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Monday night (5th Nov ’18)
Tuesday (Deepavali)
Friday night (9th Nov ’18)

J, is now officially in a relationship, with Maeve. Along with that piece of good news, we will also be exploring my fetish of being cuckold, which mainly evolved from wanting her to experience the best, well-rounded sex life that we can possibly access. From our routines and schedules, I have come up with 3 proposals (for now) that are open to anyone who fits the profiles/ criteria;

  1. Same-Room-Sex/ Soft Swing
    • Only couples may apply, be of Chinese/ Eurasian/ Caucasian ethnicity.
    • Upwards of 22 years old.
    • Be able to host.
    • Progress adheres to comfort level.
    • Respectful, Drug-&-Disease-Free, Smoker/ Non-smoker is fine, as long as your breath is fresh.
    • Protection is compulsory.
  2. Watch Us or Turn into a 3some
    • Be male, of Chinese/ Eurasian/ Caucasian ethnicity.
    • Between 22 – 35 years old.
    • Be able to host, preferably on Fridays.
    • Progress with minimal contact, then increasingly more as she gets comfortable.
    • Respectful, Drug-&-Disease-Free, Smoker/ Non-smoker is fine, as long as your breath is fresh.
    • Some sugar will be appreciated, but not necessary.
    • Protection is compulsory.
  3. Drive-Her (Home)
    • Be male, of Chinese/ Eurasian/ Caucasian ethnicity.
    • Owns a car, on Fridays in particular.
    • Drive us from my block, to her home, then me back to my block.
    • Be willing to steam/ fog up the windows with some petting/ ‘massage’ action (for you) as an appreciation for the lift.
    • Protection is compulsory.

The terms listed above is a general guideline, and applicants will be vetted by her. We are still very new and inexperienced about having a third person in ‘bed’, so we will greatly appreciate any tips or secrets to do this more safely. We are not looking to do this every week, so interested parties do not have to treat every Friday as a deadline. We want this to be convenient, affordable and even sustainable.

For a more in-depth, thorough discussions, do reach out to me here with your doubts, questions, or offers!

5 replies on “Together Now”

Lucky you that you finally managed to find a partner to indulge in your fetish together. ;)

Wish you guys the best of luck together!

Thank you for your wishes! I hope you’ve been catching up with your outdoor photography!

Still doing so but not that regular nowadays. More of a once-in-a-while kinda thing now. :) Just hit me up if you want some of it for materials. It’s always open to you.

Are you still using Skype?

@stysg, I am no longer using Skype. Do you happen to have WeChat or Kik or Telegram? Perhaps I can reach you there?

Yup… I have telegram. You can add me @Stysg … We can chat further from there. Cheers. :)

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