Are you?

Me: ‘Anastasia?’

Girl: ‘Jasper? Oh my god. Wait.’

*turned around to her friends and mumbled*

Anastasia turned back to me and pulled my hand while walking away quickly from her friends. It was a quite a coincidence and challenge. I was at Vivocity with my parents and so was she. My parents then left to walk around, while I took the chance to get my iPhone case. It was after a while of texting with her before we realised we’re in the same area.She gave me a challenge, that is to find her. Clue? She’s dressed in a short white dress and flats.

And I found her after an hour of walking in circles. Prologue, we knew each other online, and it was her name that makes her so special. Somehow, it created an angelic character in her.

Ana: ‘I didn’t expect you to find me. Let’s go somewhere, away from my friends. They’re so gonna ask me questions.’

We held hands and walked to one of the corners of the mall. I was surprised at how quiet and isolated the room can get. One door to get in and out, it was more of a room for all the controls for water, electricity and etc. Any bad points? Not at all, the door can be locked from the inside, and the switches for the super bright light in that room can be flipped. No one would turn off all the lights, right? And we kept a few turned on.

Ana: ‘It was.. such a surprise.’

Me: ‘Yeah. I didn’t know you were right in front of me until your friends were laughing loudly.’

Ana: ‘So what are we going to do here?’

She was sitting sideways with her legs closed, and my hard on was quite concealed in my dark coloured jeans.

Me: ‘Cross your legs like me.’

Ana: ‘What? It’s going to show!’

Me: ‘Do it for me?’

A few seconds and she adjusted her legs, spreading them wide for me to catch a good view of her black lycra underwear.

Ana: ‘It’s so awkward!’

Me: ‘Just sit here and don’t move.’

Ana: ‘Huh? What are you going to do?’

Standing up, I walked around her and sat behind. Wrapping my arms around her waist. Both my legs opened around her thighs.

Me: ‘Ever been handled by a guy?’

Ana: ‘No…’

My hands slid down her tummy and onto her panties, pulling it open with one hand, and entering the sacred garden with the other. It was nicely trimmed, into a little V shaped bush right above her slit. Gently pushing my fingers downwards, she gasped as my fingers reached all the way down her pussy, stopping before her crack. A little tease at the bottom, and heavy breathing started. Honey dew formed and it was soon coating her soft spots.

Ana: ‘Ahh.. ahh..’

Me: ‘Like it?’

Ana: ‘Um~’

Soon, it was slurping, sliding fingers across her slit and fondling her clit. She finally felt the urge to pay some attention to her 34D cups and unknowingly, both her hands were squeezing them through her dress. And I know exactly how to do it right. Slipping the four straps off, her bra and dress came loose and revealed much of her breasts, which she instinctively went on to massage them, giving them the tender loving they missed.

My fingers were always running, and it helped her to cum for the first time. Yes, she was so pure she doesn’t masturbate, which wasn’t all that surprising. Her body went into a little shiver and a long moan was heard as her warmness streamed down my fingers onto her panties. It was so smooth and tempting that I couldn’t help but gave it a lick.


From inside her. I couldn’t imagine. Her orgasm lasted a while and she went limp, laying in my arms and looking at me like a little kitten trying to lick. We rested for as long as twenty minutes before she got up and dressed proper. What about me? Her moans and body reactions were distracting me too much. All I could thought of was to see ‘what doing this would do to her’, and I definitely saw the naughty side of her. No I didn’t get my fun, but I did get my share of her.

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