Braced in Lust

Taylor (whispering): ‘It’s the first time I’ve hooked up with someone this quick.’
Harry (whispering): ‘And I won’t make you regret it.’

Standing isolated in the corner staircase of her house three floor down, her red dress didn’t provide much cover when he dragged his hand up her thigh. Immediately, she felt her tingle in her groin travel up her spine, and a moment of hesitation was undeniable. He looked cute, and more importantly, smelled good. Their trip home from the club was filled with lots of personal stories, and the one that intrigued him most was her virginity.

Her panties soaked up the fluid leaking from her unopened package holding nothing back, moisturising his fingers as he swiped them up and down. Their lips smeared saliva together once they got past the initial awkwardness, throwing her forward no matter if she had doubts about him. He soon dipped his palm along her belly and went into her thongs, diving through the raw, wet centrefold of her pussy. The breath she took, was nothing less than invigorating.

Taylor did not just let him do all the work too. She skilfully undid his pants, dropping them to the ground before clinging onto his erection tightly. The slight warmth from the friction of her handjob only made him harder, for her knew he was already in for the treat.

Harry: ‘Can I put my finger inside you?’
Taylor (whispering): ‘Uh huh.’

She tightened her arm around his neck as he stooped lower, piercing into her personal ‘playground’. Another finger promptly joined the first to spread her vaginal walls thinner, exposing all of the usually-hidden areas where she was most sensitive at. He knew better to let her rest her chin on his shoulder, than to try and turn her attention back to their foreplay.

A little embarrassed she felt when juices just flowed non-stop, covering his hand and sensed dampness all over her inner thighs. Harry just focused on making her moan louder, by thrusting his hand with curled fingers, faster and faster. Her mind was long in a trance, weakened grip barely masturbating his dick while she enjoyed herself.

A pee-like liquid started flicking out of her pussy and she couldn’t control her shaking legs. As her knees gave way, he let her slid to the ground but never once took his hands off her.

Taylor (moaning): ‘Keep going! I’m going to come!’

He went berserk on her contracting orifice and squatted in front of her, holding her legs apart with his knees. As her body convulsed into a full fledged, hypnotic quake, the biting on her lips kept her groans to a minimum. A long ‘Fff.. ‘ came as she came, unable to complete a word amidst the orgasm.

Taylor had no choice but to yank his hand away when she could not recover from his ‘digging’ fingers, apologising for her sensitive state profusely.

Taylor (breathlessly): ‘Come.. ‘

He stood with his feet shoulder width apart over her outstretched legs and let her handle his manhood, jerking with one hand while the other went to massage her own pussy. Her mouth came into play after he got hard and sucked around the little head, while her fingers glide up and down his shaft continuously.

It took her ten minutes before he finally showed any signs of tiredness, and his timely warning came just as she was about to climax. Pulling his cock deeper into her mouth, she fingered herself as her lips moved along his rod, partially letting him mouthfuck her as long he did not go too deep.

Harry (whispering): ‘I’m cumming Taylor.’
Taylor: ‘Mmm hmm!’

A tiny jerk sent his first wave of soldiers over her tongue, harmless at first until the rest of it formed a deep puddle in her jaw. It was astonishing to her to receive such volume from a man, completely unlike the measly teaspoons her ex gave.

He excused himself to let her go to a corner and spit the load onto the ground, barely flowing due to its thickness.

Taylor: ‘You really came hard huh? It’s a lot.’
Harry: ‘Nothing less than that for a pretty hot babe.’

His wink melted his heart and changed her impression of him from ‘cute’ to ‘masculine’. He took great care to clean her up and straightened her clothes, before giving her a final hug. With numbers exchanged, she resumed her climb up the stairs home while he took the lift down.

The leftover cum in her mouth constantly reminded her about the intensity of their quickie, though non-penetrative, but sensual. Harry did not take too long to text her again, thanking her for the session – and setting a date for their next.

That night, Taylor felt the soreness in her clit and around the entrance, bringing scenes from the stairs to her imaginative mind for yet another toe-curling round of self-pleasure.

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