Mayann: ‘Can’t you wait? We’re almost home.’

There was no way Roy could wait. He had his weekend burnt the last time and his mind was filled with how to eat his sex starved girlfriend up. He was still in his No. 4, and she was kind enough to pick him up from camp. His hand was already under her skirt and rubbing her clit at every possible stop, making her wet the S$1500 new leather seat with her juice. She didn’t masturbate nor play with her dildo for as long as Roy was in camp, feeling as desperate as he was.

Finally, reaching the multi-storey carpark, he undid the last button of his pixelised trousers and took his rock hard meat out.

Roy: ‘Sweetie, this is all yours.’

Without hesitation, she bent over and went down on him, slurping his starving dick wet. Deep throating him with all her might, he was in heavens, dipping his dick in and out of her contracting airway. It was intense and fast, but Roy had total control over himself and his girl. Forcing her head down, the only reaction was to try go up, and this swift motion made everything so unpredictable.

After ten minutes of rough oral, his dick needed somewhere warmer and softer. And there was only one place to go.

Roy: ‘Girl, let’s move behind and put it inside you.’

Mayann: ‘Naughty boy, I waxed it specially for you.’

That really made him hardest, they went to the back seats and he slipped his trousers and underwear below his waist. Mayann climbed over him and lowered herself into the ‘cowgirl’ position. Once she felt his whole shaft echoing his heatbeat inside her, she began to move her hips forward and back, producing loud sucking sounds from their gentials as they try to handle each other. It was definitely too sensitive for Roy’s dick to handle it after two weeks of deprivation.

Both their bodies grinded each other hard and rough, oiled by the thick sweet juicy cum of Mayann. It couldn’t get any better. There wasn’t much space to change another position though, and Roy knew he was close to cumming. It was really a long session before he was feeling ready, close to thirty minutes of non-stop action. As he felt his dick tighten and loosened, he knew that whatever coming would be flowing out of his girl’s pussy, or so he thought.

Roy: ‘Are you ready baby?’

Mayann: ‘Oh yes, pump it into me, and I mean all of it.’

She bounced up and down slowly, starting the milking process. Roy wasn’t just waiting, he was pinching her nipples so hard that he could feel the effects on her vagina walls, tightening to a point his dick would explode. And it did. Waves and waves of cum poured into her body, relieving the vacuum between her pussy and his cock, and after a good five minutes of rest, Mayann had her fill and lifted herself up.

Surprisingly, not a single drop of cum was wasted, she held it tightly inside, and made sure she kept all his love.

Mayann: ‘Baby, it’s so warm inside me. Oh my god. I love it. It’s so hot to receive so much.’

It was really a crazy round of love making. Two weeks, and that is how much two person had to go through. No regrets and their day would be filled with more sex. Isn’t Roy a lucky boy?

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