Any Staircase

(Maeve whispered) ‘did you take the pill like I asked?’

‘Yes. About 40 or 50 minutes ago?’

‘Is it working?’

‘Umm yes? If not why are we going up this block?

As soon as we stepped into the lift, I went behind her and held her in my arms before stuffing her hands into my shorts, to bring some relief to my swollen, throbbing manhood. On our way up, I couldn’t stop pecking and suckling on her neck to hear her soft, sensual moans, that only drove me crazier in my pants.

Once we reached the second-highest floor, the level that we had once visited for the same purpose, I grabbed her wrist and led her up a single flight of stairs, into a dusty, little space. Somehow, I was so worked up that evening that I didn’t wait for our ‘rush’ to settle down, and just yanked my shorts down for her attention. Within seconds, I already had her on her knees, sucking me off cautiously as I drifted in and out of euphoria.

By the time she stopped, after what felt like a really short time, we were both ‘too hot’ and ‘beyond ready’. We immediately went into doggy-style over the steps and I slipped my cock into her wet, pulsating pussy without any difficulties. In seconds, we were humping like long-lost lovers, giving up on those cheesy, unhelpful kissing for the pure rush of adrenaline from having impromptu, raw sex in such a public space.

My hips just kept thrusting harder and deeper into her rear cushions, mowing through the orgasms that resonated through her tightening vaginal walls. The pill that I took, gave me that jolt of energy, extra cache of stamina that I never had, to fuck my lover until her knees could no longer hold her up. Seeing how weak she has become, I placed her onto her back and repositioned myself between her legs, in missionary this time.

I no longer had to worry about any fall-hazard as she could just ‘lay back and relax’, while I slammed my cock tirelessly into her pussy that was overflowing with juice. It was, her turn to wander in and out of consciousness as I stabbed her buttons mercilessly, only getting pleas for me to stop whenever I made any sudden, abrupt ‘strokes’.

It was during one of her ‘orgasms’, that she became extremely agitated, pushing and almost, kicking me away. When she finally gave in to my relentless pounding and fingering, she let herself go and actually squirted a huge pool at the bottom of the steps. She confessed that she could not take anymore of my cock in that state and retreated to a wall (while seated on the steps). So, I went up to her, bent my knees a little, and returned my monster cock into her mouth.

Sucking diligently at first, I gradually lost control of my waist and found myself gloating at her demise as she choked and gagged to my vicious, unsympathetic thrusts down her mouth. Something in me kept me going despite her extreme discomfort, until I finally blew my load while embedded so deeply in her throat, that she did not even need to ‘swallow’.

Face covered in a mix of bodily fluids, I cleaned her up and remain seated for however long she needed to recover, and process what I did.

(Maeve asked concerned) ‘Is it still hard?’

‘A little? But it’s ok.’

‘It’s not.. ‘

With that said, she helped me on my feet and brought me to the railing, where she bent over, and held safely onto, for me to help myself. I spread her cheeks a little and dived right back in, senses soothed by the familiar, hot embrace of her pussy around my unbecoming of a dick. The second load, went into its rightful hole and left its trail down her thighs as Maeve went home pantyless.

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