Bruised Beauty

The girl sitting against a wall with a stone table in front of her got my attention when sobbing sounds came. She was wiping her mouth with a bloodied tissue and tearing at the same time, doing all those without moving from the spot.

‘Are you okay?’, I asked squatting down to her level to see even more red tissues under her legs. ‘I’m ok’, the stern voice did not deter me from offering my help and I stuck my arms out at her. She looked at me in a sorrowful face before catching my hands, letting me picked her. Her knees were scraped and all she could managed was to skip around.

‘Can we sit somewhere else? I know a lot of neighbours here’, she turned towards the stairs and we went up to the second flight of stair, sitting at the bottom few steps. The last few pieces of wet wipes came into use to clean her bruises up, but could do little for her pink shirt that turned grey with dirt.

Enqi, the name I got through a short introduction, began rubbing her blue-black thighs, moving up to the sides of the groin. ‘What happened to you?’, I was actually impressed by how painless it looked when she massaged the sore areas. They were actually injuries inflicted by close range attacks.

‘My boyfriend, ok, now ex-boyfriend, asked me to go to his place and then attack me with another friend. Another girl told him I was cheating but I didn’t. So they pinched me and hit me before leaving me at the void deck.’

Given her size, she could not possibly win two guys. She unbuttoned her shorts and stuck her hand into it, massaging her groin as well. ‘They hit you there too?’, it was clear she wasn’t masturbating then. ‘No. They knee me there for (making invisible quote with one hand) fucking another guy.’ I sat lower at her feet and relieved those bruises with harder massage.

She groaned in pain as I worked those blood clot away and she was all weak once I was done. Lying on my shoulder, the perfect legs had turned unsightly with those blue-black markings. Enqi picked my hand up and rested it on her inner thigh, much closer to her groin than knee. There was a spot I didn’t touch there but could finally use my palm to squeeze it a little.

‘Why can a stranger treat me better than him?’, she hugged my arm in her chest and let me felt her cleavage, at least a C cup on her chest. Her shorts were still unzipped and I made my way inside, without facing any resistance from her. Feeling that warm and moist panties, I knew she was in the mood for some fun. Still, she just went through a jealousy-motivated attack.

Her shoulders began relaxing as I fondled her panties, until she asked me to go inside. Rubbing directly on her clit, it was such a snuggly fit in her tight shorts. ‘You live here?’, she asked after some time. And I told her which floor. In the end, we realised we were neighbours but had never seen each other before – thanks to the lift on every floor.

She pulled her shorts off and stretched her spaghetti top to cover her ass, but it didn’t stay that way for long once I fingered her faster. The way she gripped my arm really made me hard and I only went faster and faster. Just as my wrist was about to give way, she bit on my shoulder and clamped her legs together, trapping me inside while squirting all over the floor under us.

The strong orgasm I had ever seen sent her convulsing like a fish on dry land but she never left my side. After five minutes of rest in silence, she went to my shorts and teased my rock hard erection.

‘Fuck here before?’, she asked like a dare for me to do her right there and then. I got up to drop my pants and she went on her knees against the steps, getting into the perfect angle for some doggy lovin’. Arching her back downwards, I couldn’t wait any longer to plunge my cock into her wet pussy, pumping immediately before she could stabilise herself.

It was a quick and dirty job as we held nothing back, moaning in sync to the thrusts splattering her juice all over the floor. More bruises appeared when I raised her top and went even deeper to hopefully relief the sores.

‘I’m gonna cum soon! You?’, I groaned my signal out and she dropped her ass closer to the ground to let a forceful jet spray into the step, drenching her knees as she came. I pulled out of her once the tightness got out of my control and cummed under her pussy, right on where she just made a puddle.

She caught my dick underneath and stroked till everything was out. Intense it was, and draining I felt. I could barely pick her up after cumming that much.

I still had some wet wipes left to clean ourselves and her shorts went back on her hips after drying, messy hair less of a concern that getting home without being questioned (about her injuries). I sent her home first and greeted everyone in her household, making sure to walk in front of her until we reached her room.

‘Ah girl! You don’t want to send your boyfriend out ah?’, her mum called her when she saw me leaving her room with my bag. Knowing better than to put Enqi in any trouble, I told her mum she was not feeling well. Before they let me go, she had set up another night for us to have dinner at her place, with her daughter that I just fucked on the stairs.

Well, I got home in under thirty seconds and didn’t stop texting her until she dozed off. Free dinner on the day after tomorrow! I hope her injuries had recovered then.

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