Tight Pocket

(Male voice) ‘Hey Maeve.. missing me already?’

(Maeve whispered)Tsk.. yes.. he can’t satisfy me enough.’

Squinting my eyes at the live-footage streaming from the camera in the living room, I was overwhelmed with guilt and shame as I watched my own wife kissed another man, giving him free reign to run his hands all over her body. It wasn’t the first time they had met, nor did such a thing, but there was something different about this time when Maeve voluntarily pulled her pyjamas off for him. I was partly livid, as I was – aroused, at how seamless she was at wrapping those cute, little fingers around his manhood, while he fondled her G-cups like a boy seeing boobs for the first time.

Slowly, they moved to the couch where she sat him down, and let him jiggle those heavy breasts as she tied her hair into a ponytail. Within a minute or two, she was kneeling on our cheap, IKEA fur rug between his legs, and just stroked him mindlessly until he reached behind her head. Like the unpredictable, little vixen she was, she pounced on his cock and sent his head flying backwards, even turning left and right as her head danced gracefully around his groin.

When I noticed the erratic, unnatural motion of her hips, I turned my attention to her pussy, where she had obviously stuck a few fingers into to ‘aid’ her mood. They were about fifteen minutes into the extra-marital when he abruptly pulled her onto her feet, bent her over the coffee table, and brought her ass down/ backwards over his dick.

Maeve was more than happy to do the work as she still had exercises to catch up on. So, she began bouncing on this lap, twerking and riding his cock to his expressive groans. At this point, she glanced straight into the camera as she slipped a hand over her clit, and rubbed it rhythmically as he flung his arms around for something to grab.

(He gasped) ‘Can.. can I cum.. inside.. inside you?’

(Maeve answered confidently) ‘Nope.’

With that, she hopped off his cock and went back on her knees, replacing her pussy with mouth so swiftly that he didn’t even change his pitch. Sucking and jerking his cock with a hundred percent intent, he only lasted a minute longer, before he blew a powerful, full load into her tireless mouth that had not planned to stop.

When she was finally done, he was weak beyond words, though he didn’t need much strength to fish that $300 out of his pocket. After they disappeared for a while in the direction of the kitchen, he gave her a few more kisses before leaving the house. As for Maeve, she was back on her phone, typing away over a glass of Moscato.

*Ding dong*

And within thirty minutes, another man showed up, for her to repeat the same ‘play’ as she had done. It wasn’t until after the sixth man had left, did she finally bust me out for a deserving, lazy round of lie-there-and-not-move sex. Times are especially bad after the pandemic, but luckily, her ‘kink’ was profitable, and our good times were cost-free.

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