Closed Doors

After Evelyn had her lunch with Charles, they walked along the empty classrooms in the poly until they reached a room that they used for meetings. She was in a sleeveless short flare dress that had been teasing him so much that he had been raping her mentally long before their class ended. She clicked down on the door handle and a slight push let them into the ‘activity’ room. Charles couldn’t wait any longer and nudged her in, dumping his bag on the table and flipping her skirt up.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘Can’t you wait?’

Charles (whispering): ‘How to when you are wearing so sexy?’

As she placed her bag down, he was already tugging her panties down her legs. Once her bare pink pussy was unprotected, he slid the rolling chair behind her and took a seat, licking between her ass on the drying oyster. Evelyn perched herself up on the table and let him work his tongue up and down her slit, wetting it so she could accommodate him. After a minute, he was already too hot to just lick her, and he began unzipping his pants.

Evelyn turned herself over to sit on the desk and opened her legs for her fingers to masturbate. There she was, rubbing her own clit slowly while the sex-starved guy was whipping his cock out. As soon as he freed his hard on, he went up to her and pulled her head onto his lips, frenching her and taking over the clit rub with his hand. Running his fingers up and down a few times, he sank into her pussy after she jerked her hips. Charles loved to tease his little girl to the point she took control.

His fingers rammed into her tiny hole faster and faster while he felt her hand stroking his manhood vigorously. After five minutes of furious hand actions, he was getting impatient. He stood away from her and she bent herself over the table, raising her dress higher to her chest.

One hand reached for his dick between her legs and he placed it into her open palm. The hormone-crazy girl pulled him into her hole and reached both her hands out, stabilising herself for the high speed thrusts she loved. Charles pinned her waist down on the table and rammed into her, going in deep and fast. Evelyn was expressing her pleasure through moans filled with yes! yes!, oh god..

Charles had gotten exactly what he wanted and he pumped faster, shaking the whole table with his hip power. Evelyn was crazy from the sensitiveness of her pussy, and it was making her so high. After a while, he flipped her over into seated missionary and pounded her face to face, letting her suckle on his nipples to keep her quiet. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, bringing him closer and deeper.

Suddenly, a tight squeeze came over his rod and he paused to look at her in bewilderment.

Evelyn: ‘I’ve been doing Kegel like you wanted me to.’

Charles: ‘Good good. Let’s see how much you practiced.’

The skin-close wrap around his rod was much more unbearable, and he went even faster, taking every thrust as the final one. At last, he felt his urge coming and yanked his dick out. He sat next to her on the table and Evelyn took the chair in front of his legs. Rolling herself between his thighs, her mouth went down on his wet cock and slurped hungrily on it. Holding her head in his hands, he pushed her down on his shaft until he was about to cum.

He let go off her and she held his dick in her mouth, making a few more trips down awaiting the load. Her hardwork paid off and the warming streams of cum leaked into her mouth, covering her tongue with a slight sweetness and a mix of salty, bitter taste. Moving her lips down for the last time, the exit was done slowly and with a light suction. Charles groaned at her teasing tongue and she smiled in front of his face. A kiss was planted to end the session and he kept his eyes closed, enjoying the movements in her lips as she swallowed.

Evelyn: ‘Let’s get out of here.’

Charles couldn’t agree more and got dressed, hiding her panties in plain sight into his bag. They walked hand in hand out of the room and left the premises, with a small stain of juice flowing down Evelyn’s legs.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘I’m still wet.’

Charles: ‘Off to my place now?’

Evelyn: ‘Yeah.. ‘

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