Top Secret

Alex: ‘Auntie, who is this?’

Mrs. Koh was the weekend cleaning lady for Alex’s house. Since birth, he had lost both of his parents in an accident, but not before they left him a fortune that would see through at least three generations. Although he had every reason not to work, he continued his father’s work and kept the multimillion recycling company high in the skies.

Because of his time limitations, he hired a cleaner just for the weekends. He would never allow anyone into his house without his presence, as the huge wardrobe of women’s clothes might give his nightlife away. After all, he’s the head of a well-known corporation.

As part of the security around his three levels of living quarters, hidden surveillance were around the house, and in private places like bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes, sensors which were heat and motion sensitive, watched over his house.

Mrs. Koh: ‘Mr. Choo, I’m so sorry. That’s my daughter. Because she is outside hanging with the wrong people, so I had to bring her along for work. I’m sorry.’

Alex: ‘Did you know what you risked? And of all things, you allowed her to roam around. She even went into my wardrobe. I need you to get her here. This could get messy.’

Mrs. Koh had no choice but to bring her sixteen year old daughter to see him. Alex would need to find out what she knew and probably add her to his book of conquest. So she brought her daughter over the following weekend, and prepared her for some lashing.

Alex: ‘I’d need to talk to her.’

Alex bought the little girl into a study room and fired a laptop up with scenes of her showering in the toilet, trying on different clothes from his secret wardrobe. Those scenes were uncensored, high resolution close to HD quality. He knew a blackmail would jeopardize his life’s work, so he had to be careful with his words. After all, whatever he do or say in the house will be recorded.

Alex: ‘Give me your number, I’ll call you when it’s time.’

It was clear what Alex wanted from Elise. She had a vague idea or so she thought, but could only wait a few days later when he called to give her instructions. She picked up a package from her mailbox and brought it home, opened it to find a plastic penis-style dildo. At that time, Elise had just discovered masturbation and was still addicted to it, fingering herself as many as five times a day. The dildo was quite dummy proof, she knew what was it for. But the thought of sticking that huge toy inside her seemed to progress too fast.

Alex (SMS): Put that toy into your mum’s wardrobe.

She did as said and that was about it for that moment. Mrs. Koh came home after cleaning another person’s place and went to change out of her clothes. Although she was forty, the cleaning she did was thorough and that demanded a lot out of her, maintaining her hourglass figure at the same time. Everyday, she would clean from the late afternoon to 7pm, which she would simply change into her nightdress. As Mrs. Koh opened her cupboard to take her nightdress, she saw the toy tucked away at the corner of her panties compartment.

There wasn’t anyone else around, her daughter was out studying, and she was naked waist down. After a ponder, she took the toy out and lay onto the bed, rubbing the tip of the soft silicon on her clit. It had been too long since her husband had been locked away for fraud. Mrs. Koh had a side no one knew, there was more than enough money in her bank to give her a life of luxury, since her husband successfully hid the money out of the police’s sight. But she chose to work ONLY for male clients. Being around the men and their apartment made her felt wanted, the joy of cleaning for a male, like a obedient wife.

The toy was already moving in and out of her, mind wandering all over, moans suppressed to keep her neighbours’ impression clean. Her extra slim pussy lips were red from the sudden penetration of the toy, especially after a long six months it had been ignored for. Still, she was more than glad to even have a plastic dick inside her. Her ass and hand were already drenched by her natural lubricant, but she kept going, making up for the void in her heart. And after a nice session of DIY, the moans she tried to hide still burst out as she reached her climax and gave the strongest orgasms with a little spray of fluid out of her pussy.

Mrs. Koh did not know that there were at least twenty hidden wireless surveillance cameras installed in her house, and those belonged to just Alex, there were about another eight around the house which was installed by other clients she cleaned for. It was more of a standard protocol to monitor the person who’ve had access to private property.

Alex (SMS): Check mail box. Make your way to my place.

Elise did as told again and this time, the package was for her. She slid the knife across the openings and flipped the cover open. A piece of evening gown was staring back at her. It was a light purple colored tube-style dress, made from the most soft and light silk, with beautiful crystal studs on it. She went into her room and put onto the perfect fitting dress on. It was very uniquely constructed as well, the silk wasn’t that simple. There was no zips, no buttons, she pulled her dress up after stepping into it. The elasticity stuck the dress comfortably on her, with a breathable pad for her subtle sweet breasts.

She slipped onto the pair of brown heels and left her house. At the carpark, an Audi R8 flashed its headlights in her eyes, signalling her to go over. As she walked, Alex couldn’t believed how perfect she looked. For a sixteen year old, her height of 180 was hard for guys to match, and her mum did mention to Alex before, how her daughter’s weight had increased from 38 to 42 after Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 42kg, seductively attractive. Her neatly curled black hair remained bouncy as she hopped into his car.

Alex: ‘You looked stunning.’

Elise: ‘Where are we going?’

Nonetheless, Elise did something wrong and she could well be blackmailed to do anything. None of those were in Alex’s mind anymore. He wanted her heart, her mind and her body. That’s right. He made a last minute reservation at Ritz Carlton’s Summer Pavilion. The attempt to toss the whole blackmail issue was successful, and she was completely bought over by Alex. He knew that the wildcard, in case anything didn’t go his way, was the video he had of her mother, lustfully masturbating in her room.

That evening ended with Elise having drank too much and leaving Alex to book a suite to spend the night. Back in the room, he slipped a drop of the specially formulated high density German Sex Drops into her warm water. She drank all of it and fell back to sleep, only to be awakened by the wetness gathering in her panties. Looking at Alex sleeping soundly beside her, she raised her legs and slipped her cute red bear-print panties under her dress. Her hands could not leave her pussy after she took her undies off, circling her clit with her forefinger.

Alex: ‘Elise? Why aren’t you asleep yet?’

He placed his hand on hers, exposing her dirty side.

Elise: ‘I couldn’t sleep. So I…’

There was no other way to explain this, she was horny, Alex was turned on. His breath on her neck didn’t helped a single bit, her face got really flushed and knowing what to do to relieve the awkwardness, he pulled her hand away, replacing with his.

Alex: ‘Let me help you.’

His strong fingers poked and tortured her clit, creating streams of wetness escaping from her fountain of youth. She couldn’t control nor help herself, but grabbed the pillows and sheets tightly, cringing on for her life. Moans and screams were echoing through the room. Moreover, the Marina Bay view before them only made her feel as though she was being watched – and enjoying it.

His fingers skillfully penetrated without her resistance and her moans quickly became gasps to catch her breathing. Alex had already positioned himself between her legs, admiring her silky smooth genitals. Violent, degrading, barbaric, were a few terms to describe how much Elise was going through, but she wasn’t stopping, nor Alex was.

Alex: ‘Elise, are you feeling better?’

She nodded quickly as she breathed hard to catch up with his fingering, clearly not waiting for her to answer. Her eyes stayed on his, looking like a slut within an innocent body of a sixteen years old. He turned her to the side, with one hand toying her pussy, he undid his pants and readied to conquer.

Elise: ‘Wait wait!’

Sure, a few seconds wouldn’t change his mind of owning this piece of beauty.

Elise: ‘Let me guide you in.’

Her words soothed Alex’s animalistic side and her widened legs before his eyes made him feel like Kraken eating the poor helpless Andromeda.

Alex: ‘Okay.’

She held his elongated tool between her legs and aimed for her opening while he pushed himself in. The feeling of a soft warm piece of meat slicing the untouched hole open was exhilarating. She felt no pain but excitement and pleasure of the acts leading to sex. Alex stayed motionless inside her for one whole minute, enjoying the pulsating walls and flooding of the natural lubricant.

Alex: ‘Ready?’

Elise: ‘Yupp.’

His hip moved like a locomotive’s wheel synchronizer, slowly building up speed as the moans choo-ed. Soon, drops of perspiration were flung onto the sheets, and an ever-flowing river of pleasure was streaming out of her filled gap. The couple became the very monsters they were afraid of, pounding and clawing each others’ arms and backs. Like the pistons of a V8, the energy burst into motion in and out of her poor pussy in doggy.

Her butt was covered in a layer of sweat and sticky juice, providing the bounce for his rampage. The two hot bodied youngsters carried on till three in the morning, before collapsing onto the bed after the longest and fiercest round. There was Elise, with the dress on her waist, exposed pair of soft, fair 34C cups, cum flowing across her butt as she lay on her side. And Alex was beside her, with his dick still lengthened, but powerless, arms and legs muscles all flexed, sweat covered on his tanned body.

No one other than them knew what happened. And to date, they are still together, rendezvousing at the same hotel, in the same room for almost every date they went on. Whereas for her mum, Alex had a different plan for her.

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