Pretty Blue Bracelets

Brandon: ‘Stay still!’
Vanessa (begging): ‘Ow ow ow! Not so tight please! It hurts!’

He ignored her pleas as the homemade straps were tightened around her wrists, bounding her arms wide open on the bed. For that evening, he had made her wear a pair of strapless bra, and a thong held together with knots.

It wasn’t the first time they had done bondage, but after she told him to go a little more ‘wild’, he went all out to make his own gears. A long strap went around her neck with its ends tied around her knees, shortened just enough to keep her feet in the air. When he pinned her on the bed, she had not expected herself to be so restrained, to a point she could not escape even if he was hurting her.

Vanessa (begging): ‘Please please.. be gentle.. AHHH!’

His teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her breast once her bra was unhooked, sending immense pain through her sensitive mammaries. His tongue did little to ease the pain as he alternated between her two sides, forcing her to scream in vain.

Vanessa’s panties was ripped from her hips, cutting into her delicate skin when she realised he was getting turned on by her cries. As much as she wanted to feel sexy doing it, there was no way her mind was accepting his harshness. His finger dug its way between her dry slit and took her clit in a pinch, rolling till sharp screams were heard.

Her pussy couldn’t get wet fast enough to lubricate his assault and pain was shocking all three vital parts. Tendons were tightening under her skin and cramps started to form in her legs. His body weight leaning on one of her knees only made it worse, and no amount of begging would get through to him.

Brandon (grunting): ‘You like it like this? You are getting wetter the more you scream. Realise that yet?’

He raised his hand before her eyes to show her the webby fingers, shining light on the unknown fetish she might have. Two of his fingers pierced into her and she felt better instantly, feeling the soreness in her nipples drift away in his gentle fingers. Those hard nipples were kept erected by inflicting pain whenever she got too complacent, and he would then pet them once she was too loud.

As time past, his mood changed for the better and it was all tender, loving care. He was finally done with her, or so it seemed.

In a sudden, he went into a kneeling stance behind her ass and grabbed both her boobs hard, drawing all the hurt she was about to forget. The ‘old’ injuries got more sensitive and she was just begging for mercy.

Vanessa (crying): ‘Please stop Brandon.. please.. I’ll do anything you want.’
Brandon: ‘No. Not good enough.’

He pierced into her pussy in one stroke and the always-existent pain during entry simple tore her mind up as well. The unpreparedness to get fucked made her extremely tight and he was enjoying it at her expense. Deep, forceful thrusts blew her mind into smithereens, mixing pleasure with pain to amplify her useless struggles.

He freed one of her boobs and went back to pinching her clit again, overriding the urge to orgasm in an instant. It was too sensitive down there for her to climax and the pounding cock was just relieving some of the aches. When he finally let go of both her breasts, she sensed the return of the cramps in her calves when he split her legs wide.

Seeing her vulnerably state, he rammed even harder into her and collapsed on her body, smearing his sweat over her swollen nipples. A click sound dropped her hand one by one on the bed, only to be held together in his strong grip. She had no more strength to fight him and let him groan into her ears, while feeling her pussy building up the orgasm she wanted so badly.

Brandon: ‘I’m going to shoot soon. Get ready!’

He brought her hands in front of her chest and regained his upright kneel, jerking his hips at an even faster pace. Shallow but rapid strokes, his dick teased her g-spot to a limit she had no idea what would happen.

The only sensation she could recall was her eyes suddenly opening wide, and her lungs stopped working. Her vaginal walls sealed his still-ramming cock shut and the next breath of air sent tremors through her body with the orgasm. Pee, or whatever liquid it was, started flowing like a stream around his cock and onto the bed, uncontrollable in her overworked mind.

Then two seconds, later, the thick, sticky load of his was unloaded into her pussy near the entrance. He could not move any more than giving her a couple of feeble thrusts, that never went any deeper than where his cum landed.

Vanessa almost fainted on the spot if not for the interruption when he pulled out of her. Puffy and slightly numb from the abuse, she couldn’t be more happy to be left on her own. The couple spent the next hour in silence, unsure of what was about to become of them.

Like all good times, the blinding light from the florescent bulb woke her up, to see Brandon climbing back into bed with a drop of cum at the tip. When she massaged her strap-imprinted wrists, a tinge of blue had formed a ‘bracelet’. The same bruises applied to her breasts and knees, especially around her neck that she knew would be there.

Brandon: ‘Sorry.’
Vanessa: ‘This actually looks good on me.’

The glimmer in her eyes came with a comforting smile across her face, pretty much leaving most of the earlier intensity behind her. They held each other in their arms for a long time and never stopped rubbing each others’ back.

Vanessa (whispering): ‘Let’s do that again k? You can buy the bondage ropes Japanese use.’

Brandon was unsure of what to make out of that, but the plan was set one way or another.

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