Synchronised Peeping.

Jane could not sleep from the light coming in from her parents’ room and she knew they had some work to rush for the next day. After a while of fidgeting on bed, she got up and went to the kitchen for a cup of ice cold milk. That would always help her get to sleep on such nights. A glass later, she walked silently across her parents’ door and saw through the partly opened door, her mum’s naked top covered from her chest down. Quickly, she went back into her room and covered her blanket over her head, keeping silent for any sounds, yet going against her curiosity to see what was happening. The door was opened enough for her to see her dad as well, but she did not remember anything else.

As soon as she was feeling drowsy, fast and shallow breathing were coming from the room and the groans from her dad was getting louder as well. Now fully awake, she pulled opened the drawer from under the lamp table beside her, and took her rubber dildo out. Jane’s legs spread out and the tip of the toy poked into her, just slightly as her eyes shut to imagine what her mum was going through. Just after a few minutes into her masturbation, there was no sounds coming and she just had to get out of bed to see what went on.

Peeping into the gap, she was looking at her dad lying on the bed, and adjusting her view, she saw her mum’s mouth open in the silhouette and took the giant in. The figure of her head going up and down the singular rod was very prominent and the toy in her hand was begging her to do something to it too. Jane sat lightly onto the waxed wooden floor and her legs parted enough for her fingers. With the groaning from her dad, Jane realised how good her mum was and her fingers followed her body’s instructions to rub on her own clit and get started.

After a short while of dad receiving a blowjob, Jane watched closely as she climbed over his body, to give him a peck, and started to lower herself over her dad’s dick.

Mum (whispering): ‘You’re so big!’

Dad (whispering): ‘Shhh! Our girl might hear us!’

He held mum’s waist and led her up and down, bouncing the pair of firm boobs in the light. Jane quickly got on her knees and let the toy get sucked firmly onto the floor, beside sitting slowly on it and feeling her pussy get filled by the cold toy. She wanted to get into the tempo of her parent’s riding position, the toy only went about two inches in before she started to lift and drop herself, allowing the toy to penetrate deeper into her as her juices flowed.

If her parents ever looked at the door, they would spot the glimmering eyes that were staring right at them, but luckily, they had not noticed. Jane finally matched her mum’s tempo hopping on daddy’s hard cock and she had sighed an orgasm, that sent her body shivering over daddy. Her mum got off his dick and it was that instant where Jane received her orgasm as well, shivering just like her mum after the last stroke from that dildo.

Mum had gone to lay on the bed in front of daddy and Jane too, laid on the floor with her head turned, eyes on her parents. A shock came when her dad whispered something to her mum and looked as though he wanted to check on her, but her mum just pulled him towards her and he fell over her boobs, kissing her as she stuck her tongue out. Heaving a breath of relieve, her head rested back on the floor and the toy slowly poked into her wet pussy.

Mum: ‘Oh god!’

Daddy (whispering): ‘Shhh!’

His hips worked like a machine thrusting forth and back, sending her mum’s hands all over the bed, searching for something to hold on to. His hands grabbed her breasts hard and squeezed them while his dick satisfied the fuck out of her, pumping madly at her. For Jane, everything was so clear in the light and her hand were also pushing the toy at extreme speed into her. The other hand reached for her braless breast under her shirt and twisted her nipples, copying her dad’s hand to her best effort.

For a good ten minutes, the two ladies were moaning and frowning at the silent orgasms that kept flowing through their minds, one with a real hard dick and the other with a strong rubber dildo. Dad’s voice suddenly was heard and it was unmistakable. Her parents’ fun was about to end.

Dad: ‘I’m shooting!’

Mum (whispering): ‘Shhh!’

The last few strokes from him was hard and deep, sending mum into a small fit that jerked her body up and down, arching to an impossible angle. Jane’s eyes were no longer on them as the toy was forced deep into her pussy, forcing some of her juices out onto the floor. Dad’s dick bounced out after he retracted his hips and the shots of white translucent cum sprayed onto mum’s body. She took his dick into her hand and continued stroking him until the last few drops were pushed out like toothpaste.

Jane was also exhausted from the masturbation with her trusty toy but still got up quickly enough to return to bed to pretend nothing happened. Her doors were closed lightly but not shut. Her eyes were closed, breathing was shallow, but her parents’ conversations were still very audible.

Dad (whispering): ‘The floor is warm outside our room, and there are some liquid too. I think our daughter heard us.’

Mum (whispering): ‘Shit. I think we have to explain to her just in case.’

Dad (whispering): ‘No no! It will be awkward. Just let it be. She is a grown up, and will understand.’

Of course she understood what they did. The size of her dad amazed her and the toy was nothing compared to it. Perhaps it was the budget constraint when she bought it, but it was barely satisfying her. That night was one of the nights she took a long time to fall asleep, with the silhouette of her dad’s dick etched in her mind for the longest time.

Maybe in future there would be a chance to see the size for herself?

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