Noisy Corner

At the last row of the seats on the bus, Qing sat beside her boyfriend, Rick while another of their guy friend, Adrian sandwiched the girl between. The three of them had been together since a long time and spent a lot of time together, somewhat in a two guys one girl relationship. Having little secrets among them, the couple in love had no qualms about being touchy in the presence of their friend, and Adrian was fine it with too.

Rick: ‘You got wear panties?’

Qing: ‘Nope. You asked me not to right?’

Adrian: ‘What? Rick, you really asked her not to wear?’

Rick: ‘The weather is so hot, and she’s fine with it. Right?’

Qing gave a slight smile and nodded, letting Rick run his hand up her skirt and going under it. She could not spread her legs any wider with the two guys beside, so she placed her knee over her boyfriend’s lap, opening her thighs just enough for him to fondle her under the skirt. Adrian was also interested in what they were doing as she was moaning, holding on to one of Rick’s and Adrian’s arms.

Adrian: ‘Qing, feeling super high is it?’

The girl gave a trembling nod and bit her teeth together as Rick’s hand went deeper into her bottoms. As the bus continued on its journey, Adrian was filled with curiosity about what was happening, and how his good friend’s pussy felt. Finally, he told Qing playfully that he wanted to feel it too, and Qing just looked at Rick without a word.

Rick: ‘You even have ideas on my girl.’

Adrian: ‘Just to play along. I don’t want to feel like a lightbulb.’

Rick: ‘Girl, you okay with it?’

Qing: ‘If you are.’

Rick picked her other thigh up and placed it on Adrian’s lap, officially inviting him to join in the fun. Adrian wasted no time in feeling her legs up, moving his hands back and forth on her smooth skin, going under her skirt and coming into contact with her pussy. The wetness of his childhood friend was so desirable that he just pushed his fingers into her without hesitation, making Qing yelp with that size.

Rick: ‘Bro, be gentle k?’

Adrian: ‘I will I will.’

He continued exploring her pussy and teased everywhere, from the folds along her slit, to her clit, and then dig around her soft, walled vagina. Rick had already stopped playing with Qing and went on to unzip his pants, whipping his hard dick out of the zipper. Qing’s hand went to his rod and stroked it automatically while her mind was occupied with the fingers wriggling under her skirt. It felt so convenient to have someone putting all of his effort into her pussy while she satisfied her needy boyfriend.

Adrian: ‘I also want it. Can?’

Qing’s free hand just went to Adrian’s bulge and kneaded, forcing him to free his dick into the open with just one hand. His sling bag provided the cover for him in the middle seat and if anyone had noticed them, they would see three person displaying weird expressions on their faces while tiny motions happened behind the backrest of the seats in front of them.

Two hands from two guys, taking turns to please her little pussy, was going as fast or slow as her jerking. In just five more stops, they would be alighting and the guys picked up their speed, driving the girl’s hands faster. Suddenly, Rick stopped her hand on his rod and pulled her head down, which she followed willingly and cupped her mouth over it. A few bobs of her head made Rick’s hands go behind her head and held her down, while his hips shivered.

Qing’s legs were still wide open with Adrian’s fingers thrusting underneath, and she moaned in a muffled tone as the cum pumped into her mouth. As soon as he was done, she lifted her head up and gave him a kiss, swallowing his load at the same time.

Rick: ‘Adrian, you almost done?’

Adrian: ‘I’m cumming soon!’

As much as he wanted her mouth to suck him off, it was really up to Rick if he allowed it. Once Adrian stopped her handjob, Rick whispered something into Qing’s ears and she adjusted her body to face Adrian.

Rick: ‘Just one time bro. Enjoy it.’

Her head dived into his groin and sucked his rod up and down, until the urge came and he grabbed onto the headrest in front of his knees. She kept a strong suction in her mouth, sending Adrian into the heavens as her tongue swirled around his tip, forcing every drop of energy out of his muscles. Rick was nice enough to take over the fingering of her pussy to relieve the guilt in her, and they were done just one stop before their destination.

She picked herself up and pulled Adrain in for a kiss, before doing the same, gulping loudly for him to hear. They quickly packed their goods into their pants and Qing just laid there catching her breath. The next bus stop came shortly after and they alighted, moving a little slower and weak from their little ‘threesome’ earlier.

The two guys had planned to go on a shopping spree for Qing’s birthday, giving her the few hours to buy whatever she wanted with their combined tiny budget. As they visited the shops in the vacant mall, the similarly empty stairwell had turned into a playground for them, giving them the privacy to do more with her, like a standing doggie, with one dick pounding her from behind and another in her mouth, which she took without complaints.

It was just a one day affair with their best friend, and Rick was glad to know Qing enjoyed herself that much, with a constantly dripping pussy under the short skirt begging for more orgasms throughout the day.

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