Weird Reactions

As I stood in line to get my lunch along the quiet streets of Geylang, a couple was hugging intimately in front of me. Well, a guy’s urge can come anytime right? I didn’t pay much attention to what they were doing but couldn’t keep my eyes away from the tight tube floral dress she was wearing. The small portion of that flowery tattoo, partly hidden by her blond highlighted hair. How much I wanted to see the rest of the ink work.

The queue shortened by one customer and they took a step forward, one that the girl failed to make. Her knees gave way and she collapsed onto the rough concrete ground, half-rescued by the guy who tried to catch her. The rest of the customers stared at the commotion as the girl tried to pick herself up to no avail.

The guy then let her sit on the floor and reached for the bunch of keys dangling from the belt, clicking on a car key. After which, the girl managed to stand on her feet as though the flow of electricity had stopped tormenting her. Of course, I had recognised the remote control, it was tethered to a wireless toy.

She stood back in line with her hair shifted to the front, covering her embarrassed situation. They murmured in mandarin and placed their orders soon. Acting a little blur, I did not move forward but pretended to click on my phone, taking the opportunity to admire her legs.

Well, the shimmer of a wet trail down to her heels had completed the story in my head. They disappeared into a car parked illegally by the exit to the one way street and went on to arrange the messy interior.

Just as I thought that was the last of them, I happened to bump into their car on the shortcut path to the restaurant. The car was motionless, but both the seats in front had their backrests lowered. A pair of legs with heels rested on the dashboard, jerking in small movements. I intentionally walked closer and saw the two of them masturbating each other. The guy’s hand between her legs under the disgruntled dress and her hand stroking his dick sticking out of the zippers.

What a sight to catch under bright daylight! It’s Geylang after all. I guess I haven’t saw those who fucked in the bushes yet. Lucky or not? I shall let you guys decide.

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