I Wet It

Stephanie was in my arms, cuddling as she was tired from her training last few days. We had no intention of having sex, nor petting. All that’s on my mind is to hug her to sleep. As we removed our bottoms for more comfort.. well, I couldn’t resist a hard on when I saw her in her grey tube, in a pair of denim shorts. Spoiler? She just lives two blocks away from me. Probably no one saw her in that, and since we stayed close, she didn’t wear anything underneath either. And that always makes me hard.

She pulled my boxers down after she removed her skirt and she wrapped her thighs around mine, tempting me with the ‘accidental’ rubbing  of her smooth shaven pussy. I slept for what seemed a lot time before she opened her legs and pulled herself away from me, but did not totally get out of bed. I didn’t pay much attention to her since she might just be reaching out for her cellphone or her water bottle.

A few minutes later, I heard her moaning and felt her thighs and body trembling. With my eyes closed, I couldn’t help but give in to my curious mind.

Me: ‘Steph? Are you masturbating?’

Stephanie answered in a sexy voice, in a tone that  was similar to her soft moans, while her busy hand continued the work between her legs.

Stephanie: ‘Yeah? You’re tired right? And umm.. I’ve got something to tell you.’

I looked at her wearily in my half-closed eyes. She lifted up my boxers and placed it on my hand.. almost the whole thing was moist!

Stephanie: ‘I used your boxers to masturbate and sort of wet it. Sorry!’

And she sticks her tongue out, in a way so cute no words can describe.

Me: ‘Did you bring your undies?’

She nodded and turned around, reaching her hand inside the bag to pull out a plain pink one.

Stephanie: ‘I wore this to sleep, then took it off when I put on my shorts. Why?’

Me: ‘Give it to me.’

She handed it to me carefully like some time bomb and she wrapped herself back around me. I pulled the thick warm blanket away and towards her while I covered my dick in her panties, stroking myself as she fell asleep, giving me a drop of saliva, or so I guess, on my t-shirt.

It was surely easy for me to climax, with her light body on my chest, and soft damp pussy ‘drooling’ down my thighs, the soft cotton panties over my rock hard meat stick, enhancing even the least sensitive parts of it. As my body shivered into a powerful ejaculation, Steph’s hand went towards it and massaged my testicles, generating even more thrust for my erupting volcano. I held my breath and the hot lava sprayed into the piece of lingerie ready to soak up all the essence of life.

As wet as it got, I cleaned the shaft as much as I could, and when blindly she inspected the cleanliness with her hand, she whispered into my mouth.

Stephanie: ‘Baby, let me clean it up for you.’

It soon got sticky and her panties remained wet, especially where her pussy will meet. Her head slid down my stomach and her tongue tickled my tip. Her mouth enveloped the whole thing and sucked whatever juice remained in the long shaft, and her saliva wet everything else nicely for another clean up with her panties.

After it was more or less ‘cleaned’, we fell asleep and woke up only a few hours later, rushing to send her home as her dad instructed her to be home, prepared to go for dinner at a restaurant. She slipped on the still-gooey-with-my-sperm panties and her thigh shorts pressed the sticky part on her privates even tighter. My boxers weren’t too bad, it was only at the groin area which was more or less dried.

Stephanie: ‘Baby! It’s so wet! And I have no time to change! Eww..’

We kissed goodbye and she was just in time to be downstairs as her dad reversed into the lot after his work.

Stephanie (SMS): Now I’m feeling real kinky with the wetness of yours.

Me (SMS): Imagine I cummed in you and you wore that panties while everything sort of got squeezed out of you as you closed your legs.

Stephanie (SMS): Naughty boy!

And sure I am.

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