After Work

It wasn’t until I heard the distinct click of the doorknob that I realised that someone had successfully unlocked the cubicle without my knowledge, and possibly ‘intentionally’ too, due to how loudly I was playing a game on my mobile phone.

Given how ‘far’ the toilet bowl was to the door of the handicap toilet, it was kind of no-brainer that I would fail to shut it in time, only to see a familiar face pop through the gap.

‘Joelyn?! What are you *quietening* doing?!’

Silencing me mid-sentence with a finger on her lips, she pushed her way into the spacious cubicle and worried the hell out of me. Without saying a word, she began to unbutton her uniform while I pulled my pants back up, spending most of my time in awkwardness as she removed more of her clothes.

‘What are you doing Joelyn?’


‘Into? You are almost naked now.’

‘I know.’

I swear I saw a grin of an endless pit when she strutted towards me, in just her mesh bralet and her equally-breezy panties. Somehow, the knowledge or assumption she had about me not coming into any kind of physical contact with her, backfired when she laid her hands on me, or more specifically, on my groin.

There was a brief moment of ‘awe’ when I saw quickly how she had unbuckled my belt, which was unlike any loop-buckle most people know of. In no time, she had my fly undone, and an erecting cock within the grasp of her cold hands.

(Joelyn whispered) ‘would you like to show me how you do it – with your wife? pause no? then don’t mind if I do.’

My inaction next brought her onto her knees, then to her mouth, where I failed to suppress nor control the shivers, moans, and liberating-sighs to her affection.

Fondling my balls in one of her palms, she let her loosely-sealed lips run up and down my shaft, before making occasional stops to suckle on that shiny-red, swollen dick head. When she started to swirl her tongue around that ‘spot’ under the ‘mushroom’, I got even louder, as my knees weakened to her increasingly-keen mouth.

For what felt like a long time, I was left to ‘suffer’ in a trance-like state, only sobering up to regain my grip on one of those support handles. By the time she had enough, it was only due to how ‘big’ I had gotten, which made it, in her own words, ‘too tiring for my jaws’.

I was distinctively ‘not myself’ when she sat me back down on the toilet (with the lid closed), maneuvered her way between my legs, and peeled her tight pair of panties to her knee-level.

Her subsequent movement, of bending forward a little to let her pussy ‘stick out’, suddenly appeared all too familiar to me. Not only was this particular position very common in porn, but a part of me has always thought that ‘this was too good to be true’, in terms of how much effort the ‘man’ has to put in.

I had literally nothing else to do, but hang on to my dear life and take in the view as her glistening pussy kept moving downward until it touched my dick head, then spliting itself as wide I was thick, before swallowing me whole.

Thanks to the blinding-overhead lights, I was able to catch a glimpse of her ‘entry procedure’ before lust took control of our bodies. Slamming just her hips down hard on my manhood, I took it upon myself to lie back and relax as her pussy did all the work, squeezing, milking, stimulating me in loud, forceful strokes.

As far as a ‘good job’ went, I fared better in containing my groans than her, moaning dangerously-louder as she became tighter around my cock. Also, there was no need for me to be concerned with her orgasms since she would gush (a small squirt) at every one of them, which was no less than five times from what I could count.

Her body just took me wherever it wanted until I was muddled, and exhausted, all from doing nothing but ‘being the ride’. On one hand, I couldn’t help feeling mentally-drained long before my body was, especially given how ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘energetic’ she was.

And on the other hand, I had this on-off thing where my orgasm was reaching but not reaching, in direct response to her erractic movements.

That said, a man can only last that long before he has to climax, and I made my rightful call before we went overboard. When she heard me, and ended the slippery ride, I could sense some sort of relief, from both her weary smile and the joy of my orgasm.

Going back onto her knees, she just jerked me off this time until I was ready to blow my load, into her mouth that I went numb in after the successful delivery.

In my dishevelled, spent state, I laid motionless while she put on a dress I didn’t recognise. After we were both dressed, we left the vacant mall and made our way home.

What began as my nightly, after-work shit turned into our nightly, after-work fuck, which I have to admit was a good way to make sure at least one of my staff would sleep well at night.

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