Buzzing Tempo

My meeting finally ended and I quickly packed my things before heading down to my secret spot in Seng Kang. Lyn had arranged to meet up as soon as possible for the dual bullet vibrator that she wanted so badly. As I reached before the meeting time, I sat at the void deck with two bottles of water from the 7 Eleven nearby, ready to use it to wash, or drink. Our conversation on Kik went dead for a while and just as I was thinking that she would not turn up, a girl wearing a purple black dress came out of a corner and wandered.

Me: ‘Lyn?’

Lyn: ‘Hey hey. Wah.. someone wearing so formal. Like we’re going for some important thing.’

Me: ‘We are going to do some important thing.’

As part of the deal, she agreed to give the wireless vibrator a try in exchange for the dual bullet toy she wanted. So why not? She followed me from a distance and waited for the next lift while I headed for the 25th storey of the block. I went into the stairwell and to the top most level with just a locked door for roof access. While she took her time to come up, I made myself comfortable and took out the wireless vibrator for her.

It did not take long for her to find where I was and she lifted her dress after placing her bag down. She sat right next to me and pulled her bright red thongs to the side, for me to feel her clit to wet it before the bullet entered. The toy was indeed a little big for her but it still went in after some wriggling. We took our belongings and started our little tour around the neighbourhood. My fingers remained on the button which controlled the vibrating modes and she was walking wobbly each time I increased the speed.

Soon, her horniness was showing as she pointed out a thin stream of juice flowing down her legs. We were at the carpark when she showed me how wet she was, so I went for a corner that had a few larger vehicles. I unzipped my work pants and took out my manhood from my comfortable boxer briefs. Lyn immediately squatted down and took my dick into her mouth, giving me a strong suck before going fast and deep. In her position, her hand reached between her legs and began masturbating her clit, rubbing it so furiously that she orgasmed, slowing the blowjob down.

Enough was enough for that moment and I held her hand, walking back to the block where we inserted the toy. Stepping into the corner, she pushed me against the wall and started kissing me, while her hands kept rubbing on the bulge behind the zip. She stopped after a while and sat on the steps, before pulling the vibrator out with the string loop that was sticking outside. Once the toy was out, it was my turn to get busy, with my mouth. I saw on the lower steps between her legs and tucked into the juicy abalone.

Her pussy wasn’t tat loose or big, but the pink covered a huge area despite the tiny fresh slit that sat narrowly in the middle. My tongue went for her clit and I flicked her hard with my might, sucking the juice out of her while she leaned back and trembled continuously. Her hands had ran all over my hair and pushed me to where she felt best, before shooting a small stream of viscous juice out of her pussy and down the steps.

I pulled my mouth away from her with a smile and she knew her mind had totally given in to the addiction. Her dual bullet was taken from a ziplock bag and I pushed the longer side into her, while holding the smaller one in my hand. She shifted her position down to mine and now, I was sitting at the higher spot. With her head between my legs, I bent forward to wrap my arms around her neck, reaching all the way to her pelvic where the other wire stuck out of.

As her mouth swallowed my dick, the vibrator came on and it was stronger than the wireless one, which she was never prepared for. Her mouth immediately went to the maximum suction and her head just bobbed so quickly up and down, hitting her lips at my groin. Yes, that was how deep she went, fully turned on by the crazy buzzing inside her. My hand that was at her pussy felt the juices pouring out non-stop, which drove her wilder and hyper.

Like what she claimed, none of her ex-boyfriends could last more than a minute, or two at the maximum, I was at her mercy. My dick exploded so hard and unexpectedly that she did not realise and kept sucking. If you guys understood what I meant, it was an experience with a mix of heaven and hell. I was so sensitive that I could not move after her mouth collected all my honey. And for the last part of the deal, she sat next to me and kissed my lips, tonguing me with the slimy mix in her mouth and I opened to receive half of the goodie.

She transferred half to me and we swallowed together, an act I could live with since girls had to be the one tasting our (men’s) cum all the time, why not share something so precious and yummy? I did not think much of the taste since I had some mints prepared for the both of us. The satisfied expression on her was priceless, and it wasn’t over yet.

She returned to her seat below me and again, went down to lick me with the cooling sweet in her mouth. After I was cleaned, her lips parted and took me in again, sucking me so gently that it got me hard again in no time. In no position to ask for more, I did not say anything but expected her to stop, but Lyn did not disappoint. She began a sensual slow blowjob and the sucking did brought me back to life, stronger and longer than before.

Her soft tongue caressed the base of the shaft and her lips knew how to apply pressure below my little mushroom spot. Taking about five minutes the second round, the constant vibration had kept her energised and desperate, giving her orgasm after orgasm. I sprayed my second puny load in her mouth and she just gulped it down without thoughts.

Finally, she pulled the dripping toy out of her pussy and placed it back into the ziplock. We stayed there for a while more to dry our sweaty bodies and clothes before we went our separate ways at the main road. Was it a worthwhile trade? You guys would have to try to know. For the whole deed, we had no exchange of numbers or real names, but it was understandable for the secrecy of what we just did.

That night, her pictures with the toy inside her flooded my phone and the moans she let me hear was too much for my little head to ignore. Three rounds, two from her, one from my trusty toy in bed. What more could I ask for?

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