Teens In Love

Stacey: ‘How long will it take?’

Matt: ‘Depends on how good you are?’

Fourteen year old¬†Stacey was Matt’s ¬†girlfriend, and Matt wasn’t all that old either, a smart fifteen year old athlete. He was at her place for a quickie, and he doesn’t stay close to her too. Both Stacey’s parents were out and only her maid was in, well.. she brought a guy home for breakfast, in her room. It was definitely a new experience for them as they decided to do it at the stairs of her condo, which no one would use and will stay free from disturbance.

Matt: ‘You’re so sexy in this.’

Stacey: ‘You, just surprised me and I can’t change to anything proper! My mum would find out if I wore new clothes.’

What could be more seducing than a sweet young body in a red translucent laced nightie? Of course, with an oversized jacket to cover herself, bra-less and the Hello Kitty design at the back of her pink underwear. And in her hands, a seven inch long throbbing meat slab full of life and vigor. It was comical the first time she saw though.

Stacey thought it was sexy and normal for girls to seduce their guys especially when it comes to sexual fun for the first time. So she slipped her hand into his shorts and giggled when she touched something soft and small, she removed his shorts quickly to watch it grow. She wasn’t alone when she did it with Matt then, Noelle was there with her boyfriend – to have sex, right next to them. Well, what was a better place than hotels? Since the two of them always wanted to go to his place to see and try out the king size bed.

Soon, his penis grew beyond her palm width and her fingers no longer can wrap around the two inch thick anaconda. Approximate length? Seven inches. Both Noelle and her boyfriend’s jaws dropped, but Noelle’s mind was on a different wavelength, her eyes showed more of, temptations to try it, than being in awe.

Noelle: ‘Oh my god. Stacey, you’re the luckiest girl in the world.’

Stacey was still a virgin, and Matt was her second boyfriend, quite a perfect one too. She didn’t know what to do for their first make out, except what Noelle taught her, to put some lubricant (this time more) and stroke it till he cums. That was the first time she came in contact with a dick, and Matt was gentleman enough to not frighten her with that white load from him, and showed her the world of pleasure, both receiving and giving.

Okay, back to story.

Two teens, standing in a corner, in a dark staircase. Stacey squatted down and gave him a lick-tease, before devouring it with her mouth, going as deep as she could take it. And Matt did had a surprise too, there was no gag reflex from her even though it went some distance down her throat. Seems that when Stacey was younger, she was anorexic, forcing herself to slim down till she lost the reflex. And now, she enjoys the slim figure every girl wants, and does sports, and has her seven inch toy to enjoy.

Her throat took every stroke well, there was no bit of teeth hitting his rod, and it felt so heavenly he thought he was in the heavens. She stopped after five minutes to breath after she went down on him for so long.

Stacey: ‘Matt, can I just use my hands?’

Matt: ‘Yes yes, stace. I think you did enough. It felt awesome.’

As her hands work their way up and down, lubricated by her saliva from the blowjob, he slipped his hand under her nightie and went into her panties. Rubbing on her clit in a super fast pace and in random directions, he made her squeal and tremble as she held onto his dick, stroking it in randomly paces as well. His fingers were fast, strong, and consistent, never once in the twenty minutes of quickie he got tired. Instead, Stacey was the one who had to rest as she handled the overpowering clitoral orgasms. Even sprawling on the floor and convulsing, Matt was the kind of boyfriend who would hug her till the orgasmic attack was over.

Finally, after a good long time, they sat on the stairs tired and she continued to use her hands and mouth, until she felt a rumbling in his sensitive testicles.

Stacey: ‘I think you’re cumming. Umm.. oh no.. where do you want to shoot?’

Now, this was unplanned. She haven’t learnt to swallow, and he doesn’t know if she should try. But if there is a time to try, it’s right then. So Matt made the suggestion as calmly as he could, though she could tell he was excited when he told her.

Matt: ‘In your mouth? You want to try?’

She immediately sat back on the steps and placed her mouth at the unloading bay while her hands continued running along the shaft, using the saliva dripping to lubricate it. Within a minute, she felt the balls shrink and the thick pipeline under his shaft pushed a big load out into her mouth, and it was not just one mouthful. One gulp down her throat, and the second one was simply too much, she pulled her overflowing mouth away and covered his pee hole with her free hand as she tried to prevent the thick hot white cum from spraying everywhere, which most of it got saved in her palm.

Her other hand was at her mouth, holding herself back to swallow and not to puke. The drama took a whole five minutes before Stacey calmed down and wiped her mouth clean. The whole floor wrecked, covered in both their bodily fluids and sweat.

Stacey: ‘Matt.. I did it.’

Matt: ‘Yes you did. Thank you. I love you sweetie.’

Stacey did it, swallowing one and a half mouthful of his cum, and did gave him the most rewarding release ever. They sat by another flight of steps and spoke openly about their sexual lives, before meeting each other. Fact is, Matt never masturbated before, though he do get hard from watching porn. Stacey never touched herself nor felt pleasure before, and she suspected her hymen was broken a year ago from some sports.

Nothing can go wrong with a perfect boyfriend, and a sweet and understanding girlfriend.

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