Team Rocking

Tour Guide: ‘Sir, I am sorry but there isn’t any more single rooms. Can you share a room with another person?’
Me: ‘Yeah sure.’

She handed me a key card for the top most floor and I made my way over with my only luggage, a backpack that seemed too small for a three days stay. I knocked twice before I entered the room, and on one bed there was a hard case luggage opened in a mess.

Me (shouting): ‘Hi! I’m your room mate for these two nights.’
Girl: ‘Okay! There’s only one bed left.’

Pleasantly surprised by the arrangement, I couldn’t wait to see who she was. If I had remembered correctly, the free-and-easy tour mostly consisted of middle age couples. Sitting patiently for her to come out of the bathroom, the WiFi was barely working to keep me entertained.

Girl: ‘I’m done now.’

The thick head of light brown hair certainly made me froze for a second. She wasn’t from my tour group at all. We did a quick introduction before I went to take my shower, wasting the luxurious bathtub with just a simple rinse. Only after I dried myself, did I realise I only brought one pair of sleeping shorts comfortable enough for me to sleep in.

Me: ‘Do you mind if I wore a pair of really short shorts around?’
Alicia: ‘Oh come on. I’m sleeping in a see through nightie.’

The first informal exchange of words showed me how cool she was and I promptly made myself comfortable in bed, sharing our photos taken from our respective itineraries.

Alicia (excitedly): ‘Oh my god. Your photos, there are all so artistic. I wouldn’t be able to tell if you are just a tourist here.’
Me: ‘With practice I guess. You’ve got lots of selfies. So you’re travelling alone too?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. I call it my spirit tour.’

She joined me under my blanket to ask me if I would sneak out with her later, to take a few nicer photos for her. We rang the room service for beers and started popping cans, getting more chatty about our own countries. Apparently, Russian girls have little worries about getting to friendly with strangers, and that made them appealing.

It wasn’t long before I felt her hand getting comfortable resting on my thigh, laughing in our own little world with local jokes. Lights began to go off as we got more tired, and she didn’t even bother returning to her bed.

Alicia: ‘It’s fun to make a friend like you on a tour. There I was, so worried about not being able to explore places away from the group. And then here I am, so close to them yet so far away.’
Me: ‘I’m sure no one else is having so much fun right now.’

Her fingers slid into my thigh gap and slithered around my manhood, as if she had been focusing on our easiness with each other. My belly sunk in as she wriggled my growing cock out of the waistband, and my hand was playfully pulling her panties off too.

Me (whispering): ‘Are we making a mark in two different countries by being in the third?’
Alicia (whispering): ‘You sure know how to make it seem alright to do this.’

She pushed me onto the bed and stripped my shorts completely off, crawling over my body like a baby tiger. My cock went between her legs and under her pussy, rubbed by the grinding motion of her hips. She kept my dick pressed on her groin with her fingers and emitted moans that weakened my mind without a fight.

Alicia: ‘Have you ever felt a white girl’s pussy?’
Me: ‘I’m about to right?’
Alicia: ‘But first.. let me see if you taste any different from the guys in my country.’

Hearing what she said, I could only hope that she meant ‘the guys in her life’ and not every guy in her country. Her thin satin nightie dragged across my body till she came eyes to eye with my dick, still being caressed in her delicate hand.

Her light pink lips opened and my mind sent a jolt of electricity when she lowered her jaws down my shaft. Her warm tongue tamed my rod along with my mind instantly, and every stroke only increased my desperation level bit by bit. Although she did not stay down for long, the final lick under my shaft left with me much to miss when she returned to my eye level.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Pass.’

I wrapped my arms around her back slowly and pulled her onto my chest, rolling over and readjusting our position in the narrow single bed. Standing slightly taller than me, we were on equal playing field in bed. My hips angled downwards at her pussy and she displayed a familiar expression of innocence when I entered her.

Alicia: ‘Do you always watch your girl so intensely when you enter?’
Me: ‘Gotta make sure she isn’t in pain right?’

She bit her lips and that got me started fucking. Making long sliding strokes along her vagina, the initial relaxed state came to an end when I sensed her tightening around me. Bearing no thoughts to excess pleasure, I maintained my deep, hard thrusts at her, to hear her moan louder in the contained room.

She initiated to switch to doggy after two orgasms sent her screaming, and I knew I had decided to blow my load in whatever position we were doing next. When I shoved my dick into her without warning, the unexpected CFM look dawned on her face. I grabbed her ass hard as I went on a rampage pounding her aloud, only to make her orgasm non-stop.

Her sensitive body was easy to manipulate with my hands on her boobs, if not on her waist to balance my violent hip thrusts. Her voice never stopped moaning since we started, worrying me a little about disturbing our neighbours.

Alicia (moaning): ‘You’re getting bigger inside me! Just shoot it all into me k? I’m on the pill just for this holiday.’

My sane mind switched to beast mode and my body unleashed the force of the last 20 strokes, banging her ass so hard the whole bed jerked. She had to bury her face to silence her screams especially when I pulled out further, only to fuck her deeper.

Me (panting): ‘It’s cumming!’

I turned her body so I could stand on my feet for the ultimatum, slamming our hips together in the most intense moment. After half a minute, my body started buckling under her surprise squirt, applying immense pressure on my baffing dick. Waves after waves, my legs weakened as cum were forced into her pussy. I could feel the end of her vagina when I came, meaning that my cum quickly overflowed her pussy.

As she struggled to crawl away from me, I gave up holding her down and stumbled to her bed. Breathless, the perspiration on Alicia turned her into the most sexy woman alive for that moment. Her DSLR went to my eyes and a few shutter clicks captured her satisfied expression.

Me: ‘Bubble bath?’

We took a long time to get into the tub and she emptied a sachet of powder once the water reached our chests. The unknown substance was absorbed through our whole body and we were fucking again, in a high and trance-like state.

From the bathtub to the mirror, to the full length windows and back to our beds, the bath we took was literally unneeded. When we were totally worn out from countless rounds of sex (I counted about 4), we could no longer fulfil her plan to sneak out of the hotel.

The next time we woke up, the sun was up but it was only 5a.m. Given how early and awake we were, there was nothing else to do except that. Yes, we fucked again, but without the drug or uncertainty.

It was just my morning wood, bathing in her morning dew.

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