Harbouring Lust

Kimberly: ‘Sir, I might need more time to come up with rent this month. I just lost my job.’

The 16 year old American student confused me with her statement since I never knew she worked. Renting the common room based on her student pass, I guess it wasn’t unusual for them to find a part time job while studying. Able to pay for the whole household myself, I didn’t rush her and told her I will take care of it for now.

The conversations we had over the past year of her stay was minimal, having homecooked dinner every two nights. She did her part for my family by doing some of the chores too.

Kimberly: ‘Sir, do you want to go out for dinner? It’s my last pay and I want to give you a treat.’

Why not? We had never gone out to eat before. She appeared in a simple t-shirt and skirt outfit after an hour, looking nothing like the ‘high class’ stereotype we had for them. We took a bus down to a restaurant she was familiar with and the staff served her like a regular. I took the chance to pay for the meal when I visited the loo, knowing better than to use the poor girl’s money.

After that, she wanted me to bring her to somewhere romantic and quiet, just so she could think. Fort Canning it is, where we stayed on top of a tower smoking together.

Kimberly: ‘You guys are really the nicest people I’ve met. Thank you so much.’

She opened her arms and we gave each other a warm hug. A small tremble hinted at her sadness about to break out in tears.

Kimberly (whispering): ‘I am really sorry for lying to you.’
Me: ‘I don’t get it.’
Kimberly: ‘My student pass is fake. I have long overstayed my visa.’

Harbouring an illegal immigrant is one of the serious crimes that could easily be related to terrorism and trafficking. She had been working illegally for little pay and relied on the family dinners to get past each day. I felt really confused knowing that I will have to report her, a girl forced to escape from her broken abusive family.

She kissed me on my neck and I brushed it off as a one-time affection, until she slapped my hand on her thigh. She pushed me up her skirt and the lack of any underwear shocked me badly. No matter how desperate she was, she never seemed like the kind to sell her body out.

Given our close proximity, she undid my pants and held my growing erection with her petite hand.

Me: ‘You don’t have to do this you know? You can stay for as long till I figure a way out for you.’
Kimberly: ‘I don’t want to be deported.’
Me: ‘I know. My boss has actually hired a few students off the records to work at the cafe.’

Her hand started jerking me faster upon hearing the news, face lighting up to the best solution then. She shoved me backwards onto my hands and went down on me, sucking that sweaty, cooped up cock hungrily. Her blowjob was a special one that got me hornier with every stroke, instead of relaxing me. For someone her age, I couldn’t believe how crazy she made me went over her.

I was all hyped up when she kept dragging her soft lips up and down my shaft, lightly drawing blood to the tip each time. After just three minutes, I pulled her hair up to stop the madness.

Me (whispering): ‘I don’t have a condom though.’
Kimberly: ‘You don’t need one. My period is just over.’

I helped her to the high walls surrounding the tower and flipped her skirt over her ass, running my fingers a few times to see if she was ready. Well, to have to wipe my fingers dry showed me how overly wet she was and I just peeled one side of her ass to shove my cock in.

The tiny body managed to contain all of my dick in a tight fit, starting my engines without my control. It was my dick that wanted to feel her soft walls all over again and again. Kimberly stuck to moaning quietly while I pumped her harder, going as fast as I could jerk her back.

She was just so tempting that I couldn’t slow down at all. That sweet voice just kept telling me she was cumming but I couldn’t sense anything besides a tighter grip. Apparently, her orgasms were less obvious but equally as powerful when she crumbled to the ground.

Kimberly: ‘Just do me in doggy. I can’t stand up.’

On rough grounds, I pounded her lighter but going as deep, until it was my turn to unload. Since it was her safe period, I asked her if I could and she raised her body higher to rub her clit.

Kimberly (whispering): ‘Give it all to me.’

I wrapped my arms around her and delivered my final few strokes into her, unleashing all those cum I had no immediate use for. She moaned louder than before while she guided my hand to rub her belly, before my dick slipped out of her.

A mixture of cum and her fluid dribbled onto the floor, in strong contrast against the weathered concrete tiles. I had slightly more trouble to pull up my pants while she just adjusted her skirt. After getting our bags, we left hand-in-hand for home. Luckily for her matured looks, there was only jealousy when people stared at our unconventional ethnicity.

Kimberly: ‘Will we still do it again? Or is it just one time?’
Me: ‘Whenever no one is home?’

She bit her lips and let me opened the doors for her, returning to the home where everyone asked where we went. Dinner of course!

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