After forcing myself to stay awake for two hours past my usual bedtime to surprise Maeve on her birthday, you can imagine my excitement when I heard some footsteps outside the door. However, once I noticed that the noise wasn’t going anywhere, I looked through the peephole to see if I was just imagining things.

Instead, I was ‘greeted’ by the sight of her, being on her knees and slurping off the cock of unknown man. On top of that, she was also smoking from the same cigarette the man puffed on. Given how late (or early) it was, the whole place was quiet enough for me to hear what little words they exchanged.

No more than five minutes later, she had bent over the handrails for him and he was even quicker to plunge his dick into my beloved woman, thrusting his hips violently as he violated her breasts. Her moans, were especially carefree under his ‘care’, mostly complimenting on his size while reminding him not to cum inside her.

Without any birth control, she should have insisted on a condom, especially when we were trying for a baby. Unable to bear with the sight anymore, I slowly pried the door open, far enough to point my phone camera through.

By the one-minute mark on the video recording, I had given up so much that I didn’t care if they saw me, and swung the door as wide as I was – to watch, like how a teacher would when they catch naughty children red-handed.

Almost instantly, the guy saw me and was about to stop her when I put a finger on my lips, silencing him into finishing up the act. He took my cue seriously and put her into a proper doggystyle, where he fucked her loud enough for our neighbours to hear.

It was about five minutes later when he suddenly lost control of his hips, hammered her silly to an orgasm if I recognised her correctly. And just like how ‘fair warnings’ go, he did the exact opposite and let his seeds loose into her, garnering a bit of gasps and exhilarating sighs before she came to her senses, if any was left.

Straightaway, she jumped onto her feet and gave that man a slap, before looking at the door where I was standing, under the cover of the dark. At that instance, she just fell onto her knees and I did the only thing I could, to help her into her house and ‘smh’ the guy off.

I then took a shower with her before she took the spare Plan-B pill we had. That night, I slept alone to sort my thoughts out and by the next morning, my mind was generally clear(er) except for some numbness when she went down on my morning wood.

It was partly due to her commitment to ‘undo’ her mistake, that she will be supverised from now on in any hookups.

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