Bus Boy, and Girl

Stuck at a bus stop where the last bus failed to notice my flailing arm, I was drowning out my disbelief with music from my old-school, iPod Classic when another ‘passenger’ darted into the obscured bus stop. Without any warning, she slapped a hand on my shoulder and asked, while catching her breath.

‘I’m so.. sorry to bother you but.. did you notice if bus 171 has passed this stop?’

(I replied calmly) ‘Yes. The driver didn’t see me, and that was the last bus.’

(She muttered) ‘shiiitt.. ‘

It wasn’t until she started wringing rain water out of her hair, did I noticed that she was completely drenched, all the way to her bra that had became slightly visible. No more than two minutes later, her sneezing became more frequent, along with the occasional shivering of her shoulders.

To be honest, I had no idea what went through my mind when I decided to take my warm, merino shirt off, as if a stranger would just accept that kind of ‘generosity’ so naively. Still, I did just that and she took up my offer, after some rightful contemplation. About three minutes later, she returned to the bench I was at and returned the favour with a single bar of KitKat.

(She asked) ‘So you’re not in a hurry to get home?’

‘Not really. It’s actually quite nice to sit here in the dark and enjoy some music. Wanna listen?’

Without hesitation, she tucked her side of my earpiece into her ear and laid her head on my shoulder, re-enacting a scene that seemed straight out of some cheesy Korean drama. At one point, our arms accidentally touched each other and that was when she learnt of my ‘ability’, to emit warmer-than-usual body heat that has mostly caused me to needlessly perspire – more than other people.

She immediately jumped on that ‘benefit’ and hooked her arm under mine, burying both her hands into my palms while I sat there motionlessly. For a brief moment, it felt like a fantasy, to be coddled by a young-looking lady, whose sole need (at that time) was wholly met. We just sat there for a long time until she slipped one of her hands under my singlet, to receive warmth directly from my belly.

(She whispered) ‘Thank you for your shirt, and being so nice.’

‘You’re welcome, I guess?’

‘And letting me into this small part of your world. Sitting here, listening to music, next to a warm body.’

Before I could come up with another way to respond, she had tucked that belly-hand lower, into the waistband of my running shorts. I was still in an apprehensive daze when she suddenly dived for my cock, all cold and shrivelled up in the rainy weather. It didn’t stay that way (small) for long once she began fondling it, toying with it mindlessly until it was all thick and swollen.

(I asked politely) ‘May I.. put my hands on you?’

(She whispered into my ear) ‘uh huh.. ‘

I placed a hand around her back and clumsily raised her shirt until I could feel her skin, and was promptly surprised by the lack of panties. With one hand in my shorts, she swiftly put her other hand under her shirt and unclasped her bra, allowing me to run my hand all over her petite bosoms I couldn’t stop caressing.

(She asked) ‘you like my size?’

‘very much.’

An unforgettable, wide smile was then imprinted in my eyes before we ‘changed’ location, towards the back of the bus stop where tall bushes stood. As soon as we could no longer be ‘exposed’ by any headlamps of passing cars, we lost our restraints and let our hands run wild, going all over each other’s bodies under our clothes while hugging tightly to avoid any affection that kisses might instill. Within minutes, my shorts were down, her shirt was up, and she was placed in doggystyle against one of the squarish-poles that held the roof up.

Unhinged, hot, and a little out of our minds, she grabbed my hand next, spat in it, and made me do the same before I applied it on my cock as lubricant. After a few, careful thrusts into her pussy, we both sighed in pleasure as our genitals overwhelmed each other with extraordinary warmth, like an engine getting heated for a magical ride.

Holding that tiny waist of her, my hips just moved on its own, ramming my fat cock into her pussy that was getting increasingly-wet as vehicles provided the lightshow for our unspeakable behaviour. All I could recall was how fast and fierce I was shoving my cock into her slippery pussy while she wailed, gasped, hissed, and grunted to my deepest thrusts.

In less than five minutes, she was moaning hysterically to her orgasm while I groaned excruciatingly to the unexpected tightness of her vagina, closing in on my stiff rod so mercilessly. Not one to give up so easily, I hammered on until her knees suddenly went weak, thus leaving me to hold her up as I pounded my last bit of energy into her limp body.

(I moaned) ‘I’m cumming! Now!’

Just as I yanked it out of her, she managed to ‘catch’ it with the hand she stuck under her legs and stopped me from moving backwards any further.

‘Keep pumping until you cum.. ‘

Seeing that I had evacuated into a safer space, I replaced my hands on her shoulders and made my few, final strokes in her grip, before letting it spurt over her fingers. Being the more ‘vulnerable’ person with my shorts down, I quickly got dressed before turning my attention to her, but there was little I could do when I saw an approaching – bus 171.

(I exclaimed) ‘Our bus!’

I immediately waved my hands like a mad man until the bus flashed its stop signal. After collecting both our bags, she playfully slipped her cum-covered hand into mine and led me onto the bus, where we had no place else to rest our soiled hands except in each others’.

Long story short, we did a pit stop at my place to wash up, and went for a proper round two before I walked her home. On her parting note, it would seem like I might be expecting a frequent visitor soon.

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