Silence of the Night

In the audacity of the brightly lit void deck, the pair of love birds chased each other around only to end up in hugs and kisses. Jacelyn had wore the black skater dress even though she doesn’t wear anything apart from shorts and jeans, just to show her same-age boyfriend, her girly side. Kenny on the other hand, was in a blue cartoon shirt and kaki pants, more keen on ‘holding’ her in his arms than to just chit chat under her block.

For the umpteen time, he chased her into a corner and embraced her around her waist, standing groin to groin on her dress. There was no better time to kiss her than ever, and he never removed his lips for a long time. Jacelyn’s heart raced as he gently gave her butt a squeeze, lifting her closer to him.

Embarrassed, she spun around and felt his weight on her against the tiled barricade, a common decoration at study corners. Kenny took the chance to work his hands under her dress, and pulled her panties halfway down her ass.

Jacelyn (whispering): ‘Eh! What are you doing?’

When her underwear reached her knees, there was only so much time before someone spotted her state of undress. A quick touch of her kneecaps together dropped her panties and he picked it up quickly to stash it out of sight. If you can remember the pick-dash-drop manoeuvre for shuttle run, that was the speed he used to keep her undies.

Returning to her back, she could feel his hard on poking between her ass crack even through his pants. So, she did the only thing sensible and reached behind, to unzip and wrestle his cock out. In her gentle hands, erratic jerking movements of his hips thrust the long, external organ into her palms, driving her thoughts wild with their current attire.

He was around her height to slip his hands between her legs, and a fast-paced masturbation of her clit began. Jacelyn elevated one of her feet through a gap in the waist-level wall, parting just wide enough for him to tuck his fingertip into her pussy.

The moment he glide his finger along her slit, the watery texture of her bodily fluid lubricated his single stroke.

Jacelyn: ‘Don’t put your finger inside k? Just rub outside.’

The awkward movements of their hips was an obvious indication of their ‘petting’ session, but thankfully, no one was around to watch. She was in seventh heaven the whole time he rubbed her between, and her hands were sending the same signals to him.

Kenny: ‘Can I try putting it inside you?’
Jacelyn: ‘Ok. Slowly k?’

He moved her a step backwards and she perched her forearms on the wall, sticking her pussy out as far as she could for him. His five inches weren’t that impressive in general, but her body was as young as his. His cleanly washed tip pried her sticky labia apart and the first bit entered without much pain.

The pair of hands on her waist was holding her tighter as his cock split her untouched vagina walls, soft flesh tissues caressing him with an unimaginable level of intimacy. She was warm, wet, tight, and living. The merciless hardness of his cock greatly contrasted the delicate nature of her interior, blowing his mind with her special form of ‘love’.

Kenny: ‘Is it painful or anything?’
Jacelyn((breathless): ‘Anything but warm and horny.. ‘

He leaned over her back and grabbed her boobs through her thin dress, kneading them carefully while his hips started moving. For the first time, he experienced the conflicting urge to move, and not move at once. It was so heavenly inside her but the devil in him was pumping adrenaline into his body.

Kenny (groaning): ‘Jacie, I don’t think I can hold in much longer.’
Jacelyn (calmly): ‘It’s okay. Just shoot when you want.’

If only she could see how guilty he looked, for not able to move more than ten strokes inside her. For that lucky boy, he has nothing to worry about since she loved him for more than just sex. He took a few deep breaths and resumed thrusting his cock into her again. His endurance was cut short the moment she tightened a little, throwing him off on his feet in fears he missed.

The concerned girlfriend did not ask him ‘back’ but turned to him lovingly, and grabbed his cock lightly. Returning to each others’ arms, their kisses got more intense as she pumped him fast.

Kenny (moaning): ‘Dear! I’m going to shoot! Sorry.. ‘
Jacelyn (whispering): ‘It’s okay. Just cum in my hand.’

Her movements came to a stop and he took over the work, ramming his cock until his load reached his shaft. The two of them froze in silence as his cum jettisoned into her hand, still moving very slowly to release him of his misery. The cute groans he made put a smile on her face and she tugged along his shaft to clean all the cum up.

After another kiss, she went to their bags and used her panties to clean her hands, shocking Kenny with her daringness. Well, they were right below her block anyway. The rest of the scene turned out similar to a mother comforting her son, assuring Kenny that he did a good job pleasing her.

In her mind, she knew it was time to get one of those ‘delay spray’ she saw on Qoo10 before, so he could truly give her the vaginal orgasm he postponed. After he came, all he saw in her was the cute ponytail she had, that mismatched the elegant dress she wore.

Kenny: ‘You look really pretty tonight.’

Those words meant a lot for the boyish, clumsy acting girl and she couldn’t stop snuggling up to him after. For the next hour, he used his trusted fingers to send her into moaning orgasms.

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