Tiny Pleaser

Strawberry: ‘Sit down and take him out.’

I wriggled my ass a little to lower my shorts and she snuggled into my arm, holding my erection with her hand harder than the last time she did it. Stroking up and down, I couldn’t resist but moan into her ears, where she went faster up and down my rod.

Somehow, she managed to grasp the perfect pressure and speed, covering the needed length to get me worked up quickly. In the quiet staircase we found, she stopped me from laying my hands on her. How could I bear all that pleasure without any means to express my desires?

Me (groaning): ‘Oh no.. I’m cumming!’

She stood up and let me stand in front of the wall, pumping my dick faster than ever till I hugged her waist tightly. Consistent, thick cum splattered on the beige wall, invisible to the naked eyes, in huge blobs until I was weak in my knees.

Me (whispering): ‘My turn now?’
Strawberry: ‘No. We’re leaving.’

Feeling guilty about what she did for me, she walked in front of me towards her ‘bus stop’, forbidden to so much see her board her bus. Maybe she never did.

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