :)

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