Meeting You

It was quite scary for Emily who had shyness meeting anyone a guy alone, let alone one whom she knew online. But she wasn’t ready to give up on herself. She knew exactly that was what she had to overcome – shyness.

Emily: ‘Hello?’

Me: ‘Emily? Hi! What can I do for you?’

Emily: ‘You want to meet me today?’

Me: ‘Wow. What came into you? Are you sure you’re ready to meet a random guy online?’

Emily: ‘You’re not a random guy! I know you.’

Me: ‘Haha. That’s what you thought.’

Emily: ‘I think I’m ready.’

Me: ‘If you say so. I’ll be good. :X’

So we arranged and met at her void deck, which was safe enough for her.

Me: ‘Umm.. Emily?’

She turned around and a pretty girl with big bright eyes stared back at me. Neck length brown hair, bespectacled, slim, sporty build, dressed in a plain light pink spag┬ádress with cute lacy shoulder straps. She didn’t carry anything much, just her wallet and blinged iPhone 4.

Emily nodded and replied in the sweetest voice ever, small, high pitched, not yet sharp, lively.

Emily: ‘Umm.. Let’s go somewhere else k? I forgot my parents might just come down anytime.’

She led and I followed along. We walked a few blocks to one of the darker void decks. She sat down and adjusted her dress.

Emily: ‘Umm. What do we talk about?’

I was quite shy too. First time at such a place that is in the public yet feels so private. In short, it just felt uneasy. I broke the ice by taking my iPhone out and bombed something.

Me: ‘Do you play Minigore?’

Emily: ‘Oh my god! You play that too?! I was like asking my friends to play but they thought it was too gore.’

We fired up that game and broke our own records, screaming and nudging each other like little kids with a card or toy to lose. After a wake up call by our iPhones’ ‘20% battery remaining’, we had to stop. But the laughter didn’t stop. We were high until one point in time, we looked into each others’ eyes.

We saw something that was assuring, comforting and it gave us that absolute feeling. Like in movies, our heads came together like magnets on rough surface, slow but steady.

Our lips met and there was no tongue action. Just caressing lips with lips. Fondling fingers with fingers. Knees to knees. Our hands went up the arms and down to our waists. She held at my strong back, toughened by the training in army, while I was feeling her soft flesh.

Our bodies went closer and she brought herself over to my side, legs between legs. We kissed passionately and still, no tongue action. Maybe she really didn’t know. My left hand went downwards and rested on my right thigh, which her legs were between. Stealthily moving towards my knees/ her panty, she paid no attention, until my fingers rested on her belly.

It was a go or no go situation. And that few seconds of waiting for a response felt like minutes.

Her tongue parted my lips and met mine. It was a clear ‘go’. My fingers dived into her panty, and she stopped me with her hand. Maybe I shouldn’t thought it was a ‘go’.

Emily: ‘Wait.’

She stood up and I followed, uttering a soft sorry.

Emily: ‘What are you doing? Sit back down.’

She pulled her panties to her feet and took them off while giving me a peck as she bent down to reach for her undies.

She sat back onto my lap and continued frenching me. My fingers got back on track and dived into a love hole, probing into the wetness and exploring the beautiful oyster.

Emily: ‘Ahh~’

*Houston, we’ve got the pearl.*

I kept my fingers there and massaged that exact spot to get more wetness and moans out of her. Her hands began the counter strike and she unbuttoned my pants. Pulling my underwear down and grabbing it in her small hands, sure of the action she took. She stroked me like how she remembered in the porno flicks she saw online, and for an emergency lubricant, she placed her hand under her skirt where my finger penetrated and forced a quick orgasm as I teased her clit. A thin thick gooey strain flowed onto her hand and she scooped up as much as she could. It wasn’t a lot, but it sure was way smoother than any lubricant.

She covered the full length in her juice and masturbated me at a steady pace with the right grip. She felt like me, her hand felt like mine. It was more of a magical gel, it doesn’t go dry nor wear out. It remained thick and warm, and smooth all the way. We were getting each other off in this position and glad enough, there was no one to disturb us. It was so quiet we could tell if anyone was coming.

We took about twenty minutes to get her off enough times and tire her out. Mentally, not physically. She was closing her eyes most of the time and even fell asleep.

Me: ‘Emily, let’s finish this.’

She mumbled a ‘uhm’ and increased her pace, after a few minutes, her head dropped to my dick and she gulped it with her mouth, all I had to do was to stand up, and slide it in and out between her pink lips. I did that for as long as I needed to cum and I emptied my balls of cum into her little mouth.

She grudgingly swallowed everything and sobered up a little.

Emily: ‘Nice.’

Me: ‘Wet.’

Emily: ‘Haha. Are you feeling better?’

Me: ‘My turn?’

Emily: ‘Ehh?!’

I went down on my knees and placed one of her legs where I sat and the other on the floor.

Emily: ‘What are you doing?’

I ignored her and went under her dress, lifting it as high as her thighs to reveal the dripping wet pussy. I took a deep breath and tucked in, for my sweet dinner was waiting and overflowing. Her juice was seriously filling, thick, little and sweet. I lapped up whatever I could, and she helped by even cumming more.

Unknown minutes past and she finally mumbled. I had to stop, wipe my mouth and shake her to hear it again.

Emily: ‘..I can’t take it le..’

No more struggling, no more fierce orgasms, she was all drained. I took a piece of tissue from her bag and wiped her ‘dry’, slipping her black panties back on. I got dressed and helped her to her lift.

Emily: ‘What time is it now? Is it very late?’

Me: ‘8.35pm?’

Emily: ‘It’s so early! And I’m tired. Can we go somewhere and cuddle?’

Well, I had time, so I followed her directions to a ‘ulu’ staircase landing and cuddled her to sleep, until it was late enough for her to go home.

Emily: ‘I have to meet you again.’

Me: ‘Huh? Why do you have to?’

Emily: ‘I feel safe in your arms and comfortable with you. Plus it was fun. Hehe. You know what I mean.’

Me: ‘We’ll see. Go back and sleep!’

We exchanged a parting kiss. And got a grope from her. :)

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