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Me: ‘Girl, stop stop!’

Michelle: ‘Noo-oh..’

With my dick in her mouth, it was the clearest answer she could give. With a deep breath, I spurted my load into her mouth, six.. seven times my revolver cocked and fired. She didn’t just pause and wait. her mouth was nicely sealed over my member and tongue teasing for more juice. As I was done, she gave it a little suck and emptied my shaft of it before pulling it out of her mouth.

Michelle: ‘Na-ise..?’

I could tell my cum was still in her mouth. And it was definitely a huge load for one week of storage. She opened her mouth to show me how much love juice I gave her and she smiled sweetly before I saw her throat moved. Michelle was a nice girl I met on one of a social networking site, who would thought we would get along well, and went into intimate topics almost immediately. Guess this relationship was more of a sexual one that a lovey dovey one. Still, which guy would mind?

It was round one, and she said she wouldn’t let me go until she was full. She was good with her mouth, and it wasn’t those slow, gentle sucking. It was wild, fast, and deep. Almost felt like having sex, but safer, since we know no one gets pregnant from swallowing. Hehe. Luckily, her house was empty with everyone out at Tioman for a trip.

Michelle: ‘Ready for round two?’

Me: ‘Huh? You see for yourself.’

It was still a little soft, but nothing she couldn’t solve. She lay on my chest and gently fondled with it till it was bigger, but still soft. What would a girl do at this time? She was a smart kinky seventeen year old. Did I mention she was good with her mouth, and better with her pussy? She sat on top of me and lifted herself in a kneeling position over me, pushing her G-strings to the side.

Me: ‘Are you sure? It won’t be hard enough.’

Michelle: ‘I’ll show you something. Close your eyes.’

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the position of my dick head at her soft dripping slit, and I could feel her fingers digging herself and pulling it out, then she placed my dick just as her fingers exited, letting me fill the little suction she made inside her. My soft dick went in and immediately blood rushed in to solidify it.

Michelle gave me a grin and started moving her hips, not wanting to waste any of my energy or time. It was heavenly, like any other sessions with her. Her small boobs would be right before my eyes, contained in her purple halter bikini, and in her ‘trance-mode’, eyes rolled up and heavy panting. She gets wet easy, and cum even easier. About four strokes down my manhood and her body paused, embracing herself for the oncoming orgasms, and the moment I felt her contractions, her motion resumed and I could feel my dick forcing her tight walls open and the immense vacuum wasn’t giving me an easy time either.

It lasted for as long as she could before the orgasms took too much out of her and I.

Me: ‘Michelle, I can’t take it anymore.’

Michelle: ‘Neither can I.’

She went hyper speed and in a few seconds lifted herself off me and collapsed on the side, body shivering as the waves hit her again, while using her mouth to suck on my desperate torpedo covering in her cum, counting down to explode in her mouth. Her skillful tongue twirled around my ‘mushroom’. Much of the work is done while she was on top, and the moment she got off was quite in time for just a little more.. and I finished my second load without warning into her mouth. This time took more energy out of me, and all I could do was close my eyes and gather all my energy to quickly filled her up.

Michelle: ‘Wow. This was even more than the first time. I think.’

Me: ‘I’m drained.’

Michelle: ‘I’m sure you are.’

She adjusted her pink cotton floral mini skirt from Billabong, back down from her waist (which we didn’t even bother to remove, just lifting it up above her ass) and went into the kitchen in just her bra and skirt. It was sexy watching her waist twist left and right as she walked, plus her purple  bikini top, which clearly showed her pointy nipples, still horny from the stirring below earlier.

After about five minutes, she returned and woke me up from my sleep with a soft peck on my lips. Her hand automatically roamed into my shorts and peeled my foreskin back and forth, making it grow very slowly.

Michelle: ‘Drink this.’

She handed me a bottle of Naughty G. Well, I don’t even know if it works, but heck. I was there to fulfill my job as a man. I drank it up and lie for a while more before she got it up, big, but still soft. She took it into her mouth and lay on my tummy, sucking it like a baby. Till she fell asleep accidentally I think.

Me: ‘Michelle, wake up. I have to pee.’

Michelle: ‘Hehe. Can I watch?’

Me: ‘If you want, I guess I’m okay with it.’

She seductively removed her skirt and G-string, leaving them on her bed. And once she was done, she helped me take off my top and shorts, leaving me with nothing on. She went in and sat on the toilet, aiming my dick at her mouth and body.

Michelle: ‘Pee?’

Me: ‘No way, what are you doing?’

Michelle: ‘You can shower me after that. Please?’

Not wanting to disappoint, I relieved myself over her body and she was washing her body with it, right until I was done. She took my dick into her mouth and sucked hard, and to both of our surprise, I got super hard and totally ready. The drink she gave me must have kicked into action.

Michelle’s mouth went straight to work and while I was standing, her hands grabbed my butt tightly and pushed herself against my dick, choking and gagging. Still covered in my warm pee, she was basically forcing herself on me. While I was trying my best to pull it out and slow her down, so she could catch her breath.

Me: ‘Hey, hey, wait.’

Michelle: ‘Cumming already?’

Me: ‘No. Wait.’

She stopped and looked at me with the puppy eyes. I simply took the shower head and watered her down, washing her in her bikini. She was cooperative too, she paused with my dick in her hand, stroking every now and then to keep it hard. And once I was done, I guided her lips to my tool and she opened her mouth to accommodate it. Her other hand slowly slid up her thigh and between her opened slit, fingering herself, touching herself on her soft spots, as I have my fun.

As she went down on me and was ready to pull it out, I held her head with both hands and thrust it further down her throat, out and in and out. Her eyes immediately filled up with tears and her fingers went faster to relieve the pain on her throat. The involuntary expelling motion from her epiglottis (lower throat) was super sensual and although it would hurt a lot for it, it felt heavenly to know a part of her is rejecting me, yet our minds wanted it.

She finally choked and I pulled it out, and thankfully? I felt my balls shrinking and arming itself for the discharge. I forced my twitching manhood back down her throat and that final tickle from her tongue was all I need for a good ten seconds of deepthroat for her, to unload every single bit down her throat.

Me: ‘Nice?’

With tears in her eyes, Michelle nodded eagerly and I hugged her to hopefully take some of the pain away. She recovered after another warm shower on her own and I waited on the bed for her. This time, she exited the bathroom in a colourfully polka dotted white bikini, complete with a matching pair of thongs. One thing to note though, she doesn’t like wearing bra and panties as she finds them thick and ugly, while bikini are soft and airy, usually fanciful too.

She came out and paid attention to my still rock solid dick.

Michelle: ‘The drink worked!’

Me: ‘Did you add anything inside? It wasn’t really sealed.’

She showed me a V with her fingers, and mouthed the word ‘Viagra’ and I could immediate guessed her actions – Vigra. Somehow she got it and somehow she made me trust her enough to down that drink. But surely that was better than other addictive drugs.

Me: ‘Are you on the pill?’

Michelle: ‘Yes I am. Why?’

Me: ‘Let’s give you some attention now.’

Hopefully she forgot about the filling part. Wait no she didn’t.

Michelle: ‘Hehe. I’m full by the way.’

She got on her fours and prepared herself for some pounding from me, with that huge hard on she created. I slipped my meat into her with ease and went on to clean her insides with it, while her own nectar made the whole ride smooth. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes of slow sexy intercourse, dripping juices all over the bed sheets. She then flipped over and opened her legs wide, inviting me for a ride.

My hips aligned with hers, and in it goes, and out it went. Hip thrusting, sweat mixing, saliva trading, balls slapping, pussy glowing. The sex went for as long as my erection kept up, and as I got tired, she would take over and climb on top, working till her pussy was too sore and flooded for anymore of my soldiers. Keeping it inside her wasn’t easy either, to receive every remaining drop and not letting a single bit go to waste. Either down her throat, or into her pussy.

Our session ended with about eight shots from me, and countless orgasms for her. No one had energy to get up to do anything, so we ordered pizza and the naughty her picked it up just in her polka dot bikini top and skirt, I’m sure she gave the delivery man something to fantasize over. Who said violent and rough, slow and sensual sex can’t exist together?

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