Trip with Two

An air of ‘hiding something’ was present in the morning when the three of us had breakfast. My little cousin, Hayley, had came over for the weekends as her parents were overseas. She was just 11, but was 165 tall. Well-toned, firm, fair body would let one wonder if she was really a swimmer. Anyway, my sister and her was acting weird since I woke up. After breakfast, I went to do the dishes and my 14 year old younger sister, Christel, showed me a poorly made video.

It was a clip of her, bringing Hayley into my room while I was deep asleep. Christel then pull my shorts down and let Hayley fiddled and explore my dick. She peeled the foreskin back, gave it a light suck to watch it grow big, and continued sucking to get a taste of my pre-cum. They then left the room tiptoeing. How could I not be angry? My sister wasn’t supposed to destroy our cousin this way, furthermore, she was eleven!

Christel: ‘Kor, before you scold me, I need to tell you something first. Hayley was way wilder than you would expect her to be, and she knew much more than me. You cannot blame me.’

Me: ‘What do you mean? You are the one who opened the door for her, and you tell me she was wilder than you?’

Christel: ‘She reads yaoi and watched porn before, and wanted to know how did it looked like in reality.’

My anger had already died down since it was not my sister’s fault. I proceeded to change my clothes and packed for the outing we’ve planned, to visit the ‘Teddy Bear Show Singapore’ at The Arts House. As usual, the girls took a long time to dress up, and I was there poking on the screen of my iPod touch, trying to beat the levels of the ‘Overkill’ game. By then, weeks of a writer’s block was plaguing me and had no stories to present.

Christel: ‘Kor! We’re done~’

My sister pulled my attention away from the first shooter game with her white spag top and a spin from her, granted me a glimpse of her upskirt of a blue Rilakkuma panties under her light purple flare skirt. Her black bra was hardly matching with the white top but the contrast would surely catch the guys’ attention, while getting those ‘unbelievable’ look from aunties. Hayley walked out shyly behind and stood beside her, coincidentally looking like a line up for prostitutes. She wore a black tank top, and a denim skirt that isn’t too short. Christel then reached for the hems of her skirt and lifted it up. The inflexible material was hard to tug at, but a glimpse of her black thongs revealed her adventurous side.

We set off quickly and Hayley was sparking a little debate while justifying it was my sister who made her wear skirt for the first time in public. The only time she was in one was her school attire. Christel was beside me telling me how corrupted Hayley made her and suddenly, she slipped a familiar remote in my palm.

Me: ‘Crazy girl.’

Christel: ‘Kor, please please?’

Hardly at any time I would reject my sister. She was the only family I had, besides the 24/7 working parents. I would even borrow money to get what she wanted, let alone clicking on a button. We boarded the train towards Marina Bay and while the two had seats offered to them, I had to stand, which made it quite convenient to reach into my pocket to…


Both Hayley and Christel suddenly uncrossed their legs and were resisting the urge to open them. Suddenly, it made sense to me. A wireless vibrator was in my sister, but a C-string panties, laden a wireless motor, was under Hayley’s skirt, which I mistakenly took for a pair of thongs. The two girls struggled to keep themselves composed was comical. Christel’s skirt was slowly riding up her thighs as she paid more attention to relieving the pleasure than adjusting her skirt, giving the guys seated opposite an occasional flash of her panties. I finally took a seat opposite the girls and I even managed to catch a sight of the loop-string of the wireless vibrator sticking out of her panties, at the thighs. Hayley was less obvious with her tight skirt. But her legs opened once in a while to ease the pressure of the motor pressing onto her pussy revealed the protruding parts of the mechanisms.

Finally, the trained arrived at our destination and we left for the exhibition area. My sister was caught in the beauty of the toys and Hayley needed company to the toilet, which I followed. I brought her to one with a handicapped cubicle and walked in with her. She immediately took the C-string panties out and emptied her bladder in front of me. The whole vibrator panties had changed colour from the wetness covering it. As she peed, she unbuckled my jeans and I pulled it down for her.

A huge piece of hungry meat was waiting for her, and she understood. Taking it into her mouth, she pulled my hips forward and back, squeezing my shaft with her lips, teasing the head with her tongue. My fingers went to her pussy that was still dripping with pee, and masturbated her clit, only to get an unbelievable amount of juice flowing out, literally like peeing, just that it was flowing and not spraying. We went on till I was about to cum, and unloaded deep into her throat, making sure I didn’t waste any drop.

Hayley choked a little, but took every bit of the goodness into her mouth. Her pussy was still wet from the fondling, and she seemed relaxed as I continued working my fingers.

Hayley: ‘Can I not wear the C-string back?’

Me: ‘Sure. But you’ll be panty-less. Is that okay with you?’

Hayley: ‘I have no choice right? I don’t want to get horny in public again.’

Me: ‘You didn’t like it?’

Hayley: ‘Yeah. I get so wet and horny but I can’t do anything. I didn’t like that.’

She went without the panties and we finished the exhibition with my sister being next to go into the toilet with me, giving herself a doggy-style treat, finishing with a creampie for dessert. As expected, she was on pill. Remember? I wouldn’t take the chance of impregnating my cute little sister.

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