Tutor’s Little Gift

Charmaine had been receiving tuition from a senior who had graduated for some time now, and their efforts had been going well, bringing her results to an all new high with his guidance. On this Wednesday, Jeremy had been late for thirty minutes now and it was very unusual of him to do so. Still, she stayed in her room with the air conditioning at 16 degrees to beat the heat outside her house, doing a few extra questions that wasn’t in her homework. After a while, her door knocked and she heard her mum letting him into the house.

Jeremy: ‘Hey Charmaine, sorry for being late. I had to get something before I come. And I have a new method to help you with some basic skills that we had not been focusing on.’

She pushed the chair opposite her with her feet for him to sit and he picked up the paper bag beside, taking out a small dildo with a suction cup at the base. Charmaine was dumbfounded as she never had such thoughts of him before, he was a respectable senior-cum-teacher, and he was very professional around her too. But today, her impression of him seemed to degrade a little with that move of his. Jeremy wasn’t any hunk nor had boyish looks, but he was attractive in the sense of his maturity. So perhaps his new technique might make a difference.

Jeremy went over to her side of the table and pulled her chair out, before grabbing her by the arm and lifting her up. He stuck a vibrating bullet into the toy and stuck the dildo on the plastic chair. He stood behind the chair and waited for her to respond.

Charmaine: ‘Are you sure?’

She was wearing a FBT shorts with a loose singlet that revealed her bra that was holding up her A cups. The back of the bra had a lacy design and her waist was visible from his position as well, reaching deep to her hips.

Jeremy: ‘You don’t have to remove your shorts. Just adjust it so you can side over it.’

Charmaine reluctantly went to the front of the chair and reached under her shorts to pull the panties and netting to the side, before she pointed her hips outwards to sit over the dildo. She had taken a while to put the dildo inside her as it was dry, but she managed to get it inside her with a gentle moan that turned her face red.

Once seated, Jeremy went back to his seat and held onto the controller under the table. He pushed an article he printed on some papers and let her read it. It was a plain English essay that was erotic in nature. With a new minor bumps with terms she never saw before, the rest of the piece was pretty easy, and so she continued on.

The vibrator turned on once she reached the part describing the sexual contact and her mind reacted to the vibration in her pussy and her mind, forcing details scenes that she could not turn away from. Her breathing increased in pace and she was gyrating the dildo as the male in the story began fucking the female lead. The vibrator reached the top speed and the tiny nub at her clit was pushing her towards an orgasm as she read out how the man cummed into the lady’s vagina, creaming her to the brim.

Charmaine’s body was sweaty and warm with the two-pronged attack. But she was still grinding that toy. Jeremy, smiled as she packed the sheets of paper together and placed it in front of him. He stood up and dropped his pants in a few strokes of undoing his belt and unzipping. The huge piece of meat sprang into life before her eyes and her hand reached for it immediately it stabilised. She kept stroking the throbbing penis as the vibrator buzzed away.

He picked her up from the chair in his arms like a new bride and laid her gently on her bed, before placing his dick at her mouth whilst standing. Char took the dick into her lips and gave the tip a taste test before sucking it. She had not much experience in it, but the concept of blowjobs and sex was not totally foreign. She moved as much as she could with him standing still and he did not take long before pulling it away from her.

As he proceeded to remove his pants from his ankle, she pulled the blanket over her body and removed her shorts beneath. Looking at him with an expression of a virgin, Jeremy was feeling an even stronger urge to have his student. He got into bed beside her and removed her bra, while keeping her singlet on. The buttoned shirt on him was slightly wet, but so was her singlet. The glimmer on her skin was more than just sweat. It had been pumping pheromones into the air and kept Jeremy advancing.

Charmaine: ‘Gently k?’

He nodded and lightly removed the blanket to the side. He then spread her legs apart and leaned over her, moving his groin forward to let his dick enter her. Charmaine’s eyes remained closed as his dick pierced into her soft folds, feeling her entrance open to his tip and then the gradual increasing length of his shaft filled her pussy up. His length was perfect for his and the girth did not hurt too much either. Once he stopped moving, the two of them paused momentarily to savour the connection and he lifted his upper body up.

Only thrusting his hips, his dick began the locomotive act of churning her tiny hole and she held his biceps in fear, with the mixture of pleasure and uncertainty flooding her body. As he kept moving, her legs wrapped around his butt and was unconsciously pushing him deeper and keeping him in longer. Jeremy was heaving in rhythm with his strokes and considered to be going slow. But in a few more thrusts, Charmaine’s grip shifted to his body and pulled him close as she felt a shiver and he felt her vaginal muscles squeezing.

A warm stream of juices leaked out of her pussy and it went down his balls, onto the bedsheets. He smiled to himself while sniffing her sensual scent of her hair and then brought his body back up. Placing her calves on his shoulder blade, he watched her eyes opened in awe of the extra ‘large’ sensation in her privates. He then held her thighs close to his wet body and began his vigorous thrusts into her pussy.

Her arms flipped to the bed frame and held on to it as the bed jerked, his dick slurping in and out of her raw pussy. The next orgasm made her let loose an endangering moan and he put an end of the blanket between her teeth, to let her hang on to the incoming waves of pleasure. The second orgasm did not end despite after some time, and her body was screaming in.. agony. It was an indescribable chain of feelings as the continuous climaxes made her weaker.

Jeremy knew the tightness of her pussy would be there for a while and so he kept going at his maximum speed, pushing his limits so he could cum while she was cumming. Charmaine snapped out of the daze after realising the risk he might shoot in her. She was suddenly empowered and flipped herself free from his firm grip and rolled away onto the floor.

Charmaine: ‘Sorry sorry! I didn’t know why I did that.’
Jeremy: ‘It’s okay. You didn’t expect this, and was not prepared either.’

Her body lay slumped on the cold floor and she sat up looking lost at him. He sat on the edge of the bed and picked his trousers up, tidying it to put it back on. She crawled towards him and went over to his dick, his legs still apart and dick twitching in sadness. Her mouth took his length and she forced her head down to the base, giving a little shake that sent him lying onto the bed.

She then worked whatever tricks she could come up with to satisfy the hot rod, using his inconsistent gasps as benchmark for her good progress. After a while, she removed her mouth and began a series of controlled deep breaths.

Charmaine: ‘Jeremy, can you help guide my mouth? As deep and as fast as you want.’

He sat upright, straightening his body and shifting his dick a little further outwards. She opened her mouth wide at his tip and he held onto her head with body hands, pulling her towards his dick that reached deep into her throat and he kept ramming her head against his groin, making only small thrusts forth and back to sink it even deeper. Her lips could barely kept themselves around his girth, as he kept sliding it in and out.

Groaning as softly as he could, his moment finally arrived to deliver and he shoved her head one last time down his shaft, before squiring his man juice down her throat that kept pumping like that’s no tomorrow. It took a good 30 seconds before he let go off her head and she pulled herself out until her lips pouted at the pee hole. After catching her breaths, she went down on it again, sucking his meat tube clean of any remnants and even licking the skin around.

She fell backwards against her palms and looked up to his exhausted face. She put on a clean pair of grey FBTs and went back to the dildo that was still on the chair, sitting over it and went on to do her work quietly, grinding against the toy to keep herself focused. The controller dangled on the floor and the buzzing sound was barely audible.

Charmaine: ‘Shall we continue?’

He did not had the looks nor the money, but he did one thing right that resulted in more man juices to be extracted.

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