Three Seconds

Sitting at my letterbox area (on the concrete box where unwanted flyers are discarded), a girl in a short, black dress was responding to her constantly buzzing phone. The simplicity of her spaghetti dress was made beautiful by the tightness around her sexy curves without any excess crease and ending at her upper thighs. She was just a bend away from exposing her panties, I was sure.

A while later, a man in a cap, singlet and berms came out of the lift and opened his arms to his partner, who smiled gracefully upon seeing him. It was a pity no one else saw the most alluring side of her for that few seconds of embrace. The couple was quick to start kissing passionately, and his wide palms firmly held her waist, almost lifting her up. Both his hands then naughtily moved up her chest and raised her well-hidden assets a little, before she pulled his forearms downwards.

This time, he wrapped his arms around her and cupped her perky ass, squeezing them at the same time shortening the length of her dress. Red. A loud, red panties peeked out from under for the few seconds she was trapped in the intense French kissing. The mood quickly changed when the girl suddenly pulled the hems of her dress down and looked at me, forcing my gaze back to the Singtel bill I was ‘reading’.

Seeing how the preliminary check for ‘desperation’ came to an end, the man hugged her waist as they walked in my direction, giving me an arrogant, cheeky stare while his girl looked away shyly in the opposite direction.

Red. Right at the top of her fair legs, at the bottom of her shapely Barbie waist.

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