Private Space 2

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Kelly’s trip home included walking through a quiet stretch of blocks at Pasir Ris. It was around 8pm when she was on her way, and throughout the journey, she did not notice Benjamin who was following her at a distance. He took off his shoes and socks while keeping her in view, and quickly ran around to the rows of pillars she would stroll past. Anyone would notice how weird it was to see a man with two shoes stuck in his back pockets.

Taking a few deep breaths behind a pillar, he listened for the clapping of her flats until her shadow appeared. Going into ninja mode, he jumped beside her and cupped her mouth, while giving the well-kept secret spot on her spine a jab that sent an electrifying shock through her body. The sensation was similar to knocking your elbow onto something hard and numbing your forearm into a flash. After the jab, he held her books to her chest and dragged her over the long concrete seats to the grass patch sheltered by the leafy tall trees spanning across the open area. It happened so quickly Kelly could not make a sound nor struggle. She was that immobilised. In the darkness, she could not make out his looks with his dark clothes.

Benjamin opened her legs to expose her thighs and gave another strong punch to each inner thigh, weakening her legs for safety. As she was boyshort-less, he had an easier time to pull of her skirt and flung it into a distance. Her top was unzipped with haste and left her breasts open. The wetness of the grass had dirtied her hair and clothes, with squishy sounds from the soft mud. Her books, skirt, were now out of the way.

Her body was weak and lifeless which was as good as dead, but the man did not care. He turned her to the sides, into a ‘CPR’ position, before lifting one of her legs 90 degrees upwards. Her pussy was slightly damp and it was more than what he needed to get it started. A zip sound terrorised her even more and the ruffling of clothes let her mind expect rape to happen. He knelt over her straightened leg and leaned forward to let his dick find her soft spot. Once his missile was in position, a jerk sent his meat inside her and made her scream. A quick thought came into his mind and he searched inside her bag, for the underwear she had. Stuffing it into her mouth, it was truly where the horror began. His size was causing a little pain but the orgasms that followed gave her away. Well, at least she was convinced she was NOT enjoying it.

Without emotions, he rammed non-stop at her, letting his dick stroke against her hot walls that was contracting to fight the rape. Not only he felt great with the new-found power, he also had a sense of anger, jealousy and revenge. Benjamin had been single because of how ‘nerdy’ he was, and it was that night that everything changed. His huge cock continued to torture Kelly’s motionless body, hands roaming around her soft succulent pair of breasts. There was no moonlight to let him give his identity away at all.

His dick just grew bigger and she could tell the growth. The frequency of her orgasms were shorter and the flow of her juices just went on and on. As much as she told herself she should not be cumming, her body totally betrayed her and gave her the pleasure from what seemed as a crime of lust. There was no way she could stop that, and the thought of him shooting sent her crying harder.

The ordeal lasted for close to fifteen minutes without a fight and he fell forward onto her body, whispering the worst nightmare to her.

Benjamin: ‘I’m cumming inside you.’

That said, she felt a strong thrust and hot semen flooded her pussy, while he kept pumping his hips to drive his soldiers deep into her womb. As he groaned away, tears rolled down her face in shame and guilt, for something that she could not prevent. She felt his dick slipped out after a while and was glad in a way it had ended. Or has it not?

He turned her over to lift her upper body up, before carrying her with his arms under her armpits. Kelly was dragged and placed against a tall stump that had been cut from the top. He stood in front of her and his cellphone’s screen lit that bit of his face, still without details to which she could use to identify him. Flashes came out of the LED light in front and fear returned from what pictures he had taken. A smile broke across his face before the screen went out. The dried leaves allowed her to know he was approaching and a half-squat in front of her face was all she needed to know what was coming.

Benjamin reached both his hands behind her neck and pressed for what seemed like another secret spot. It did not take very long and a hard pinch with both his index knuckles. Her jaws lost its feel and remained stiff, leaving him to manipulate anyway he wanted. He lowered her jaws and guided his softie in, before moving his hips slowly to stimulate his manhood for the second wave.

Saliva dripped onto her boobs uncontrollably and his movements were getting bigger, firstly running the tip across her tongue, then against the top of her mouth which was extremely ticklish. Soon, he was in full length and it was just that short moment she felt a relieve when he let his cock reach into her throat, before jamming it down. She choked and that was the area where she felt all the discomfort. He noticed the gag and resumed pounding between her sweet lips, while her tears and saliva was lubricating the whole mouth-fuck.

He enjoyed how warm and wet her mouth was, something which he had longed to do to Kelly. His hands went behind her head and shoved her to do the work, maintaining the height of his hips. There was no way to describe how helpless and desperate she was to get out of this. Somehow, something had helped her to end this mess and fired off his ejaculation timing, spewing the warm cum into her mouth, right down her throat to her stomach. No doubt it tasted disgusting, he had finally lost interest and pulled his dick out while shooting that bit onto her lips.

The phone appeared in front of her once again and the flashed went off, reminding her she was now in his control. He took his time to put her clothes back on, placing her bag and books in a neat pile at the concrete pavement before the grass patch. Her 3 inch vibrator was stuck into her pussy and turned on, at an angle that would give her more unwanted orgasms. Once she was placed against one of the pillars on the pavement, he placed his fist on a area below her ribs, giving a strong push that sent pain right into her head.

He put on his socks and shoes in the darkness, before flashing the thumbnails of blackmail-capable photos he took of her, at her. Kelly felt her strength return slowly and it was after an hour she found enough strength to walk home, covered in dirt, and cum in both her mouth and pussy. What would happen next? Those photos..

Part 1 | Part 2

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