How Old Are You?

Lying face up on the bed of the usual massage outlet I went to, I was expecting one of the regulars to pop in and give me the package I asked for. Most people would link massage parlours to shady whorehouses but this outlet was a family business, offering traditional massage that services a small group of regulars. The location was ideal under the older flats, turning away men who came for ‘special’ rather than a good knead.

The wait was longer than usual and it was noisy outside the room. After a while, a young girl in a cardigan over a grey inner wear and denim shorts entered. I looked at her remove her pullover to prepare the room and was still wondering who would be my masseur. She then poured some oil into a cup and stood next to me, motionless.

Me: ‘You will be massaging me today?’
Girl: ‘Yupp! You are my first customer.’
Me: ‘You look too young for this. Are there any other staff around?’
Girl: ‘Oh! I forgot to tell you. My mum asked me to do you today. She is letting me practice. I’m strawberry.’
Me: ‘What? Strawberry? Serious?’
Strawberry: ‘My mum said to use a fake name. And I love strawberries. So.. ‘
Me (laughing): ‘Fair enough. I’m J. I want to ask you. How old are you?’
Strawberry: ‘Sixteen. Going seventeen in a few days. My mum said she is just going to let me practice on you for now, not the other customers. She says you’ll understand.’

I did understand. It was a family business and her mother had told me about her daughter. I do know her name, but would just address her using her favourite fruit. She rubbed her hands together and I flipped myself over. The twenty minutes that followed was an uncomfortable ride, as she was pressing on the wrong spots and making me groan in pain. All along, I had to guide her and she had been apologetic, resulting in a little guilt coming out of me.

After the back massage, the usual package would involve a full arm and shoulder relaxation tui na, best executed by the main owner – her mum. Strawberry had lost her composure when she realised I was in more pain than relaxed, but a time out quickly brought her back to pace. My shoulders were given the standard presses and it was about all I paid for.

Instead, strawberry asked me to lie still as she wanted to practice a full body massage, and I was the best test subject. A short intercom conversation with her mother granted me an extension to ‘unlimited’ time. Not sure if that was a good or bad thing, she had already started oiling my chest up.

Strawberry: ‘Let me know if it feels uncomfortable k?’

Just five minutes of a chest rub, she went to my calves and did a great job of loosening my muscles. The diligent girl had moved her hands up my thighs, up to the part where my towel covered, just a few inches below my waist. Before I knew it, she had been working on my inner thighs under the towel and brushed her hands across my wiener a few times, still apologising profusely.

Me: ‘I think that’s about it right?’
Strawberry: ‘Actually.. My mum told me that I will be giving you the special massage. She says you’re a good friend and wants me to treat you well. I think I will have to learn it sooner or later right?’

I jumped off the bed and wrapped a larger towel around my waist, stomping out of the room to see her mother. She was already standing at the door, as if she knew I would not accept it. We went back into the massage room and she poured her heart out to me, saying that she had been grateful to me and would like me to be the one and only customer to her daughter. The lack of fundings to frequent that place did not bother her one bit, and the truth came out of her. She wanted me to take care of her girl, as the staff would be outsourced to provide the specials that men loved.

Listening to her talk for a while, I understood what she meant and laid back on the bed, letting her girl reach for my dick with her lubricated hand.

Strawberry: ‘You don’t mind right?’
Me: ‘Promise that you won’t do this to other guys.’
Strawberry: ‘I won’t. This place only offers clean massage. And you will be the only one who will get this from me.’

A whiff of strawberry came from under the towel and a bottle of fruit flavoured personal lubricant stood on the table. She removed the towel and placed her mouth at my tip for a lick, wetting her lips a few times in approval of the taste. Her mouth then went down my shaft and a randomised tempo came pushing me to my limits. The little girl who just completed her O levels was sucking me obediently, making sure I felt so good that it was hard to resist fucking her mouth.

Her mum was peeking through the curtains from time to time to ensure she was doing well and I had no complaints. Strawberry’s hand took over whenever she needed a break and her mouth was constantly slurping my pre-cum up. All I did was to lie with my hands under my head, and let her work me to those small shivers up my spine.

An enjoyable ten minutes later, she stopped blowing me and stood next to me, stripping herself one piece at a time. The tiny bumps on her chest was most tempting to grab and bite, but her shaved pussy came along and my mind went on to imagine licking between the narrow folds.

Strawberry: ‘You want to touch me?’
Me: ‘Put my hand where you want it to go.’

She climbed onto the bed and rested on her fours on top of me. My hand was guided between her legs and she remained in doggie while I rubbed her down, with a bit of lubricant from my rod. As I teased her clit, the sudden lost of energy collapsed her body onto me, turning it into a body-on-body rub. My hand could not move in that position and she just kept gliding on my oiled body.

Slowly, she slid lower and used the shaft to rub along her slit. The soft flesh in contact with my hardness was so sensual that I could cum if she continued doing that. But moments later, she paused on top and pasted her face on me.

Strawberry: ‘It feels so good that its making me weak.’

Right then, her mum came into the room and Strawberry almost rolled off if not for my support.

Strawberry: ‘Mummy! I’m not done yet.’

Her mum just went to our legs and pointed my dick into her daughter’s pussy. Without instructions, Strawberry moved back and it entered her tight cunt easily. Her mum left the room without a word and her daughter was grinding her hips on my dick happily. Seeing that her own mother had given permission, she was excited too and rode me like a free girl.

I could only hang onto her waist as her pussy kept pushing itself down on my dick. I was at my limits and quickly stopped her before things went out of control.

Me: ‘You want to try other positions?’
Strawberry: ‘Doggie?’

I nodded and went behind her, while her chest laid on the leather bed. I angled her hips higher and drove my rod into the small girl, sending her grabbing for a towel to cover her moans. With so much lubricant at our genitals, it was easy to go fast and after two minutes, she came in a manner so innocent that I could not bring myself to continue. She was covering her face as moans escaped her mouth, and her body was pushed hard against me, planning to not let me out until it was over. Strawberry’s face was red when she turned to me, asking me to continue.

Needless to say, I continued banging her hard until my moment came, and I gently pushed her away. Instead of letting me finish on the floor, she turned herself around to lie on the bed and brought me to her mouth. She then continued sucking me in a more calm manner and watched my expression more closely. Her hands jerked me while interlocked and I softly told her I was cumming. The girl covered her eyes with one hand and pumped me faster. I leaned forward so she could aim my dick at her bare chest, topped with two pink nipples.

The finale came and I sprayed my load over her body, most of it stopped by her hand over my tip and letting it dribbled down her belly. It took me at least a minute to finish because she was rubbing her thumb over my pee hole as I shot, pushing my body to unload more times than usual. Only after I told her it was over, did she release her grip on me and let me sit on the bed, while she sat next to me, smearing my cum over her body.

Me: ‘You don’t mind it?’
Strawberry: ‘Mummy says its good for skin.’

Well, with its high nutritional content, it wasn’t wrong to think of it that way. She cleaned my dick with her fingers and then wiped herself clean before roaming all over my body with my towel. We went into the attached shower and had a good time lathering each other up, frolicking under the warm water. In the bathroom, Strawberry was more open to playing with my cleaned stub between my legs.I had only helped her achieved one orgasm with her sitting on the toilet seat in front of me and her simple mind was so grateful that she didn’t mind giving me a blowjob. The second wave of cum shot into her palm and she gave that spoonful a little taste before swallowing the rest down.

We then exited the room smelling fresh and her mum waved at me when I was about to make payment, signalling that no payment was required.

Mother: ‘I haven’t seen her smile that happily in a long time. Not since her dad disappeared from our family. Thank you.’
Me: ‘It’s me who feel honoured. Your daughter is really good with her hands.’
Mother: ‘Do you have anything on later? Why don’t you bring her with you?’

My heart melted almost instantly and her mum gave her a nod. The satisfied girl came running out in a body hugging dress too revealing for her age and tucked her hand under my arm.

Strawberry: ‘Let’s go.’
Mother: ‘Stay safe and have fun you guys.’

Well, what happened after was rather simple. We made our way to a posh hotel like Strawberry wanted and she paid for everything, using the company’s credit card that her mum lent her for the night. Countless rounds of raw banging and loud screams completed the table of events and we started an underground relationship, starring her in the video clips she requested me to make during each time we met.

Man, sex had never felt so tiring ;)

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Adam, I have to apologise that I cannot reveal the location. A huge part of the story is from the brief sighting of a daughter of a particular massage lady. I must say, the outfit of the young girl did help with the happy ending, but none of the underage contact happened.

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