How Come?

Jaslin woke up from her sleep at her boyfriend’s place and seeing that he had left for work, she walked into his kitchen and took a can of cold beer to enjoy. At the same time, she returned to the room and pulled her lacy white G-string up her legs and slipped her white dress back on, going braless like how she arrived at his place the previous night. Taking her clutch and iPad, she left his place and continued sipping on the beer, while texting her boyfriend with one hand.

As she walked down the stairs to the elevator, she felt a load of liquid getting force out of her pussy with every part of her legs down the steps. The lift was right at that floor and she stepped in, trying to make sense of what happened last night. The goo kept flowing to a point her underwear was soaked and single droplets was leaking down her legs.

Jaslin (SMS): ‘Boyfie, did you had a good time last night? What happened?’

Boyfriend (SMS): ‘We had sex. That’s all. I came a few times and you were quite sleepy. We had fun!’

She did not reply her last message and kept on her path for home. The bus came and she hopped on the empty bus, not intending to sit as she was only a few stops away from home. A Whatsapp message appeared with an unknown number introducing himself, Jaslin did not reply but read his messages. He was merely a random stranger to her. Until he sent a video clip.

She downloaded it and made sure to silent her phone before playing the clip, which showed her lying on the bed unconscious and an unfamiliar male body went to her, and raised her legs to her chest before giving her a good pounding. The camera was shaky and blur from the constant shifting, but her face was clear. Tears swelled up in her eyes but she managed to get off at her stop and hastily got home to watch the video with sound.

The stranger changed from missionary to doggie and was laughing and joking while he was fucking her lifeless body. It went on for a good five minutes before he froze and groaned as he screamed ‘firing!’, presumingly shooting his cum into her. Jaslin could not believe her eyes and was about to call the police before the next scene made her more confused.

That stranger and her own boyfriend arranged her body in a seating position and placed a dildo in her hands, before she watched herself spreading her pussy lips, and dipping the toy inside. She did not recognise herself being the slut in the video, fucking herself so wildly. The cum was still leaking out of her pussy and she cleaned it up as soon as she went into her room.

The video’s sound was distorted, and she then saw her boyfriend standing on the bed with his hips at her head and began thrusting his hips forth. She did not understand how she did it since blowjob was not her favourite move. Her hand kept ramming the dildo into herself as he moved, choking occasionally but was enjoying the process.

As she wiped the non-stopping flow of white cum away from her pussy, she found herself wet and slightly turned on. She was watching a video of herself, in a dark side she never knew existed. Her fingers found their way into her pussy and she gently caressed herself as her eyes stayed glued to the clip.

Her boyfriend moved away from her to her feet and pulled her body down onto the bed, before raising one of her legs and then sinking his dick into her, and going violently to fuck the life out of her body. She identified the moaning voice to be hers and her fingers went even quicker. She let the phone drop on her bed while listening to the sounds coming from it and laid on the bed. She spread her legs wider and managed to push her fingers deeper.

Quickly, she grabbed the phone and hit the camera app, going into video mode and placing it at the far end of the bed, aimed at her opened legs. She took out her cum-soaked fingers and sucked on them while her other hand took over, rubbing her clit at an increasing speed. Once her fingers were cleaned, she took her favourite slim vibrator from under her pillow and let it glide into her privates, this time, she was sane and truly enjoying the slutty side of her mind.

The toy slurped viciously as her body trembled into an orgasm and the clear juices diluted the sticky cum that was in her. She flipped around on her fours and reached backwards for the toy, before imagining her boyfriend and the unknown guy behind, fucking her in place of the unsatisfactory toy that was pumping into her. Her body convulsed as the video gave out a loud scream, at the same time an orgasm was forced into her mind and she collapsed on the bed, catching her breath desperately.

Jaslin (Whatsapp): ‘Who is this? Can you please not spread the video around?’

Man (Whatsapp): ‘Sure. If you know what to do.’

The rest of the conversation was history as the two strangers met up and enjoyed the intense session as depicted in the video that was a total pleasure, all the while behind her boyfriend’s back, cheating on him with a trusted threesome buddy.

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