Lifelong Journey

(I moaned) ‘ohhh.. shiii.. Jolyn? You know you don’t have to do this at all right? I’ve already.. haaa.. already given you my word that.. that I won’t.. mmmm.. tell anyone.. ‘

I was literally ‘seeing’ stars as I laid wasted on my couch, limbs twitching to every flick of her tongue on my dick head. For the better or worse, I was especially calm despite getting sucked off by a married woman, or in more accurate term – cousin-in-law. A year had almost past, since I bumped into her (already married) at some bar I couldn’t recall the name of. As a very private person, I couldn’t care less even if it was an extra-marital fling, but when they simultaneously made out, and petted each other in the open (noticeable from afar), I had to do a double take.

Turns out, the male partner was someone we both knew were blood-related, and in a ‘too close’ way. To get him off her, I decided to follow them for a bit, hoping to collect some leverage I could use against him. Just when I thought my quest would end at the lobby of some hotel, the two of them, still in their evening dress and suit, actually went to the stair-landing of a housing board estate. Granted with that sort of convenience, I could only have ‘too much evidence’ to catalogue.

The moment I confronted him, my cousin-in-law, Jolyn, ‘approached’ me by showing up at my place one day, unannounced. I was halfway through confessing my faults when she mumbled a ‘thank you’, followed by the removal of her oversized t-shirt and workout shorts. Although I was caught off guard, I could understand exactly why, and what was she up to. For the next two minutes she took to fold her clothes, tie her hair I did nothing else but gave her my word after word, making promises and swearing upon all the gods I know, that her one-off, drunken stupor, would never be mentioned to another soul.

Clearly, Jolyn was more clear-headed, as she went onto her knees between my feet, putting an official end to her past mistake with the beginning of a new one. To date, as we neared the one-year payment of her ‘silencing fee’, I was still as sensitive, and responsive to her, as I was on the fateful first day.

I was, always gasping for air when she pushed those lightly-pressed lips down the tip of my cock, purposefully extending the duration she would cross the ‘valley’ under my little head, to give me that jolt, and relief, as she transited to the main shaft. She knew how crazy that would get me, and she had never hesitated to repeat that same move until I went silent out of exhaustion. Which by then, I would also be so easily sensitised that I react overly-enthusiastically, to that sudden, deep descend into her throat, where a throbbing, squeezing sensation would prod juse the tip of my cock.

The subsequent in-out strokes into her mouth would only give me that bit of a break, hampered by her nimble fingers fondling my balls like no tomorrow. At some point, I couldn’t help but wondered, if she was really just doing this for ‘repayment’, or the ‘enjoyment’ I would see in her infrequent, subconscious smiles. As much as I indulge in that unconventional pleasure she had willingly channeled through my loin, I was more surprised with how well she had known my body.

Though there wasn’t any major or re-learning of ‘styles’, she didn’t take long to associate my.. groans, with the ‘phase’ I was mentally in. Like after that mind-boggling blowjob, she would then resume the ‘normal’, in-out strokes that focused solely on my shaft, which she understood would push me right up to the edge. I was, literally at the edge of orgasm when she slowed, or even stopped entirely, to let me recuperate. And after I showed some kind of physical cues(?) that I had regained my composure, she would restart the process again, absolutely determined to leave no strength unused for the later part.

When I was thoroughly drained of any sanity, or fight, or reasons to live, she then stood up, pulled her panties off, put my two feet together, and sat on my lap to play with her pussy for however long she pleased. It was on another day, about three months ago, when she blindfolded me, did her usual thing with her mouth, before she dropped her pussy on my cock. In my defense, I was so, so aroused at that point that I couldn’t even last five minutes, and emptied my load inside of her. Of course, I had to ask about that kind of ‘privilege’, and she quietened me forever with her answer, ‘That gym freak wants a baby, and he won’t stop taking steriods’.

Now that we no longer needed a blindfold, she just tucked my cock into her pussy once she was wet enough and went wild on her spot, grinding and rocking and slamming her pussy into my groin. My hips may ache a little, but it was worth it to see a well-developed, office lady (OL) so turned on, so agitated, making all those hissing and sighing noises atop my dick.

You could say that we were, ‘conditioned’, after so long together, for her to climax exactly one time, before we would come together on her second. On top of any ‘control’ that I was denied, I had less say in my choice to cum (or not cum), that day. Jolyn just kept going until I came, balls-deep, into her, and trigger her orgasm. For that particular day, she let my cum trickle out of her pussy as she ‘dismounted’ me, and created a ‘cream-coated dong’ she seemed too excited to feed on. Once I was cleaned, she put her clothes back on, in the direction of the IP camera I had on the TV shelf.

(I explained) ‘Jo? I really don’t want you to do this any.. ‘

(Jolyn interrupted) ‘See you again J. Oh! Check your camera. I think it’s blocked by something.’

As she walked backwards for the lift landing, she mouthed a few words to me, that looked so familiar, but I couldn’t remember what they were until I saw her Young-Hearts-branded panties draped over the security Lifecamera. Right! Happy Birthday!

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