#16 How much is too much?

For this week’s topic, I am going to explore a particular genre of porn that hinges very closely to the limits of ‘too far’. In spite of how safe and controlled the scenes are, I find that there are more subtle (read; less obvious) ways to engage the audience.

In this post, I will focus on an actress known as Okazaki Emiri, due to her versatility in roles, from the extreme bondage type, to the daily boyfriend-girlfriend kind of amateur-style filming. I will also not put into consideration the requirement for actresses to attempt as many genres as possible to appeal to the mass, or the personal fast-in-fast-out mentality to get out of the industry once they have made enough money.

I am here just to talk about one specific fetish, possibly the most irksome, ridiculous scene – cages. I never understood how ‘more attractive’ can you make an actress by subjecting her to helpless situations that puts her in extreme pain/ pleasure/ torture/ teasing. And one other fetish I don’t agree on is ‘hogtie’, the act of hanging someone from a ceiling or pole and proceeding to ‘use’ him/ her.

One, it doesn’t show off any of the most seductive, tempting, sexy traits of the actress(es). Two, it is noisy. And three, there isn’t any real acting going on, just hysterical screaming, and spraying of fluids I was more concerned about cleaning up than her enjoyment. Just look at the thumbnail (below) on the right, all flesh and little expression.

As a male, I would like to assume that all males are somewhat appreciative of women. While there exists some fetishes that might seem like the women are ‘one-step lower’, we do not forget that they have the ability to take our man parts off in one bite. So if you have someone tied up like that, how will you ever expect that person to do your bidding willingly?

To the left of the images above, Emiri can be seen playing a milder, more responsive role of a rape victim. And on the right, there’s nothing but the raw presentation (read; penetration) of genitals. Not to offend anyone, but I think that I will be the broken one after using a girl for 120 minutes.

It’s like I already have my pants down and jerking to emptiness before realising that I need something to masturbate to. So I immediately go for the extreme, loud, fast game solution.

Urgh.. cage. I think total restrain shouldn’t be considered as ‘bondage’. Here’s two more titles for you guys to explore.

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