Taking a Breather

This is a non-sexual entry, and could well stir up some mixed feelings about erotica and pornography (but pornography mostly). Do not continue if you don’t care about what goes behind each professionally-produced porno flicks. It is going to sound a little disconnected once you start reading, and I would like to ask for your intelligence to fill up the gaps.

Firstly, I did not do any in-depth research about pornography, so nothing mentioned in this article should be taken as a scientific standpoint. This little post for ‘awareness’, is solely based on my, J’s, point of view and there WILL be parts where the purpose of my site contradicts what I write here. After all, it has been five years since I started, and my purpose (for this site) has changed throughout.

Pornography – is one of the biggest industry in the world, that is almost, if not, on the same level as drugs, illegal arms trade, gambling, prostitution. Dark and shady, impossible to eradicate, embracement is specifically based on needs and demands. Besides money, there seems to be nothing else of value.

After watching a TEDx talk (titled ‘Why I stopped watching porn’), pornography in other words, is ‘Filmed Prostitution’. I had to agree that it was nobody’s childhood dream to become a porn star, a career often linked to trouble and distress. The collective message from every porn made, purely depicts male dominance over women. (The previous sentence is one of many that you will need to let your intelligence tell you that female-over-male domination sex clips exist, but not enough to create an impact as big as male-over-female.)

So what does the industry defines as ‘sexual’? The answer is whatever men find arousing! And what exactly arouses? Now, that’s a question that has a million answer. Choking, seeing a woman or a child cry, rape, [insert your favourite fetish]. No doubt, more and more production companies (of porn) are moving away from hardcore or robotic old school style shag-and-shoot. No more of those low res, straight up sex and messy spray of bodily fluids. Taking advantage of HD cameras and artistic film making, they attempt to make ‘porn’ a little more ‘beautiful’. But the bottomline never changes.

Now for a brief coverage on the cinematic involved. Look at any clip in general, where is the moneyshot (before ejaculation happens)? Definitely not ‘how they end up there’, or ‘what did he say to her?’, but it is actually the single scene of penetration. That scene itself marks where the whole show starts. The male lead has to make sure he is angled correctly, without obstructing the camera, and the female, has to make sure she supports herself without messing her hair or make up. Then comes the close up, slow entry filled with moans before he was even deep enough. The penetration comes very quickly in any films, cutting out all the boring parts so you get the jizz before your erection dies. Do you find that sexy? Is that the definition of ‘chemistry’?

When we are alone, and have found time to reward our minds with an ‘unload’, what do we think about? For all of us, it’s always a short movie (in our heads) of meeting someone, talking to him/ her, the build up that will create a possible scenario leading up to sex. Yes, she might be quick to go down on you, but you know she is ready. He grabbed your boobs in surprise, but you already expected that. You convinced her or him within your means and that is worthy of an amazing orgasm. At least that’s how I fantasise when I ‘PCC’.

Once we started watching porn, a wall suddenly comes up around our creativity. We loses the ability to imagine. Pornographic scenes pop into minds and slowly kill our social responses and initiatives to get laid, or less crudely put it, to fall naturally into a relationship. Thirty minutes of hardcore sex video changes your perception of sex a little. And thirty minutes of that everyday.. just imagine what kind of damage you are doing to yourself willingly. Slowly, we turn into aggressive actors of our own sex lives.

What takes place in porn, we will never know how much of it is reenacted in the confines of the bedroom. No one ever talks about it. The aggression, the reluctance of a partner to do what a porn star did, the discomfort that the on-screen actors showed none of. We never considered about what porn did to couples and families, young children aside. We never had data about people being coerced into playing the roles of porn actors. Simply because sex is an intimate activity behind closed doors.

Suddenly, young teenagers desired to be loved, turned awry by appearing like porn stars, just that they are clothed. To appeal visually is their first step to get love. Quite the irony huh? It just frightens me to think that in the future, my kids might just turn out that way.

Whatever we search on porn sites, will put one film maker out there looking for what you searched for. No bullshit. I do that here too, I follow trending search terms and recalls or fantasise about it. Sometimes, the interest is just a piece of clothing, but most of the time, it is a category of pornography on its own – rape, incest, drugged, underaged.

What about here, on Phantacee? Isn’t J doing all he said above? When I started collecting data about commonly used sex terms, it was Google I referred to. Human anatomy, psychological responses, chemicals responsible for pleasure, sexual positions, even the basic characteristics of men and women. Yes, I am a consumer of porn, heck, I even recommended a few here. But they are never a mean to jerk myself off. Those close up medical-equivalent shots of genitals never helped in anyway.

People might classify my site as a pornographic site at the first look, with detailed depictions of men and women engaging in primal acts. But deep down, we know what missionary and doggy style is, and I could totally swap that intense, steamy section with inserts like [missionary happens], [banging doggy style], [5 mins blowjob] and my stories would still get you hard, or wet. Our minds has too many images of sexual positions.

But for the x numbers of readers, that is you guys and girls, I believe it is the plot you are here for. The meeting, the conversations, the situations that led to sex. Then the aftermath, the clean up processes, and the most important part, the psychological impact.

Can I proudly announce here? That not one single human being is harmed in the process of writing. Not one single human being is subjected to abuse, physically or mentally, with every story published. Everything on my site is treated as one or more of the following; knowledge, entertainment, lifehacks, a medium to understand the mind of a writer.

How many of you felt no need to get yourselves off after reading my stories? Or are there more people inclined to masturbate after reading?

Well, after saying all the above, something in me tells me that nothing is going to change. People will still watch porn, I will still be churning stories, and exploring a possible venture into sales of sex toys as well.

J writes stories in his free time away from work, and gets paid S$0 for his efforts here. If you would like to show your appreciation through a small donation or a simple meal, feel free to contact him through here.

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