*Knock knock*

‘Mmm? What are you up to this time? Did you order something?’, I asked cheekily as Erin lifted herself off my chest, leaving our fiery passion to smoulder as she answered the door. After taking a quick glance through the peephole, she then nonchalantly cracked the door open, wide enough for her to step through, but not spoil the ‘mystery’ for me.

A minute or so later, Erin appeared at the door again, in a blindfold, and a braided-leatherish collar which I only saw later. Strutting closely behind her was a woman (whom I shall call ‘M’) I didn’t recognise, nor could I, once she pulled that robber-style mask over her head. From afar, I could only see, and not hear what M whispered into Erin’s ear, that brought her to her knees, and hands, before crawling (forward) towards me.

Now that they were just a few steps away, I watched Erin carefully as the words, ‘locate his feet’, was uttered from the M’s lips. Slowly, she patted on the ground in front of her, in a left-to-right pattern until I noticed M waving at me, for me to raise my feet off the ground. I did just that and gleamed, momentarily in mockery, as Erin kept pushing forward until she touched the bed. M then caught one of my feet, placed them onto Erin’s neck and let her find her bearings.

For a long time, Erin and I have always indulged in plain, vanilla sex, though we would experiment and explore alternatives. We have never stayed with any particular ‘fetish’ long enough to make it a lifestyle, since we were in it for the experience. When Erin subjected herself, and I, to that.. unconventional fetish which included a stranger, I was initially hesitant, about how ‘well’ the stranger knew us to not cross our limits. Turns out, M only needed to know Erin’s boundaries, to understand where I stood.

I have known Erin to be an independent, and even vocal individual, lest to be treated as such a ‘special’ being, on her knees and at other’s command. While she had her hands over my feet, I felt a tug at my heartstrings when Erin was asked to ‘find my cock’, with just her mouth. It couldn’t be helped that she looked, well, somewhat silly, and even less impressionable, when she smiled at her ‘accomplishment’.

‘Good. Now stay here, in this position, until I fetch you’, M spoke in a firm voice in Erin’s direction, and left her spot to hand me a dildo, with a suction cup. ‘Sir, stick that anywhere you want her to be’, as soon as M said that, Erin shifted a little, possibly due to the ambiguity of the words ‘stick that’. I went to an open space next to the coffee table and secured the toy onto the tile, before following M’s handsigns to sit on that part of couch directly behind it.

M then led Erin to the dildo, requested her to squat over it, and again, ‘locate my feet’. Using her sense of hearing, she was able to find me sooner, and appeared more willing this time. ‘Suck him until I ask you to stop’, M dropped the chain connected to her collar as soon as she gave the order and sat next to me, with a ‘brochure’ that has our names printed on it. To be honest, it felt somewhat ‘royal’, to get a blowjob as I discussed something so ‘important’,

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