Sake of Love

*Running our hands all over each other in the lift heading up to our apartment*

(I whispered) ‘hey.. someone is getting impatient huh?’

(Maeve replied) ‘uh huh.. I can’t get to get this inside me.. OH! Before I forget.. *hands me an envelope* Happy birthday baby.. ‘

As I received the thick envelope, I couldn’t help but made a few guesses about its content, which were all wrong – until I joked that it was a ‘big stack of money’. Maintaining that sly grin on her face, we swiftly made our way into the house and into our bedroom, before I managed to peep into my birthday present. To my disbelief, it was indeed, filled with a wad of light-orange, 100-dollar notes.

In no time, I was led into bed, with my pants and all swiftly stripped away for her to suckle on my weiner. My brain was split between pleasure and confusion as I shivered involuntarily to her advances, unable to fully enjoy the royal treatment with those doubts.

(In my weakened voice) ‘ Where did.. where did the money ca.. come from?’

Without giving me a clear reply, she went more wildly at the blowjob, neutralising my wandering thoughts with fuzzy, overwhelming ones. After my erection turned red(er) and thicker at her hand-blowjob combo, I was literally lifeless when she pulled her dress off and squatted over my cock.

I believed that that was the moment she had her eyes fixated on my glittering, saliva-covered member when she ‘relaxed’ herself, letting thick goops of whitish, semi-translucent fluids run down my member.

(Maeve shyly answered) ‘I got it in exchange for this.’

Before I could even say a word, we both saw an increase in the intensity of my cock-throbs, along with a hardness that only she would know.

(In my disbelief) ‘You.. had sex with other men.. for money?’

‘Yes.. slowly lowering herself over my drenched penis I fucked them.. for cash.. ‘

Upon hearing that, I slammed my hands on her tits and squeezed them so hard she winched, forcing her to alleviate that pain by moving her hips back and forth. In that jealousy-filled moment, I could feel some of that immense sensitivity leaving my loin area, without affecting my hardness. As much as I tried to ‘play it cool’, her last statement did hurt – in the exact way I had imagined.

She proceeded to go all-out crazy on top of me, sliding that plump pussy repeatedly up and down my cock as if it was the last time we would ever fuck. Lubricated by the ‘money’ counted in the unit of ‘men’, she was especially vocal and violent about getting me as deep inside her as she could.

(As I moaned) ‘Do you.. feel.. dirty?’

(She moaned) ‘OH YES BABY! SO.. SO VERY.. DIRTY.. ‘

Still mushing her volumptous breasts, I pinched her nipples next to rile her up even more. It couldn’t be helped that under that much lubrication, I was able to last longer, or at least long enough for me to perch myself up to ‘feed’ on those perky nips. That mere five minutes of her continuously slamming her tight pussy down my cock, felt so intense that I wasn’t too surprised when she had to slow down, to let us both catch our breaths.

‘Is it my turn?’

‘Do you want to? I can continue.. if you just let me catch my.. HEY!’

In the blink of an eye, I had placed her in missionary, wasting no more than three seconds to fill her pussy once again with my enraged cock. Thrusting mercilessly into her wailing body, I just held her knees wide as I gloated at the sight of my tireless dick indirectly causing her to moan that loud, and occasionally catch her watchful eyes monitoring my wrinkled-frowns.

Although I started, and sustained a relentless, non-stop streak, it wasn’t meant for me to last that long under such extreme ‘environment’. Running out of stamina sooner than she did, she was quick to point out my exhaustion – which warranted her for a takeover.

Returning to the cowgirl position, she simply rocked only her hips this time, pushing just that one button that would send tremors up my spine. However, when she tucked her feet in, and adopted the up-down-slamming angle, I then knew that that earlier back-forth motion was not sufficient to stimulate her as much.

Within three minutes, I think, I was calling my orgasms out to an unresponsive lover, more concerned with her on-going, sex binge. It wasn’t until I was convulsing (in pleasure), did she suddenly jump away from my swinging cock, got into the 69-position, and devoured my manhood in one ‘gulp’.

My memories over the the next few minutes was rightfully-robbed from me as I sensed my hips buckling, for a powerful, balls-draining orgasm that she moaned satisfyingly to, the whole time. I could feel my life force getting drained as she massaged my shrivelled testicles for more cum, before using her tongue to scoop up any missed bits.

That went on for a while on my inanimate, physical self, before a familiar shroud of calmness ‘refilled’ my body. Like magic, I was able to make out where her lips were (along my cock), what she was doing with her tongue, and revived in terms of size and behaviour.

Clearly, my obstructed vision didn’t stop her from doing as she pleased with my weiner while I probed at her pussy, making sure she was in the mood before raising her hips over my face. For those who didn’t know, I am someone whom trusts whoever she trusted, to let him (or whichever men) cum inside her. So I didn’t mind the taste of cum, and ate her out until she recalled that tiny detail.

For our subsequent round, we did it in a milder ‘mood’, in doggystyle, for as long as I last to regain my peak sensitivity to pump my second load into her – rightful place this time. We spent the day mostly in bed, in each other’s arms, and inside each other, before she brought me to a staircase of her choosing to make me an amateur video for memory.

Happy birthday to me.

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