Quitting It

Please take note that this entry contains drug references. But it’s not like you don’t know Google right? Go forth my dear readers. I mean.. just read and get yourself off. Never ever do drugs for goodness sake. Anyway, orgasms always feels better, for both the men and ladies.

Pearlyn approached the door that her mind could not get rid off, and pressed on the doorbell. The studious looking guy whom she knew as Max opened the door and looked at her shivering state. He knew what she was there for, and he slowly pushed on the creaking handle to let her in. She sat on his sofa with familiarity and began unbuttoning her denim jacket, parting the buttons to reveal the fishnet body stocking she wore.

Max: ‘Wait wait. Are you sure you want this? It’s not fair to me, and yourself.’

Pearlyn: ‘I can’t help it. I am dying for it.’

Max sat beside her and she straightened her body, about to ask if he was getting the goods. He gave a pat on the pouch lying in the middle of the coffee table and pulled her hand to him before she got it.

Max: ‘Pearlyn. Look, you used to be a nice, decent girl before that asshole introduced it to you. You should quit and get yourself back. You can’t do this forever.’

Pearlyn (sobbing): ‘I tried. I really tried. I turned to smoking to kick the habit but I can’t. I smoke two packs a day, and it’s causing more damage than using it.’

Max: ‘I really don’t want to give it to you. It’s as good as killing you.’

Pearlyn undid the last button at her waist and widened the gap, hanging on to both Max’s hands while pleading him dearly. She had hoped that sex would tempt him enough to give it to her, but he was stronger than she thought, or was he as strong as we thought she did not thought?

Pearlyn: ‘I am willing to do anything for it. I don’t have money now, but I’ll pay you as soon as I have it.’

Max couldn’t bear seeing her face turn whiter and took out the packet of cocaine, watching her snatch it from his hand and pouring the contents onto his glass table top. She took a straw from her jacket that she took off and used it to create a line from the powder. The straw was stuck up her nose, and a long sniff vacuumed the line up. Her body threw itself back on the couch and she continued stripping her panties off, leaving the braless chest unhidden under the netted top.

Max disappeared for a moment to retrieve a condom and he left it on the table, before standing before Pearlyn. She immediately knew what to do and held his cock straight, giving him a slow descend down his shaft. His eyes were on the girl feeling so high that she did not care what she was doing. While one hand was holding his manhood, the other was playing with her womanhood under the leather skirt, slurping wetly with her juice.

Although he was enjoying himself at her expense, the sight of a perfectly fine lady gone to waste was bugging him a lot. The ‘class’ she used to have, the aura of elegance, went up in smoke as she took her first drag. After ten minutes of tireless sucking, she pushed him aside to draw the second line into her system. With the high intake of cocaine, the effects on her body was amplified and the second lap lasted longer.

Max pulled himself away from the cocksucker and pushed her over the coffee table. Her hands held her body up on the glass and her knees were on the sofa. A quick flick of a lever behind the couch lowered the backrest into a bed and Max kneeled at her pussy. The third narrow line of powder went up her nose and she backed down on his dick. The ‘hole-in-one’ move kickstarted his pounding and Pearlyn moaned at the double pleasure her body was going through. Her pussy was leaking so badly that every thrust splashed some of her yummy goodness onto his legs.

He did not care about that though, merely ramming his hot rod into her soft, damp pussy. From his sight, he could see her anus moving on its own, giving him the cue to force his thumb into the shit hole. Pearlyn immediately got up and kept her hand over his thumb, while his hips continued to ram her hard.

Pearlyn (moaning): ‘Oh god.. it feels so good. Keep fucking me. Abuse me as you wish.’

The insane girl’s statement had no effect on Max as he was getting what he wanted. Soon, he was getting tired from the unpredictable contractions of her pussy and changed his position to sit between her legs. Pearlyn just sat herself down on his lap and bounced up and down, giving Max a ‘harder’ time. His legs were wide opened and her feet were together, giving him the tightest ever squeeze while fucking him.

She pulled the last line into her system and her hips grounded him even faster. Max was trying to hold her still as his balls gathered the cum. He did not want to impregnate this close-yet-far friend, at least not in this state. Her body weight was pinning him down and the vigorous movements were tough to restraint.

Max: ‘I’m about to shoot! Fucking get off me!’

Pearlyn: ‘Just cum in me.. Please.. ‘

She stopped to turn herself around and Max was still struggling to push her away. The girl placed both her feet on the sofa and humped him by bouncing up and down really hard, hurting his hips. The last straw came and she felt the strong jet of cum hitting her womb. A change to grinding motion sucked every drop out of him into her body and Max went so weak that he could only groan as his sensitive tip was tormented by her pussy.

An orgasm hit Pearlyn as he finished shooting, wrapping her pussy so closely around his shaft that she was immobilised temporarily. The gentle pulse massaged his rod upwards and her poised nature returned for that moment. After some time, the tremors in her body ended and she kept her hands on his chest to hold herself up.

Dripping sweat on his shirt, she was overwhelmed by the drug on top of sex.

Pearlyn: ‘It’s so good having sex with it.’

Max: ‘No it. Keep it out of the equation.’

Pearlyn: ‘Anything you say Master. But don’t get up yet.’

She picked herself up and went between his knees, holding his throbbing cock up and going down on it. Max was still hard but needed time to recover – like Pearlyn cared. She went on as long as she could until the drug wore off, where the suction in her mouth died off and his hard on deflated with a second gush of cum down her throat.

She swallowed it and climbed back onto the sofa bed, falling asleep in mere minutes from exhaustion. Max rested for some time and he tided the place up, wiping down on everything part where she came in contact with. The air cleaner was turned on to the max next to the coffee table and she was carried into his room where she spent the night at.

The next morning, she woke up with a full pussy but did not remember what happened. Remembering that she had no money, she had probably fucked him to make payments and it was nothing compared to the high she felt last night. Yes.. the high she felt. How much she wanted to feel it again. She crawled over to Max who was sleeping on the floor and gobbled his dick up, sucking his lollipop until he was awake.

Max: ‘Stop it Pearlyn. No more. I’m throwing out everything I have until you kicked the habit.’

Worried that she might give up, he brought her out shopping for more condoms. It seemed that he knew how to solve her addiction. Sex was indeed better than using drugs, despite it’s short time span. But like any addiction, getting hooked on sex is way better than on drugs. For the rest of her path until she got her life back, the wireless vibrator, rabbit dildo and a mechanical sex machine became her best friend, spending most of her time besides studying with Max, who was more than happy to get fucked to help her.

Wait. Who is Max? Why does he have the drugs that Pearlyn wanted? Well, the unclean goods came from her ex-boyfriend, the asshole who taught her how to use it. It was Max to keep after that asshole died from an overdose. In a way, he had used it to get Pearlyn as his pet sex slave, but the kind nature in him did triumph and Pearlyn did not go to hell.

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